What happens when you quit smoking

When someone gives up cigarettes, they say that he starts a new life. But the human body, who quit smoking and embarked on the path of renewal, is not immediately released from harmful substances. The fact is that the process of withdrawal of toxins takes some time. Medical scientists claim that the release of harmful substances begins within 30 minutes after smoking the last cigarette. State of health improves a week after the decision to quit smoking. One can speak about the complete completion of purification only a year after quitting nicotine. And in order for this moment to come, you should help your body. So what will change if you quit smoking?

What happens when you quit smoking

It is important to understand what happens when you quit smoking. Clearly, this process does not pass for the body without a trace. What symptoms can a person have when he quit smoking? Everything is quite individual: someone reacts to nicotine withdrawal more acutely, someone, on the contrary, feels only a slight discomfort. There may be irritability, increased appetite, exacerbation of chronic diseases, sputum from the lungs, headache, etc. This is the main thing that changes in the human body and what really happens when you quit smoking. You need to be prepared for such consequences. You can take some simple steps to alleviate your condition. Then the habit of smoking will always be in the past.

What to do when you quit smoking? Specialists have a number of recommendations.

  • Sports activities. Here it is important not to overdo it: if up to this point physical exertion has been limited only to walking upstairs, then you should not over-exert yourself too much. It is enough to walk 1-2 times a week to the swimming pool. These are the classes that train the lungs well. This helps them clean up more quickly. Let the emergence of regular sports in your life will be the first item of all that will change if you quit smoking. Horse riding, cross-country jogging, cycling, and any exercise in the fresh air are also good. All this will mitigate the unpleasant consequences and symptoms that may be a person who has recently quit smoking.
  • Walking through the woods. Especially recommended to visit coniferous forests. No wonder their air is considered healing for people who have problems with diseases of the respiratory system. Coniferous trees emit special active substances – phytoncides. They, penetrating into the human body, are able to remove the decomposition products of nicotine. Thus, the harmful substances leave the lungs faster and allow you to breathe deeply. Let the first day without a cigarette be remembered to you not by the gloomy walls of the apartment, but by the forest landscapes.
  • Limiting contacts with electrical appliances. They produce positively charged ions, which, entering the lungs, inhibit the processes of purification. You can purchase a special air ionizer, which will neutralize the damage from household or office equipment. This will contribute to a faster recovery period after giving up cigarettes.
  • Seeds or pine nuts. Let them be at hand at first. They can replace the usual occupation. In addition, in moderation nuts are very helpful. They contain vitamins and minerals that will help the body in the fight against bad habit.

Diet to help those who quit smoking

There are a number of products that can reduce cravings for cigarettes. It is recommended to include them in your daily diet at the time of quitting. We list the main ones:

What happens when you quit smoking

  • Products characterized by a high content of vitamin C. These are citrus fruits, berries, greens. Just one orange or grapefruit per day, tea with lemon or rosehip tea is a great help. Nicotine prevents the absorption of this vitamin, so the smoker’s body is in dire need of it. It is necessary to replenish stocks of vitamin C during the rejection of cigarettes.
  • Cellulose. Its use contributes to the elimination of toxins, carcinogens and other dangerous substances from the body. It is found in dried fruits, bran, a lot of it in vegetables – cucumbers, zucchini. Fiber must be in the diet of every person.
  • Dairy and dairy products. It is believed that their taste discourages cigarette. In addition, they contain many useful trace elements and bifidobacteria. It is important for the digestive system.
  • Oxalic acid. It has beneficial effects on the body, struggling with a bad habit. Its a lot of green salads. This is especially true of sorrel, as well as spinach.

This is what is recommended to be eaten during the period when you quit smoking. These products significantly alleviate the human condition during the rejection of cigarettes and are able to benefit health. And then the question: “What do you feel?” – you can safely answer: “Freedom! Energy! Ease!”.

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