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Best Action: Shidensen Best Romance / Drama: Moiety Best Fun: NaNaNa Best Dance: Monogatharem Best Horror: Kalvary (Prisoners) Best Psyche: flow / er

Last Man Standing (referee rating of 12 best clips of the competition)

Team standings (TOP-3) 1. Hearthless (MDL, Zuuki, Luciole) 2. Unfinished Business (AMVLuna, JazzsVids, Lokkiclu) 3. Homeless (Madao, Sempai3607, Neon)

Detailed results are available on the official website of the event:

The heroine of the clip is an ordinary office worker who lives in a room with a cat. Working days are scheduled by the minute: in the morning water procedures, a trip to the subway, work in an office, a trip to the subway, and rest with friends. But once an uninvited guest appears in her room.

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Info Author: Speedosausage, SouredApple, KoizumiHazuki, moawling, Makaij Anime: Original animation Music: Ujico * / Snail’s House – Pixel Galaxy

I am a big fan of Akira Amano (author of Katekyo Hitman Reborn) and I have to edit it. It was still fun to edit! Thank you for watching.

Info Author: Arrow Anime: Psycho-Pass Music: Unknown Brain x Rival – Control (feat. Jex), grandson – Overdose

Clip contest participant Soul’s Team Iron Chef XV: #OCTAGONE

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Winner in the Horror category. Mirror 1 – competitive version of the video / Contest version of the video on mirror 1.

Author’s comment: Made in 3 days for the souls team IC # 15 (winner of horror category)

Info Author: Zuuki Anime: Tasogare Otome × Amnesia, Mahou Tsukai no Yome (+ others) Music: Code Pandorum – Calvaire Awards: Best Horror on Soul’s Team Iron Chef XV: #OCTAGONE

The annual AMV competition within the framework of the French anime convention Japan Expo again invites music video makers from all over the world. Works for the competition are accepted until June 2 inclusive, are allowed to participate exclusive clips , which have not previously been published on the network. One work is accepted from one participant. The results of the competition will be announced during the convention (July 4-7), the winners are traditionally expected to receive prizes (anime figures).

Clip contest participant Soul’s Team Iron Chef XV: #OCTAGONE

11th place in Psyche category ST IC XV. That’s all I wanted to say.

Info Author: RadicalDreamer Anime: Fate Heavens Feel / Fate Unlimited Blade Works Music: Apashe – Good news

Clip contest participant Soul’s Team Iron Chef XV: #OCTAGONE

Winner in the Psyche category. Russian subtitles are attached to the clip.

Author’s comment: You know too much to be happy. Hey guys, here’s my entry for #STICXV. I tried to show what I can do. It has been a great deal. I hope you guys will enjoy it and maybe even resonate with it!

Info Author: lokkiclu Anime: Tokyo Ghoul (+ others) Music: Inzo – Overthinker Awards: Best Psyche on Soul’s Team Iron Chef XV: #OCTAGONE

Author’s comment: This is a combo to resist. Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse and the DVD.

Info Author: Ileia Anime: Ghost in the shell (TV, Movie, OVA) Music: Blackway & Black Caviar – What’s Up Danger

This AMV was made for the ENP IC. As clear as possible. I wouldn’t have tried to perfect the manipulation.

InfoAuthor: Lucariochu Anime: Sukitte ii na yo, Hyouka, Koe no Katachi, Gangsta, White Album 2, Higurashi no naku koro ni Kai, Kotonoha no Niwa, Nana Music: Xylo – America

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