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In the south of the Stavropol Territory in the foothills of the Greater Caucasus Mountain Range there is an amazing place – the Caucasian Mineral Waters. This resort area is located at the junction of the Mineralovodsky inclined plain and the northern slopes of the Caucasus Mountains exactly in the middle between the Caspian and Black Sea. On the one hand, the region is surrounded by snowy peaks, and on the other hand, arid Caspian steppes. All this forms a very valuable healing climate, appreciated by balneologists and vacationers. Interestingly, the French Cote d’Azur and the Spanish Adriatic lie almost at the same latitude as the Kavminvody.

Usually Kavminvody consider agglomeration of the cities of Pyatigorsk, Yessentuki, Kislovodsk, Zheleznovodsk and Mineralnye Vody. Although geographically CMS is much larger. Beginning from the foot of Elbrus in the south, and ending near the city of Mineralny Vody, the region of the Caucasian Mineral Waters covers an area of ​​more than five hundred thousand hectares.

Given this, the CMS region can be attributed to the midlands, because the maximum height above sea level reaches 2592 meters (Bermuty Plateau).

Conventionally, the CMS can be divided into two climatic zones: the southern and northern. The first will be Kislovodsk, there are more sunny days and there are almost no strong winds. This is a climate with pronounced features of the continental lowlands. Kislovodsk is located in a natural hollow, surrounded on all sides by mountains, which retard the clouds. Due to this, the sun shines in Kislovodsk 300 days a year. This is one of the sunniest cities in the world.

Pyatigorsk, Yessentuki, Zheleznovodsk can be attributed to the northern part of the CMS, it is also very sunny and warm here, but the humidity and rainfall are higher. Although, quite often it is possible to observe how it rains in one of the cities of the resort, but in other cities it is clear and sunny. The weather may change several times a day. It happens very quickly. There is even a saying among the people: “The North Caucasus – keep your gloves in reserve.”

What is a doctor

Winters in the Caucasian Mineral Waters are warm; snow rarely lasts more than ten days. Snow in winter is less common than rain. In the fall, often, the weather is warm until the end of November. The proximity of the Greater Caucasus Mountains and a large number of green spaces soften the summer heat. Spring is usually early: in April-May, many residents and vacationers are already beginning to swim in rivers and lakes.

Resort history

The first relatively accurate information about the mineral waters of the Caucasus appear in 1717, when Peter I assigned the task to the physician doctor Shober to find and study the hot waters near the first Russian fortress Turki, later called Bragunskie. In his report, Schober described the sources in the lands of Pyatigorsk Circassians, as Kabardians used to be called in Russia. From that moment begins the study of the healing properties of Kavminvodsky mineral springs. Unfortunately, after the death of Peter I, all initiatives for the development of CMS resorts were stopped.

In 1780, at the foot of Mount Mashuk, the Constantinogorsk fortress was founded. The soldiers were the first to notice the healing properties of the hot springs of the future Pyatigorsk. For the study of mineral sources, the Academy of Sciences sends a doctor of medicine, Peter Simon Pallas. He studied the healing properties of water for a year. In addition to the Pyatigorsk sources, Pallas also investigated the Kislovodsk Narzan. They noted that the water escapes from the ground with great force and is able to lift a person bathing in it.

After the report

In 1803, Alexander I, with his rescript, assigned the resort status to the Caucasian Mineral Waters. Provision is made for the development and development of the resort. Despite state support, the resort is developing poorly. The hospitals are in desolation. The aristocracy prefers to travel to foreign resorts. So, according to the data for 1860, about 160 million rubles were spent by Russians on foreign resorts.

In order to rectify the situation, in 1861, the Caucasian Mineral Waters were leased to businessmen Novoselsky, and after

Resort development

In the sixties of the XIX century, scholar-researchers Smirnov and Batalin carried out serious work on the study of the balneological features of the Caucasian resorts and mineral springs. A Geological Committee is being created, which conducts a comprehensive study of the subsoil. The year 1893 was marked by the opening of the railway branch connecting all cities of the resort with the Vladikavkaz branch. As a result, the resort is rapidly gaining popularity. By 1914, the number of tourists increased more than 45 times. This year, the Caucasian Mineral Waters was visited by more than 100,000 people.

