What causes low acidity of the stomach?

Deviation of the acidity of the stomach in one direction or another causes painful sensations, which are in many ways similar. Health problems are caused by a violation of the digestive process – the production of enzymes is reduced, food is not digested fully and nutrients are not absorbed by the body. There is anemia, the possibility of allergic reactions and autoimmune diseases increases.

With low acidity, gastric cancer appears 3 times more often than with increased. The general immunity decreases.

Symptoms of the disease

General signs of impaired acidity:

  • unstable chair;
  • problems with defecation;
  • increased gas formation;
  • heartburn;
  • pain “under the spoon”;
  • feeling nauseous.

The fact that the acidity level is lowered is indicated by individual signs:

  • appetite decreases, it seems that the stomach is full a long time after eating;
  • weakness appears;
  • in the stool there are fragments of undigested food;
  • it smells of rot from the mouth, even if there are no problems with the teeth, gums and tonsils;
  • often stomatitis appears.

Bacteriological sowing of feces reveals an increased activity of Candida fungi, a conditionally pathogenic flora.

Deterioration of health

As the food lingers in the stomach without being digested, the process of rotting starts in it – it starts to smell unpleasantly from the mouth, the belching by smell reminds of rotten eggs. Because of this, problems arise in communication, people instinctively try to avoid contact.

At home, you can independently determine the state of acidity.

For this, it is enough to do some simple tests with soda, lemon and litmus:

  • To quickly achieve the effect of “gazovannosti” water, you need in half a glass of the usual cool dissolve a quarter of a teaspoon of baking soda. While the liquid hisses, you need to drink it in one gulp. If the acidity is low, belching will not appear at all or will occur after 5 minutes;
  • A slice of lemon, which is briefly sucked, does not cause an increased salivation;
  • The litmus test, which is put on the tongue in the morning, is colored blue.

If you suspect a low acidity, you should consult a doctor to treat the condition, and in order to relieve painful symptoms, change the diet so far.

The problem of how to increase the acidity of the stomach without a diet, medications will not solve – you must always adhere to a special diet.

Medications to increase the acidity of the stomach

There is no one medicine to increase the acidity of the stomach – complex therapy is used to stabilize the condition.

The secretion of hydrochloric acid is stimulated by prescribing such drugs:

With the same purpose, gistaglobulin and calcium gluconate are injected:

  • Replacement therapy is used – the patient takes “Acidin-Pepsin” or “Pepsin”, “Abomin”, “Pepsidil”, “Panzinorm”. During the food intake is recommended to drink hydrochloric acid or enzymes of gastric juice;
  • Soreness must be stopped, it is used for this “No-spa” or other spasmolytic;
  • Feeling nauseous eliminates “Tserukal”, “Klometol” or “Metoclopramide”;
  • Very often, against the background of insufficient secretion of the stomach, Helicobacter pylori is activated. In this case, antibiotics are administered to the therapy – simultaneously 2 or 3 groups. The most commonly used complex of amoxiccycline and tinidazole.

Drug therapy necessarily complemented by immune drugs and vitamin complex with a high content of folic acid.

Increased gastric acidity folk remedies

How can you increase the acidity of the stomach from folk remedies, if medications are not credible, too “terrible” side effects are described in the instructions?

There are many councils in traditional medicine to stabilize the state, but it is not recommended to neglect treatment. The doctor prescribes medications individually and inappropriate tablets, after which the condition worsens, can always be replaced by means of similar action.

It is desirable to increase the acidity of the stomach folk remedies on the background of drug treatment under medical supervision.

The range of plant materials, from which tea is brewed to increase acidity, is quite wide.

Half an hour before a meal, it is recommended to take broths made up of the following components:

  • buckthorn branches;
  • watch trifoliate, plantain, blueberry leaves;
  • rhubarb, gentian, calamus root, elecampane;
  • marshes of the swamp, yarrow, St. John’s wort, centaury, wormwood, immortelle, wormwood;
  • An infusion of rose hips and berries: blueberries, cranberries, mountain ash.

If any component from the drink does not fit, you can ignore it.

The effect of the means of replacing or withdrawing one ingredient does not have much value.

To better digest food, before a meal it is advisable to drink a tablespoon of carrot juice, and after a meal – black currant. Instead of carrot juice, you can use aloe juice – a teaspoon. In this case, currant juice is not needed.

Medotherapy has an effective effect. 40 minutes before a meal, they drink a quarter cup of cold water in which a tablespoon of honey is dissolved.

To increase the acidity of the stomach at home, you need to eat right. Medical diet – Pevzner table №2.

Food is consumed only warm, its consistency – mashed potatoes, side dishes – mucous porridge. Frying and baking is excluded – only cooking and steam processing of products. It is advisable to master the technique of making soufflé.

The list of products that can be consumed:

  • fermented milk – hard cheeses in limited quantities;
  • eggs – only scrambled eggs or boiled out;
  • meat and fish – low-fat – in the form of souffle, minced meat, aspic, and aspic;
  • bread without a crust, pastries without yeast;
  • vegetables that do not have a sharp taste in any form;
  • herring steeped in milk – in small pieces 1 time per day;
  • cereals – except for barley;
  • vegetable and butter with restriction.

The drinks are as follows: tea only with milk or lemon, weak cocoa with milk, juices from the berries, diluted in half with water, kefir, dogrose decoction.

Excluded from the diet: pickles, smoked, pickles, fat, chocolate, sweet fruits and berries, drupes, coarse dried fruits – figs and dates, legumes. Vegetables – with a sharp taste: radishes, radishes and the like.

After it is possible to normalize the condition, the medication is discontinued, and the course of traditional therapy is repeated every 4 months. The diet is expanded gradually, analyzing the body’s response to the introduction of new products.

What causes low acidity of the stomach?

If there are signs of ill health, return to the previous diet is required.

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