Typical french lunch

Moscow City Pedagogical University

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Typical french lunch

+ HERE IS BETTER THAN IN MPGU + A fairly low passing score (generally traced in all directions, but traditionally higher in the popular type of inyaza). To fly on a budget is quite realistic, even if I adjusted it a little with egashka. And a cool selection committee) + Several buildings throughout Moscow – if you are lucky, one of them will be near your house + There is a system of discounts for tuition (given for more or less high ege points or for good training, maybe for something else) + A lot of different activities that are not directly related to school: various talent contests, KVN, festivals, in general, active student life and pervaki taste it right away in September at the big devote :) Many opportunities to express yourself – to do you can not just something creative or organizational, and, for example, volunteering + No corruption + A lot of very good teachers who are interested in giving knowledge, especially if they see students as craving for them + It’s quite easy to learn (communicated with many guys from various institutes and departments, and compared them and my impressions with the impressions of students from other universities, so I can judge). The session is light, if you haven’t kicked something during the semester, and even if you’ve kicked it is okay, the chances of deduction are minimal :) At least, we don’t deduct even the most desperate + A lot of merch (such a plus, but suddenly will come.)

– It concerns only nonresident! No hostel. Or rather, it is there, but it is positioned as a hotel, so the prices are unreasonably high (despite the fact that you also live in a dormitory, two or three of us with a shared shower / toilet and a kitchen on the floor). Regarding the conditions, I can’t say for sure, but friends familiar with this hotel complain, and there are never enough places there – Low quality of the canteen (both the level of service and the products themselves) – Few places in the canteen – Some audiences do not have the right amount of seating, there may be problems with desks and other equipments (but in general the buildings are fairly new) – Scholarship is about nothing at all – There are teachers who (apparently, due to low RFP) do not really bother, they give an assessment, based on personal perception, like to try anything ya nonsense – IMHO: I wouldn’t advise to go here to go here, because the money is still considerable, but it’s not worth it. If you are already considering a headscarf, it is better to go to higher education in a higher category – Concerning headscarves: transfer to the budget is rather problematic, since this is possible only if the budget space is freed, but they donate very well here very rarely :) – Electives can be held in any of the numerous buildings across Moscow, even if it is not at your home – be prepared to return home once a week late – IMHO: too much money is spent on the parties and PR from the internal budget of the university, and all this instead of improving the internal Yu situation and be closer to the students

Typical french lunch

The university is not ideal, but if you have a choice between Leninka and the City, I strongly advise the City (a diploma in both state). In the case of commercial training, it is better to overpay a little and go to a more prestigious educational institution so that there are no questions a la "but what are we paying for ?!" In the case of the budget, having small points is quite a good option. And if you are all active and have a lot of unfulfilled ambitions and ideas, here you will like it at all if you come together with local knowledge and understand the local foundations.

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