In 1919, Kavminvodskiye resorts receive a certificate of protection and the status of “socially significant.” Decree signed

In 1920 the Balneological Institute was created in Pyatigorsk, which still exists today. The institute is engaged in research of balneological factors in the treatment and prevention of various diseases.

During the Second World War, all the resorts and resorts resorts took the wounded.

Resort today

Today in the region there are about one hundred sanatoriums, which are visited by more than seven hundred thousand people a year.

You can come to rest at any time of the year, but if you plan to come in the summer, it is better to think about purchasing vouchers in advance. They say that in the Soviet time in the summer in the cities of Kavminvod the number of people in the cities tripled at the expense of holidaymakers. Of course, such popularity is explained not only by medical factors. One narzanom will not be full. In the region, a large number of cafes for every taste and color. Probably only here you can taste the dishes of the most diverse peoples: Russian, Kabardian, Jewish, Azerbaijani, Turkish, Ossetian, Karachai, Armenian, Chinese, Japanese and even Vietnamese cuisine – choose, compare, evaluate. I am sure you will find something in every taste. And yet, try not to get confused in the various ways of cooking kebabs and remember the main differences. After all, if you forget, you will have to repeat the whole course again, and the time of one ticket may not be enough.

If you are tired of culinary delights, then know that there is a place where you can get spiritual food at Kamminvodwater. Every city has a theater. In Pyatigorsk, this is the Stavropol State Operetta (previously it was called the Theater of Musical Comedy). In Yessentuki, this is the Concert Hall named after F. I. Shalyapin. In Kislovodsk, I recommend to visit the Philharmonic. This is one of the oldest concert institutions in Russia. In Pyatigorsk Park them. Kirov, in addition to attractions there is also a concert ground “Kamerton”. And there are so many 3D cinemas that it makes no sense to list them here.

Numerous bowling and billiard and nightclubs with discos until the morning are at your service in any of the KMV resort cities.

In addition to attractions at the CMS, the attention of vacationers is offered more than a hundred of various excursions, both one-day and several-day trips. Excursion routes are the most diverse: here you will find Honey Waterfalls, and Arkhyz, the ancient city of Magas (where the most ancient Christian churches are located in Russia), a trout farm and alpine skiing, a permafrost cave or a second Athos monastery. Total not count. It is very difficult to choose excursions “on the go.” Therefore, it is best to first read about them in advance, look at the reviews, photos and decide on the choice.

What is a doctor

Every self-respecting Kavminvodsky resort town has its own park, at least one lake and picturesque medical paths.

from the French terrain – the terrain and the German Kur – treatment, a method of sanatorium-resort treatment, involving dosed loads in the form of pedestrian walks.

These places are imbued with not only real history, but also literary. Bronze Kisa Vorobyaninov still asks for alms near the Gukasov coffee shop, which is opposite the Lermontov Gallery, and his partner Ostap-Suleiman-Bert-Maria-Bender-Bey sells tickets near that Proval.

CMS photos

At Kavminvod, there are 17 unique laccolith mountains 1, each mountain has its own legend and special charm. Be sure to visit at least one of them. If you are unable to walk, then a cable car is laid to the Temple of Air (Kislovodsk) and to the top of Mashuk (Pyatigorsk). Pyatigorsk lift is considered the fastest in Europe. In clear weather, there are panoramas of the Greater Caucasus Mountain Range that you will never forget. They say that it is worth coming to the Caucasian Mineral Waters just for the sake of the species opening from there. Or you can, taking off from the ground on a paraglider, enjoy the panorama and the feeling of free flight.

You will love it here. Arriving in the summer, you will definitely want to return: admire the mountains in autumn colors or wander through the snow-covered parks. Here, at any time of the year, you can improve your health and find something to your liking.

one Mountain laccolith – can be considered as a “failed volcano”, since the magma could not break out and only raised the upper layer of sedimentary rocks, solidifying under it in the form of a dome or hemisphere, often mushroom-shaped outlines. (Geographic Encyclopedia).

Beautiful video about the Caucasian Mineral Waters

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