What is my ideal weight

Want to calculate ideal weight? Our service mode online will help you with this

Ideal weight

It is unlikely that you will find a person who would not be interested in the question – how to find out your ideal weight. If you also wonder how to calculate your ideal weight, then we offer you our calculator. You are required to enter data, and it will calculate your ideal weight online.

What is my ideal weight

How to find out your ideal weight

You must enter the required parameters – gender, age, height and circumference of the wrist. Based on this data, our ideal weight calculator will calculate your ideal weight in two versions, as well as answer the question about your body type. The first value is the weight, the calculation of which is based on the weight-height coefficient, the second is calculated by Brock’s formula, which is used by leading experts of the world. Also on our website you can calculate body mass index – this is also an important parameter indicating the state of your body. It should be understood that the ideal and normal weight – things are different. On our site you can also calculate the normal weight for women and men.

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Calculate ideal weight

according to this calculator with a height of 190 cm, I should weigh ideally 70kg)))))))))))))) in fact I weigh 90 kg, belly, no sides, regular visits from / hall

Normostenic body type. The calculated ideal weight turned out to be 63 kg, according to Brock 65 kg, this was at school. Real 76 kg, 11 kg difference. Recommended by a nutritionist 72 kg. With ideal weight, the fat content will be as in athletes, at the lower limit.

All is well. I am 59 kg a lot! Breathe hard. with height 165 with a weight of 50 kg, I feel great! And I like the calculator))

What is my ideal weight

Ardak tell me, and what kind of food helped you lose weight so much?

Eugene do not be discouraged. I always have the exact same problem. I had 58 kg recovered and became 89 kg, which I didn’t do; I sat on different diets; I saw all sorts of weight loss pills and weight easily returned twice as soon as I started to drink bilight pills. bad that I went to the hospital after 10 days I realized that everything I did was wrong I decided that proper nutrition is what I need for 7 months I dropped 21 kg the most pleasant weight does not return and this diet has already become the norm and more importantly in small portions I wish you all the best

Nonsense these diets. That’s when you get scared of the disease – then the appetite will die. I weighed 70 with height 164. Suddenly arthritis appeared – by age, it turns out, but nothing foreshadowed it, carrying bags, moving lifestyle, etc. And over the course of the year I threw off 10 kg. Fear helped. I began to eat by little and in the morning – low-fat cottage cheese, coffee completely eliminated. All food is as usual, but it has become smaller. Joints can not be loaded. We still have a kilo 2 reset, but will tolerate until the summer. Drink water only moderately boiled. The intestines are fine.

Good afternoon, I always wondered if I had a normal weight, height 174 weight 59

I’m 21, half a year ago when posting

If you are on a diet, separate food, give the body physical. load, but the weight still does not go away, you should be tested for hormones. It is possible that the whole thing in them. I had such a problem with being overweight. She ate little, loaded herself with a lot of sports, and her weight went away either slowly. either stood still. Passed tests for hormones, It turned out the whole thing in them. When the hormonal levels were leveled, after a few months everything began to return to normal.

What is my ideal weight

Eugene, for each person all individually. I was able to lose weight in 5 months at 23 kilograms, I ate in small portions in 2-3 hours (even dumplings), after

Eugene, try breathing exercises on the system Oxisis or Bodyflex with static exercises, they helped me a lot,

Eugene, I would advise separate nutrition and moderate exercise.

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