What is almond milk

The pumpkin season is in full swing and I climbed into the Internet to once again read and remember the unique properties of this miracle of nature. Oh, no wonder the pumpkin is called the queen of all vegetables!

Among other things, I saw recommendations to drink pumpkin milk from seeds, the recipes of which often include the use of boiling water.

Of course, I immediately decided to cook raw syrup pumpkin milk according to my own recipe.

Perhaps you have not had such an idea yet, and you will discover an additional tasty and useful way to eat pumpkins.


-raw pumpkin – 200 g

-pumpkin seeds – 100g

-black raisins – 50 g (or a few soft dates, or honey)

-clean cold water – 2-3 glasses

-salt, spices – at will and to taste

Cooking method:

1. Pumpkin seeds and raisins, if you use it – soak for several hours – I left it all night.

2. Peel pumpkin from seeds and peel. Cut into cubes.

3. In a blender, place all the ingredients and beat.

The less water, the richer the taste of milk will be.

From spices you can use cinnamon, star anise, nutmeg, turmeric, or saffron stamens, but I made it without any spices – it turned out delicious. Perhaps, in the following portions of such milk I will add, for a change, something “special” &# 128578;

As you understand, the basis of this recipe is nut milk, so the next step is to strain the mixture through cheesecloth or a special bag for filtering nut milk.


Pour the pumpkin milk into a tall glass and drink it to your health and pleasure.

The remaining cake can be used to make pumpkin raw food bread. I will definitely publish a detailed recipe when the bread is dry, and I will prepare a photo. So, if you haven’t already done this – subscribe to blog updates so you don’t miss anything interesting.

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41 comments on “Pumpkin Milk”

Immediately run to try. Interesting idea!

I use the coffee press. (Fast, convenient and already)

Cool! Share your impression then, please! Maybe some additional interesting ideas will appear.

I still remember the french press from your previous comments, but I have a glass one and I am afraid to break it, to be honest &# 128578; Although the idea delighted me!

Interesting idea! Always made pumpkin live milk only from pumpkin seeds. And then it turns out you can add the very pumpkin. Will need to try. And from the remaining cake, you can make cookies, adding coconut chips, or something else. Have raw foodists fantasy enough! )))

That’s right! This time I made pumpkin bread – just delicious &# 128578;

Made today milk. Me and son och. liked. But my color is completely different. My color is green. What did you do wrong? about pumpkin bread, I will write a review when it dries;) and when we pick up

I think it’s the color of the pumpkin itself. I also always have different shades. If the pumpkin is very light, I add carrots and turmeric. Now cut the pumpkin – so it is bright orange, and the previous one was like a zucchini color &# 128578;

Takva was bright, orange was. I think the greens from pumpkin seeds was.

May be so. but I also have pumpkin seeds, that is, green seeds. In general, I do not know what happened. Live food is still magical &# 128578; And wayward &# 128578; &# 128578;

For pumpkin milk and bread a separate THANKS!

The taste of bread, which I missed! I did without onions and added a little more raisins and more anise. VERY and VERY!

Super! Glad you like it!

What is almond milk

With anise – a great idea – I will definitely try to do it too!

All ingenious is simple. but not to everyone why this comes to mind)) thanks for the idea. drink pumpkin milk with pumpkin. I usually drink nut milk with greens. In general, this summer I experimented and made milk from melon seeds. watermelon. Just collected the seeds and grind in a blender. and then filtered. delicious!

I understand this – a creative approach to business! Great ideas, Love – thanks!

I had a very tasty experiment with pumpkin milk. I cut the pumpkin, and clean it is lazy. It is small and last, I want to eat to the last drop. I took out the pulp together with the seed, as they were not cleaned and spun my foot blender with water. Spent through a sieve, cleaning thrown. Instead, they added a banana and a piece of pumpkin pulp, whipped again. And it turned out. oh what happened. Delicate creamy taste, incomparable with any cream or yogurt. In March, did, and salivating and now flow, as I remembered

I also wanted to try to do it) In that year the melon porridge was the hit of the season. Melon seeds in a powerful blender break-it turns out the most delicate cream, add a melon there and beat everything well. In this cream, cut into slices of melon-it was a fairy tale))) We are waiting for the season of pumpkin and melon)

What an unusual and interesting idea!

What is almond milk

Nastya. kind

Good day to all) Nastya, and pumpkin bread where? Something I do not see a reference here. Just now is the pumpkin season. Milk is clear how to make, and what else to add to the bread? Anis, as Elena wrote, probably in the form of a hammer?

Anastasia, good evening! Quite by chance I came to your site and very much

Super. Irina, thanks for the wonderful comment! I am very glad that you are interested in me and you find useful ideas! And it’s just amazing that you have organized your “pumpkin conveyor” – this is exactly what is needed for it to be – tasty and waste-free. &# 128578;

The only addition from me – do not worry, please, about switching to 100% raw foods, do not set this goal. Let the goal be creativity and inspiration to live, and living food – only a means to achieve!

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