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After Rostelecom launched an advertising campaign for the Interactive Television service, many amateurs spend time in front of the TV thinking: – “Is the game worth the candle?” How is IPTV better than a conventional street antenna or cable television? ”

And this question has a place to be, but there is no definite answer to it. It all depends on the desires, needs and expectations of each individual.

Before deciding on whether to activate the service or not, I can give you a small overview of the TV from Rostelecom. In this article I will not scatter technical terms, but just try to explain, from the standpoint of the average user, what Interactive TV is.

“Interactive TV” Rostelecom is.

“Interactive TV” from Rostelecom implies the use of a set top box (STB – Set Top Box), with which the signal is decoded, with the latter being displayed on the TV screen as an image.

What is 5 hp

To the TV, STB is connected using an HDMI cable or through a composite port (“cinch”). Naturally, when displaying images and sound via HDMI (high definition interface), the quality will be noticeably better than through the “tulip”.

From the optical terminal / modem / router (depending on the connection technology) to the STB set-top box, a cable is routed over which traffic flows.

Since I have the Internet connected via GPON (for more information on connecting via fiber, you can read here), I also connected the TV through the optical terminal.

Thanks to the bandwidth of the fiber-optic networks, I can connect two, three, or even four televisions from one terminal and, of course, a separate STB set-top box must be installed on each television. At the same time, I can still watch TV on PC – for free.

In case of connection via ADSL technology (via telephone copper pair), there may be problems with connecting 2 or more TVs, because, due to the line condition, the capacity of the section of the PBX subscriber does not always meet the necessary technical standards.

Someone might have thought: “Why not buy, for example, an AV or HDMI splitter and connect TVs from one set-top box?” – you can, but you will have the same image on all TVs.

“Interactive television” Rostelecom – opportunities

The set of functions is quite wide – from changing the tariff plan to recording the image on digital media. I will describe the most important and, in my opinion, the most interesting “chips”.

Program Guide

It used to be much more “fun” – I bought a newspaper, then you watch the program schedule for the week there. Now, “boring” – I pressed a button on the remote, and you have all the air for the next few days, plus, the name of the current program (movie, series) is shown with the elapsed time indicator from the beginning of the show, and the remaining time until completion. Conveniently enough, in general.

All channels presented in “Interactive TV” from Rostelecom are divided into thematic sections – “Sport”, “News”, “Detskoe” and so on. This is done, as I understand it, for easy orientation of the user in the channel list, which is quite large (although the number of channels depends on the selected package).

You can go to the channel list without looking up from watching a particular program, but such a list will be without division into topics.


In order to protect children from undesirable content, you can set “Parental Control” – this is a channel filter for the age category “3+”, “6+”, “12+”.

If, after installing parental control, any unwanted channel is still in the channel list, it can be blocked privately.

Video rental (paid movie order)

You can choose any movie you like from the list provided, and watch it, but! It is necessary, for such a pleasure, to pay separately. Payment for the service covers your L / S at Rostelecom. The price for the film, in each case, as a rule – is different.

Interactive viewing

I remember in the 90s (I was still undersized), I couldn’t understand in any way how the characters in the bourgeois movies paused watching the TV channel and / or rewind the recording. Then I could only assume one thing – they are recording absolutely everything on a VCR :) True, as such, it turned out to be much simpler – already at that time, in the West, television with interactive viewing was used, as they say, “to the full extent”.

Now we have the opportunity to pause any program, rewind the plot back and forth (already viewed), as well as record your favorite programs and TV shows (the recordings are stored in the memory of the device).

Social networks

You can view the news feed in social networks, as well as put “likes” on your favorite TV shows and movies.

In order to get other opportunities that the Internet attracts, you need something more than a TV set-top box. As an option – “smart” TVs, which I wrote in the article “What is a Smart TV TV, features, advantages and disadvantages.”

Together with the “Interactive TV” it will be something incredible.


Among other things, there is information about traffic jams (from I and Ndex maps), weather forecast, exchange rates, as well as managing your service package through the navigation menu and so on.

Pros and cons of IPTV Rostelecom

According to the theory of A. Einstein – “Everything is relative in the world”. And of course, my today’s “patient” is not an exception to this theory.

Let’s summarize in a brief overview, the pros and cons of digital television.

  • On IPTV, technically, there cannot be common image defects such as “glare”, distortion, “snow”, and so on;
  • The quality of the image, especially on HD channels, is impressive;
  • Ability to press the transfer to pause, rewind, record;
  • Rostelecom connects to Interactive TV using ADSL technology (via telephone), which will help people living in the private sector (this issue should be clarified in the company’s C / A to check for the availability of technical capability);
  • Various pleasant “chips”, such as a TV program, grouping channels by subject, social networks, parental control, package management, and much more.
  • Mandatory availability of a STB-set-top box as such – one more remote control unit, power supply unit and a wire from STB to a modem / router / optical terminal will be “settled” in your apartment. The good news is that the STB remote control can be configured to control the TV (synchronize);
  • As a continuation of the first point about the disadvantages – to connect multiple TVs, you need the same STB set-top boxes;
  • If you have a large TV, then you should not hope for a “super-duper” image quality – most channels are displayed on TV screens with a resolution that is much lower than the resolution of even a 42 ″ plasma or LCD TV. Of course, if you plug in the HD package, that’s another thing;
  • On digital television, the picture may freeze. This is the specifics of IPTV, but everything is within reason. If the problem is very frequent (for example, once per minute), then you should think about contacting technical support. In general, he wrote about the problems with interactive television here.

My opinion

I did not use IPTV from other providers (they are not stupid in our city). Therefore, there is nothing really to compare with. But, it seems to me that “Interactive TV” from the same Beeline is no worse. The problem is that Beeline provides its services mainly in large cities, in this regard, people simply have no alternative but to connect to Rostelecom.

What is 5 hp

Connect or not? That is the question

This business is strictly personal, my article is not advertising, and I do not in any way impose my opinion on anyone. Based on your personal preferences and needs. I can only philosophize a little on this topic.

For example, why do people in old age need a multifunctional console in the apartment with a bunch of incomprehensible functions, and with a separate remote control? And all this despite the fact that they watch a couple of channels. Operation and viewing of favorite programs should bring, probably, some share of joy and pleasure, in compatibility with simplicity, but not discomfort.

An example is quite cynical, forgive me, but this is my opinion, not claiming the truth in all.

On the other hand, a person who quickly learns new things, as well as is easily guided in modern technologies for home life, will find a lot of interesting and useful things for himself, and will use Interactive TV in full, as they say, to the program.

Thank you for your attention and look forward to your comments.

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