We meet people for a reason.

Communication is a very important component of human life. We are constantly in the circulation of communication – at home, at school, on the street, we meet and talk with a large number of people close and unfamiliar. Why does A. Saint-Exupery consider communication as the “only real luxury”? In my opinion, it all depends on the quality of communication. It often happens that people just gossip with each other or complain about problems, or someone screams at someone. And all this not only does not bring us pleasure, but simply takes away the strength and energy that next time you don’t want to talk with this person. Communication is interaction, it is an equal exchange of information, impressions, feelings. To make it complete, you must be interested in the interlocutor, respect him, be able to listen and so on. We must be able to give and take. And words are not always needed, we communicate not only with people, but also with animals, nature, works of art. And communication that brings satisfaction is really a rare and valuable thing. Communication is a process of togetherness, intimacy, when you accept someone or something in your soul, and it becomes part of you. It’s hard to live without it. Let’s remember the Roman Daniel Defoe “Robinson Crusoe”, where the main character got on a desert island. Since Robinson Crusoe was alone for a long time, he lacked communication, and he was very bad about this. It is in such situations that people begin to appreciate how it may seem at first glance not the most important “communication” in our lives. The statement of A. Saint-Exupery is relevant for another reason. In the modern world, man spends more time with things than with people or nature. Computers, cars, ATMs, terminals, machines and conveyors are all very convenient and useful. The Internet and media overwhelms us with information. And in the end, a person has less power on “live” Communication. And this is bad, because communication is our spiritual need; thanks to it, we develop, learn, and expand our horizons. Therefore, I think we can agree with the statement that Communication is a real luxury. We should cherish people who are close and interesting to us, spend more time in nature, listen to music, look at beautiful pictures … We need to fill our life with communication with the beautiful in all its manifestations, because it makes our life full.

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We meet people for a reason.

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We meet people for a reason.

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