Weightlifting Women

Often, girls and women are not involved in weightlifting directly, but prefer to include it in their crossfit workouts. This sport in our time is considered the most popular, because it gives a quick result in the shortest possible time.

Weightlifting regulations for women: video, world championship

Krosffit is chosen not only by men, but also by girls. Exercises perfectly tone the body, increase muscle mass, strengthen the musculoskeletal system.

In this paper, we consider the features of women’s weightlifting and crossfit, analyze the basic principle of the training system and offer the most appropriate exercises for novice athletes.

remember, that weightlifting for women the best way to work on yourself. All this information is necessary to ensure that women feel comfortable gradually mastering the new frontiers of this sport.

Weightlifting women: advantages and advantages of the system

  • a variety of workouts will avoid monotony;
  • for classes it is not necessary to visit a professionally equipped hall – at least at the initial stage;
  • weightlifting and crossfit is a great way to lose weight;
  • if necessary, you can easily build muscle.

Weightlifting women: the advantages and advantages of the system

It is very important to pay attention to the last factor, especially for girls who do not pursue the goal to pump large muscles. Therefore, you should choose the right training program so that it harmoniously develops the whole body. Heavy women’s athletics gaining great popularity, especially as an integral part of crossfit workout.

Training for beginner athletes may consist of the following components

  1. Gymnastics

Weightlifting Women

Gymnastics is an important part of a crossfit workout, the exercises of this sport include sipping on the crossbar and parallel bars, push-ups from the floor, jumping. Gymnastic elements allow you to work out all muscle groups and warm up the body before serious stress. Experts recommend including gymnastic ligaments for weightlifting to increase the effectiveness of training.

Training for beginner athletes may consist of the following components

  1. Weightlifting

Weight-lifting exercises are distinguished by the fact that additional weight is used to perform them: weights, barbells and other projectiles. The main advantage of these ligaments is the qualitative development and strengthening of not only isolated muscle groups. Beginner athletes must, to begin with, qualitatively increase the endurance of all the muscles of the body and only after that proceed to isolated exercises. If you still change and adjust your diet, you can quickly achieve the desired results.

It should be noted that for weightlifting you do not need to sign up for the gym and hire a professional trainer. If necessary, you can use special literature and video materials, which can be found by the following request: weightlifting women video.

Cordloading is necessary to strengthen the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. One has only to think or read the enormous benefits of the classic deadlift. Aerobic movements are not as intensive as weightlifting, but in time they significantly exceed the first and second bundles. For cardiovascular exercise include: swimming, running, jumping rope, cycling.

Aerobics will help you not only lose weight, but also strengthen endurance, heart and all blood vessels. Regular exercises improve hormones. The combination of gymnastics, weightlifting and cardiovascular exercise is a guarantee of success and achieving the fastest results.

Basic training for beginners

In the network you can find a lot of different types of programs and workouts designed for experienced athletes and beginners. You can combine programs or periodically change one for another.

Basic training for beginners

However, before you plunge into the world of weightlifting, you should strengthen your body, increase strength and endurance. This can be done regularly by performing the classic basic exercises that every beginner should know.

Weight squats

Squats are considered the main exercise for girls who have just made the decision to do this sport. Over time, you can complicate classes with additional weight. Carefully adjust the depth of the sinking, the angle in the knee should correspond to 90 degrees. It is especially important to follow this rule when using additional weight.


Deadlift is another classic weightlifting exercise. Depending on the weight, which is used to increase the load, both beginners and experienced athletes can perform the exercise.

Weightlifting Women

Deadlift in weightlifting

Regular workouts will allow you to quickly pump up your gluteal muscles, hips, and back.

This exercise is of several types. Specialists recommend girls to start with bench shvunga. The inclusion of exercises in training will allow you to quickly work out the triceps, buttocks, calf muscles and thighs.

Cardio training

Everyone knows that cardio load is a very important element of training. Exercises of this type develop your endurance and strength, burn excess weight, strengthen the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

Weightlifting Women

In addition, you need to adjust your diet, otherwise the result will have a long dream. Eat more protein and carbohydrates, you can buy specialized sports nutrition.

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