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To leave his country temporarily (study, work) or for permanent residence, a fairly common desire. The processes of globalization help to travel and choose the conditions for life. In connection with the growth of emigration, the question arises: how to leave Russia forever without money. In the article we learn about the ways of emigration from Russia, which countries it is better to go to, what is needed for that.

For those who want to leave Russia forever, there are options for how to do it:

  1. Volunteer programs.
  2. Employment.


Participation in volunteer programs allows you to go abroad without money. There are a lot of programs, the choice depends on the country where they leave and on the preferred field of activity.

  1. Appalachian Trail Conference. Representatives of the volunteer program protect rare species of animals on a site in the Appalachian mountains.
  2. Conservation Volunteers. The participants of this movement are fighting for the preservation of nature and the development of ecological tourism.
  3. United Nations Volunteers. This organization always requires specialists in various fields.

A frequent requirement for a future volunteer is knowledge of the language. The age of the applicant plays an important role.

Participation in volunteer projects does not guarantee the possibility of staying abroad for permanent residence. It provides an opportunity to realistically assess their prospects, to acquire useful friends. It is easier for volunteers to get a visa for work or school.


Trying to find work abroad, consider:

  • Not in all countries are happy to see guest workers.
  • Salaries to foreigners are paid at a lower rate than compatriots. For comparison: in Canada it is lower by 30%, in Poland – one and a half times.

In rare cases, foreign citizens may have the following privileges:

  • If arranged for a position that is in low demand among the local population.
  • If they possess unique knowledge and skills and their work, they will contribute to the development of the state. For such people, special programs have been created, for example, the Green Card in America and the Blue Card in Germany.

Participants of such programs have advantages (it is not required to pass an examination to confirm the knowledge of the language, it is easier and faster to obtain a residence permit and

When choosing a country for emigration, you should familiarize yourself with the legal norms that spell out the rules for hiring foreigners. In a number of states, it is stated in the norms that first of all it is necessary to employ the local population and only in case of a shortage of personnel – foreigners.

Ways to be healthy

Employment is not in their specialty

If the specialty available to the emigrant is not demanded, there is an option to get a job that does not require special knowledge. Labor is paid low, but it gives the opportunity to emigrate from Russia without money. In some cases, businesses that require workers provide:

  1. Provide a place to stay.
  2. Pay for food.
  3. Compensate travel and registration of necessary papers.

Illegal work

When looking for a job abroad, you can find offers of illegal employment. It is not recommended to agree to such conditions, as you may encounter scammers who:

  1. Give false information about working conditions, accommodation.
  2. Do not provide negotiated wages.

An option for people who suffer oppression in their home country is to apply for political asylum. Germany is one of the most loyal countries.

It provides housing and benefits for refugees. The decision making time is long, if the petition is denied, the refugee is given time to decide what to do next.

In connection with the recent events, the requirements for asylum seekers have become tougher. Those who were denied were deported to the country of the European Union, whose borders he crossed first. However, Germany continues to be a country of the European Union, where the refugees are better supported.

Those who wish to leave Russia using this method will need to document that they are being oppressed in their native country.

Where better to emigrate

To leave Russia forever, it is best to go to those countries where there will be a good attitude towards the Russians. The list of such countries includes those who remember about helping Russia in difficult situations. Conventionally, the list of countries where you can go is divided into categories:

  1. The most favorable.
  2. Favorable.
  3. States, in which emigration will require a lot of effort.

Most favorable

In this category are: Portugal, Switzerland and Belgium.

In this state, good attitude to visitors. Emigrants are paid allowance. To get into the country can:

  1. Scientists whose knowledge is in demand in Sweden.
  2. Citizens who have family ties with the inhabitants of the country. The government is loyal to this category of immigrants, giving them the opportunity to get a residence permit. Getting married to a Swedish citizen is a simple, fast way to emigrate.


This is a hospitable country. Get there can:

  1. Entrepreneurs who open their own business.
  2. Workers interested in attracting the state. In this case, you can leave without money.

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A high standard of living and social security make this country attractive to immigrants. Workers, students, businessmen get here.

In addition to these options, refugees can stay for permanent residence in Belgium, Portugal or Sweden.


Favorable for Russian emigrants are:

Ways to be healthy

  1. Australia and New Zealand. In these countries, they treat Russians well. Emigrants are attracted by the warm climate, nature.
  2. South American countries are waiting for visitors who have a higher education and will be able to assist in the development of the state.
  3. South Korea and China. In these states, it is favorable to emigrants from Russia.
  4. Greece. Greeks are friendly, they are polite and always ready to help.

You should know that regardless of language skills in the countries of South America or in Greece, immigrants will always be strangers.

Where hard to emigrate

List of countries where it is difficult to get without money:

  1. The United States (even refugees who expect to receive asylum will have to pay for paperwork and residence in the country).
  2. Japan (continues to be a closed country, to get there, you must convince the government that knowledge will benefit the state).
  3. Romania (emigrants from Russia will not be easy, due to the unfavorable attitude of the local population).

Important to remember

For those who want to leave without money, it is useful to know about couchsurfing. This movement, which allows you to get housing is not a non-durable period of time for free.

To reduce the cost of relocation, they use low-cost airlines – airlines that offer tickets at low prices.

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