What is dosha

Bredor – Mitol group from a country in which there is no gas, was stationed in Makeyevka. I was born in 1994 and then performed near-grindcore; in 2005, the plans were scattered, and the participants fled to where. Nothing stood out among the countless one-day groups that fall apart after a couple of years of playing in the same genre, the topic of which was fully revealed by smart people long before them. In this case, the range of genres of recorded albums varied from brutal death metal to psychedelics.

Glorious this group is not musical achievements – the wide popularity in RuNet came to her after an unknown local journalist once for some reason decided that for career growth she needed to interview the terrible stoned metalworkers after a concert in the House of Pioneers of the city of Khartsyzk, Donetsk Kaganate. The resulting trash journalist was eventually dismissed, but the video surfaced many years later on YouTube.


[edit] Interview

Filmed in the nineties on a VHS camera, it showed the audience an unexpectedly deep inner world of the band members. A significant contribution to the popularity of the interview among the Internet bydlyatiny and shkoloty brought Maxim Golopolosov, who liked the catchphrases of the characters, which led to their placement in a series of reviews.

What is dosha

Interview gives first of all the leader and vocalist of the group, Escobar. And the first thing about which he was glad to inform those who are interested in the Ukrainian heavy scene was the terrible state of this very scene. Further questions were raised about the current composition of the group and the authorship of the lyrics. At some point, it becomes clear that the conversation has moved to another level of perception. And then at the time of the climax, Escobar tells the journalist the secret of success – a five percent solution of morphine hydrochloride. Viewing the interview fragment gives anyone the opportunity to understand that the Bredor group is, of course, the true legend of the world psychedelic scene along with Pink Floyd, The Doors and other acidic hippies.

Simply put, the interview is an ordinary nonsense drug addict. However, even this sad fact did not prevent the interview from being analyzed for quotations.

What is dosha

And so it would be for Bredor’s to remain in obscurity today, if not for one “but” – the central phrase uttered in the period 2: 40-2: 53 of this video:

– Do you feel the difference between the “Bomber” [Makeyev collection] and, say, this [Khartsyz] concert? – Shaw is bullshit, sho is bullshit. Here it is both shit, sho, I fucking fucked her mom in her mouth. Here it can cut completely fucking this camera fuck.

The whole point of this phrase lies in the fact that it can be used as a universal answer in situations where you need to choose between two evils. In the presence of a Wordfilter or simply in case of unwillingness to swear to the people, the phrase is sometimes shortened to the words “Escobar”, “

[edit] Transcript

Journalist: – That’s right? Before you group Bredor. Introduce yourself. Vlad: – I am Vlad. Journalist: – What are you playing? Vlad: – (for a long time trying to remember) I play the bass guitar. Escobar: – I am Escobar. Journalist: – (inaudible) Yes, you can and nothing more. Valera: – (in a coquettish voice) Mmm, and I am Valera. Kohl: – And I Kohl, on the drums. Escobar: (says something about cocaine). Journalist: – Guys, how long have you been formed, and why precisely Bredor? (long pause) Escobar: – Shaw? Journalist: – Why is the group called precisely Bredor? Escobar: – Well, the dick knows him, well, Bredor, blah, well, Bredor … Valera: – Yes, Bredor is shorter, as it were … This, so to speak, is your worldview. (referring to Escobar) – Zagoli them, show, damn. The seal. (grins) Escobar: – Seal. I have such a seal on my dick. If I want those, I can show you after the interview, individually. (laughs) Journalist: – Well, then tell me, please, how long have you discovered such a vocal in yourself … such vocal data? Escobar: (pointing to the tattoo on his shoulder) – It is he, he discovered, he discovered. In seven vocals, blah … I sing, do not cheat. I can and so, you know, and syk. In general, why are you asking all my questions, you are right … Journalist: – Well, you as a leader, I ask you questions … (recording is interrupted by white noise) Escobar: – … of the subconscious mind. Journalist: – And who writes the lyrics? Escobar: – Tech nihto writes to us. We have technical problems purely psychological and arise spontaneously. Well, this … this is not, that is to say, music, this is the given stage, the so-called euphoria. Well, backed by narcotic substances there. Well, the best thing is to use morphine hydrochloride 5% solution. Because it tones the human body, as it were, urges on its psyche … psyche. Well, the fact is that, you see, it even when, for example, you perform in such young people, permeated with such opium addicts of young people, for example, it can be seen immediately, where it differs from what. Valera: – It’s on. (inaudible) Journalist: – Do you feel the difference between “Bomber” and, say, this concert? Escobar: – Shaw is bullshit, sho is bullshit. Here it is both shit, sho, I fucking fucked her mom in her mouth. This can be cut out completely fucking this camera fuck. That sho, shit … Journalist: – Thank you … (going to leave, but Escobar stops her) Escobar: – No, I have a couple more words. That then here it is, here it is, i’m generally ochereshy, sho it, fuck, is it, fuck it? Actually! Have on. we have a rehearsal here so dudes come to burn, damn. Oh fuck! Wow, shit, wow, (imitating playing the guitar) ti-ri-ri-ri-ri-ri … ziro hiro, ziro hiro …

What is dosha

[edit] Selected quotes from interviews

– Why Bredor? – Shaw? – Why is the group called precisely “Bredor”? – Well, dick knows, well, Bredor, blah, well, Bredor …

– Well, it is not, that is to say, music, this is the stage, the so-called euphoria. Well, backed by narcotic substances there. Well, the best thing is to use morphine hydrochloride 5% solution …

– And who writes the lyrics? – Tehsty writes us nihto.

– That … that, here it is, this, I am orereshshy in general, is it, fuck, such, fuck?

[edit] Escobar Axiom

An interview with “Bredor” inspired one unknown joker to a pseudo-philosophical statement of the phrase “Shaw is bullshit, sho is …”:

With no alternative choice from two opposite entities, both will be an exceptional garbage.

This interpretation was dubbed the “Escobar Axiom”, and under this brand it spread over Rusnet. Tellingly, another unknown wit attributed her authorship to Pablo Escobar, a drug lord and politician known for bright aphorisms. Audience stuffing shavala and further spread the “axiom” on the hamster resources as saying Colombian.

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