Water bottles are safe

People are engaged in the preparation of alcoholic beverages from time immemorial. However, not everyone is able to get a quality product even when using excellent raw materials and yeast. Why? The fact is that not many people know how to clean alcohol at home, and without this, the drink will have an unpleasant smell and contain a variety of harmful impurities.

So what time tested traditional methods can be used to remove aldehydes, fusel oils and esters from homemade vodka?

Primitive alcohol cleaning

It has long been proven that the quality of homemade alcoholic drink depends on its strength. More precisely, the lower the degree, the cleaner it is, therefore, in order to clear the spirit of unpleasant smell, harmful impurities, it is diluted with soft, and if possible, spring water up to 45 degrees using a hydrometer.

The method of cleaning alcohol at home using potassium permanganate

Good results can be achieved with the help of potassium permanganate, which is sold in any pharmacy. To do this, 1 g of potassium permanganate is added to 1 liter of moonshine or another homemade alcohol-containing drink, mix thoroughly and wait about 10 hours (preferably 24 hours). After a precipitate is formed, the mixture is filtered, for example, through a device made with a piece of cotton wool and a plastic bottle, which has a bottom cut off. To intensify the process, after adding potassium permanganate, it is advisable to close the jar with a lid and place it for 10 minutes in a water bath at a temperature of about 60 degrees.

How to clean alcohol at home soda?

A fairly common method of removing harmful impurities from moonshine or vodka is based on the use of sodium bicarbonate. The fact is that in such a drink contains acetic acid, formed by the oxidation of alcohol, so it can be neutralized by adding soda. For this:

Water bottles are safe

  • take soda at the rate of 10 g per liter of moonshine;
  • dilute sodium bicarbonate in the same amount of pure water;
  • soda solution is poured into moonshine;
  • cover the dishes with a drink lid and shake;
  • insist moonshine about 30-40 minutes;
  • shake the drink again and put it in a dark place for the night;
  • pour moonshine so that the sediment remains in the pot;
  • filter the drink through cotton wool or a layer of charcoal.

Cleaning of moonshine with milk and protein of chicken eggs

Among the methods of removing harmful impurities from alcohol there are some quite unusual ones. For example, sometimes they use chicken egg white or fresh milk for this purpose. To clean the alcohol at home, act the same as when lightening beef broth. To do this, for 1 liter of moonshine, take 2 well-whipped egg whites and pour into a can of drink, stirring it constantly. The mixture is then allowed to settle, carefully pour the liquid, trying to keep the sediment in the jar, and filter. Similarly, you can clean the moonshine with milk, which, like chicken protein, rolls up from contact with alcohol-containing mixtures and, folding, carries with it particles of harmful substances into the sediment.

Alcohol cleaning with black bread

This is one of the most ancient ways to get rid of fusel oils that are present in the moonshine. However, before cleaning the alcohol at home with black bread, you will need to first resort to some other method. For example, you can use the previous method with protein. Then you need to take a piece of black bread, put in a jar of moonshine, wait a few hours and, when harmful impurities are absorbed, remove it. By the way, after such a procedure, alcohol is not only well cleaned, but also acquires a spicy aroma.

Purification of home vodka low temperatures

If you are interested in how to clean alcohol from fusel oils, then the most effective way is to freeze it. The fact is that during freezing, harmful impurities settle on the walls of the dishes, and in the unfrozen state only pure alcohol remains, which is poured into another container. Those who decide to resort to this method should know that it is recommended to freeze vodka at a temperature of about -29 degrees.

Water bottles are safe

Coal cleaning

Today there is a huge variety of absorbent substances. In particular, activated carbon, which can also be used to remove harmful oils from moonshine, is widely used in various fields. Before you clean the alcohol at home, you should buy tablets of this substance in a pharmacy (for the same purpose, you can use the drug “Enterosgel”). Coal is poured into dishes, turned into powder and poured with homemade vodka at the rate of 50 g per liter. Then, periodically stirring, insist the mixture for a week, and after this period is filtered. To achieve the best results, it is recommended to repeat this process 2-3 times, replacing the used coal with fresh.

The old method of purifying moonshine

There are a variety of ways to clean alcohol and vodka. For example, in the old days, to remove extraneous odors and tastes, 3-4 violet roots were taken with one spoon of sugar per liter of drink, the resulting mixture was drawn for 12 hours and filtered.

Water bottles are safe

Check the “purity” of alcohol

It is believed that alcohol with a strength of 100 degrees does not need to be cleaned. However, it is not always possible to be sure of its “purity”. To check whether there is no impurities in the drink, you can take a mirror or glass, rinse it thoroughly with hot water and let it dry naturally. Then put a few drops of alcohol on it and wait until the liquid evaporates. If after this there are no traces on the glass, it means that there is no fusel oil and other impurities in the alcohol.

Improving the taste and smell of homemade vodka

To improve the taste and smell of vodka, flavoring is used, for which a variety of berries, fruits, herbs and spices are added to it. In addition, in Russia for these purposes traditionally used hops, which almost completely destroys the fusel taste and smell, and natural bee honey. To aromatize vodka, you can apply the insistence on medicinal herbs, which gives it also medicinal properties. If you want to surprise the guests and you need to urgently aromatize vodka, you can put wooden or metal bars covered with a cloth in a saucepan with water, place bottles on them and boil for an hour. However, such vodka can be served only after cooling. Flavoring (herbs, fruits, lemon or orange peels, etc.) is added to the leaven, but in this case the taste and smell are barely noticeable.

Now you know the most effective ways to clean vodka at home, so you can make a drink that will decorate your holiday table.

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