What is corn on the leg

Experienced poultry farmers are well aware of how to feed chickens kept in their homestead. They also know the feeding time and the required amount of feed. And for beginners, who only recently got laying hens, it is most likely not quite clear which types of feed are optimal for good growth and development of the bird. It is important to know what feed contains useful and necessary for the chickens mineral components and vitamins. If we are talking about laying hens, it is all the more important for the maximum egg production of the bird.

Owners of poultry farms or simply households should be aware that grain is the basis for feeding chickens. To achieve maximum egg production, mixtures are used, including wheat, oats, rye, millet, corn, and a number of other additives. Ready-made feed that takes into account the peculiarities of feeding chickens at home can be used.

The most important component in the diet should be wheat, containing all the necessary proteins, vitamins and trace elements. In the summer, the diet may contain 70-100% of this type of grain. Nevertheless, it is necessary to take into account the fact that wheat is an expensive product and should not be necessary to prevent its overspending. In winter, the proportion of wheat in the diet can be reduced, and corn should become an obligatory part of the diet. Corn for laying hens It is a rich source of carbohydrates and fats, which is especially important during the cold season.

In turn, experts say that corn is very useful, nutritious and enriched with all the necessary substances. It is a concentrated feed, which contains all the vitamins and minerals, as well as other trace elements that increase the productivity of the bird and its rapid growth. Such feed should be given to chickens daily. But the amount of feed concentrated feed depends on many conditions: climate, breed of bird, its nature, age and

Corn contains a huge amount of mineral elements, carbohydrates and vitamins. It is very nutritious for layers, and also has a significant effect on the color of the yolk, due to its yellow color.

But at the same time, it should also be borne in mind that excessive consumption of maize by chickens leads to their obesity and excessive weight gain, which naturally affects the productivity of the hens.

The best time to feed the hens with corn is the evening. Corn kernels should first be steamed or boiled, then mixed with grated vegetables, root vegetables, greens or other products. They can also be ground, as the bird cannot eat large grains and will have to be thrown away.

What is corn on the leg

If the poultry farmer plans to soon slaughter the poultry for meat, it can be fed with corn a little more actively so that feathered pets will gain weight faster. Also, the corn grain should be fed to young individuals, so that they grow faster, be healthy, strong and strong. The lack of concentrated feed leads to the loss of feathers by birds, poor health, reduced productivity and even their death.

Chicken is a rather unpretentious bird and one can even say omnivorous. She will eat any food given to her. But will it be useful? Among amateur poultry breeders often argue about which chicken food is most effective and useful?

Every farmer knows that the chicken must be fed grain. But there are a lot of options, and what is more useful for the bird should be understood.

It is very important for all novice poultry farmers to know that the hen needs plenty of drink. Although this bird is not waterfowl, it needs water all the time. If chickens are left without water for at least half an hour, then they stop laying eggs. Since the chicken eats a lot of dry, roughage, it drinks it with clean water.

Corn feeding chickens

Concentrated poultry feed is a grain rich in high concentrations of nutrients and nutrients. Grain must be included in the daily diet of chicken. After all, on one grass and vegetables the chicken will not pick up the desired mass, and it’s not worth waiting for eggs from a bird that eats only green food. The norms of feeding chickens for each poultry farmer are different. A farmer feeds his birds according to their breed, nature and, of course, climatic conditions. Novice amateur breeders often ask, is it possible to feed the hens with corn?

Corn is the best of concentrated feed, containing a large amount of carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, which are so necessary for poultry. Of the whole grain corn is the most nutritious. In addition, it has a bright yellow color, and this affects the color of yolks. However, to abuse and feed the bird with corn alone is not worth it. From this grain the poultry quickly gains weight and grows fat.

A fat chicken stops laying eggs. Nutrition should be varied and balanced, and corn grain should be included in the general nutrition. Feed corn bird better at night. Pre-grain can be boiled or steamed and mixed with chopped greens, peels or grated root vegetables and vegetables. This dinner will suit poultry. She will be satisfied enough, having received good nutrition, and will rest until the morning.

Interesting fact. In the old days, people believed that roosters predicted the weather and closely followed their behavior. So, for example, if a rooster digs in the ground all the time with its sternum in one direction, then there will be wind. And if in the winter it is standing on one leg with the other pressed together, then we should expect strong frosts.

Feeding corn with chickens begins at the moment when the bird is prepared to be slaughtered, so that it quickly gains weight. Before giving the hens corn grain, it must be grind, otherwise a lot of feed will be thrown away. The bird will choose what is smaller, and the coarse grains will remain in the feeder. Most corn grain and flour should be given to young chickens, then they will grow strong and healthy. Also corn is very useful for roosters. As a rule, rooster meat is not fat, but rather dry, tough and sinewy; to avoid this, you should give the rooster a lot of corn.

What is corn on the leg

Do not forget that if the nutrition of the chicken is defective, the bird will begin to ache, lose its plumage, stop nosing and may even die. Proper feeding of chickens – the key to successful profits. The attention and care of the owner is very important for the poultry, and then it will definitely thank the delicious, healthy meat and eggs.

Is it possible to feed the chicken with corn?

I always have about 40 chickens in a fenced area, spend the night in a warm barn. Every three years I rejuvenate a pack, I cut out old ones I buy. Every day, all year round, for many years I feed them in the morning wheat, corn, steamed barley, chopped greens or grated fodder beetle, zucchini, pumpkin, apples, sprinkled with tar and mixed. In the evening, only dry food wheat, barley steamed, corn. All in equal quantities. Rush constantly, except the time when molting. But even during molting 1-3 eggs are.

Grain is not recommended to give laying hens as a daily feed all year round. Grain can be given in the warm months of the year only as a treat, a treat. For example, to teach chickens to the owners, you can several times give a handful of grain from your hand. So chickens will know the owners and without objections to gather at the henhouse at the call, when evening comes and it’s time to lock the chickens inside. Grain is a high-calorie feed, it contains a large amount of carbohydrates, so the grain is given to chickens in winter, as winter feed for chickens. Along with the high content of coal producers, the grain does not contain many valuable substances in the right quantity, therefore it is strongly not recommended to make grain as the main feed for layers.

In winter, in cold weather, grain is given to laying hens instead of mixed feed in the afternoon before barring chickens for the night. After eating the grain, the chickens will digest it all night and thus keep warm. The body of birds is designed so that heating in the cold occurs with the help of energy, which is exempt from the digestion of high-calorie food. The composition of grain feed for chickens usually includes wheat and corn in a ratio of 1: 1, grain feed for layers also enrich with soybean oil.


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What is corn on the leg

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