Urine use benefits

The beneficial properties of urine are used to treat many ailments. The method of treatment through urine is called urinotherapy. This method appeared in antiquity, and at the present stage has gained fairly wide popularity. In our country, it began to be used in the 20s of the last century. They argue a lot about him, but there are cases of healing from ailments. In India, some religious sects preach the use of urine, believing that it will help to avoid diseases throughout life. Urinotherapeutists do not recommend drinking urine for a long time due to the content of human waste in it.

Urine use benefits

But there are some conditions under which the use of urine inside is beneficial. It cleanses the body, eliminating blockages and obstacles, restores the work of organs affected by diseases. It has a beneficial effect on the normal functioning of the heart, pancreas and liver. But a person who decided to resort to urine treatment should not suffer from gastrointestinal diseases, infectious diseases and other serious illnesses. The most effective morning portions of urine. Its taste is bitter-salty, and many consider it unpleasant, but they approach this as a medicine: it is unpleasant, but useful.

Urine can wash any cavity of the human body. It is sterile, so it can safely wash the ears, with inflammation – the throat, nose, with conjunctivitis – the eyes. Often the urine is washed with intestines using an enema, but this method is considered quite extreme. The urine of newborn babies can extinguish putrefactive processes in the intestines. It kills pathogens and activates the functionality of the gastrointestinal tract and kidneys. Such urine also has diuretic properties. In the urine of pregnant women are many vitamins, glucose, amino acids, cortisol. It can be taken to improve the generation of blood and the destruction of free radicals.

Often, people consider urinotherapy unacceptable for themselves, but it happens that the therapeutic properties of urine become the only means that can help. For example, recovery occurs much faster if you wipe the body with urine. In just two weeks, such procedures can get rid of skin problems, such as scabies, depriving, eczema and others. You can still add and therapeutic fasting, and then the result will be noticeable even sooner.

Women are well aware of the fact that urine can be used as a cosmetic component. With the help of fresh urine you can rejuvenate the skin. It is added to the preparation of compresses, all kinds of creams, masks, body scrubs and face. However, when added to cosmetics, urine should be mixed immediately before use in a separate jar. So, urinotherapy has two directions: internally the application of urine and external. Such widespread use only confirms the benefit of urinotherapy. And if the use of urinotherapy is supported by the genuine confidence of a person in the benefits of this system, then he will definitely get rid of ailments, improve his health and achieve excellent results. However, when following the procedures of urinotherapy, it is necessary to periodically consult with specialists.

Urine use benefits

Can urin be called a real panacea? To answer this question it is necessary to consider in detail the chemistry of the composition of urine. Urine has a lot of steroid hormone metabolites excreted from the human body, so it has anti-inflammatory properties. The main task of such hormones is to participate in the metabolism of carbohydrates. Metabolites excreted in urine retain anti-inflammatory properties.

The amount of steroid hormones consumed in the body is quite large both when taking a full portion of urine and when taking part of it. Hormones have an impact on human disease and his health. Thus, we can conclude that Urinotherapy is a kind of hormone therapy. Drugs used in hormone therapy are sold without a doctor’s prescription. These drugs are recommended for inflammation, accompanied by painful reactions. This is the reason why urinotherapy is used for any painful sensations. But the instructions of the means of hormonal restoration states that steroid hormones are contraindicated for a long time. Perhaps that is why urine is often used externally – as compresses for skin burns or for sprains and bruises.

What is the reason for the fact that urinotherapists prescribe a massage using evaporated urine 6 times a day? One can only imagine what “flavor” fills the apartment! What happens when the urine is heated or evaporated? What happens is that when heated, the concentration of steroid hormones in the urine increases. The result of this “healing” can be the development of early menopause, osteoporosis, accelerated aging, obesity. Mental disorders may develop. A person can become disabled!

Specialists in urinotherapy believe that urine contains only natural hormones, and in the pharmacy you can find only artificial analogues. But in the treatment of one stripped off urine, an uncontrollable amount of such hormones enters the body. They are able to destroy the functionality of hormone secretion, as well as artificial types of hormones that are sold in pharmacies.

Before starting to consider urinotherapy as a miracle cure, you must first of all be tested for the presence of kidney and urinary diseases.

Doctors know of cases of gonorrheal conjunctivitis, which has developed due to eye wash with urine. It happened and this when excretion of gastrointestinal diseases, including ulcers, enterocolitis, colitis and other diseases, developed when taking urine inside. The list of such incidents is endless, but probably a couple of examples will suffice to understand the true effect of the urine on the human body.

The only thing that can be recommended is to forget about the widespread statement about the usefulness of everything natural. Do not trust those who have a vague idea of ​​what they are promoting with all their might. And if it concerns your health, then all the more!

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