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Information about TER is relevant for estimators. We will get acquainted with it. The abbreviation is deciphered as “territorial unit prices.” Estimates are in TER, FER, GESN. Territorial developed for each subject individually. Entry into force is organized by the local administration. Registration of TER in RosStroy is obligatory, after which the rates are included in the list of regulatory documents.

TER: where and how to apply

Territorial unit pricing is valid until canceled. Do it can GosStroy, having issued an order, decree. The current collection is needed to form an estimate for the object under construction. If the construction is connected with state authorities, TER accounting is obligatory. For non-state structures, rates are recommended, but they will have to be taken into account.

Working for themselves, the company has the right to set its own prices. Participation in government auctions requires TER compliance. Since the standards are adopted in accordance with the prices in force at the time of approval, an index is used to obtain the actual amount of expenses. A list of indices valid in the near future is published monthly. Knowing what TER is, owning an index reissued by the 25th of the next month, they make a correct, accurate estimate for any construction.

Practical use

To know how estimates are made in TERs is necessary if it is to be:

  • government order;
  • commissioning works;
  • building;
  • participation in the tender;
  • installation;
  • design and survey work.

The ability to use TERAM is valued by the contractor.

Estimates: Theory and Practice

In the construction of the building without an estimate can not do. As follows from 743 articles of the current code, the key documents for any object being built:

  • work agreement;
  • reason for payment;
  • estimates.

Knowing what TER is, estimates are compiled correctly.

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  • marginality;
  • cost price;
  • price of materials;
  • cost of equipment;
  • construction time;
  • equipment costs.

The estimate is made taking into account the nuances:

  • the specifics of the region;
  • job title;
  • scope of work;
  • the correctness of the coefficients (season, constraint, and others);
  • valid index.

Estimates are based on:

With a well-formed project statement, information on the composition and scope of work is given to the estimator in advance. Repairing the building, the estimate can be made without the involvement of professionals.

Working with the municipality, the federal client, the contracting organization uses the TER region of the customer. Even if the firm is based in another area, and the work will be carried out in a third region, the indices and coefficients of the locality where the organization that needs services is registered

In the case when the work is financed from the federal budget, and the construction site is located in Moscow, the appreciation index is used. This indicator was created based only on the construction and repair in the capital. When the developer works on the territory of Moscow for funds allocated by the municipal budget, the estimate is developed taking into account TSN-2001.

Unit rates

Regulatory framework – unit prices, grouped for ease of use in reference collections.

Unit pricing – expressed financial resources required for the success of the planned work.

TER compiled for the following directories:

  • building;
  • repair;
  • installation;
  • commissioning;
  • landscaping;
  • technical support.

Computers to help estimators

It is not easy to master the budget, even knowing the terms of this field and having a sample before your eyes. Developed computer systems to help the estimator cheat objects. Using them, you still have to know what TER is, but the process is greatly simplified. The program has already laid the standard amounts, there is an index update function, the finished document is formed on the accepted form, taking into account state standards.

“On the knee” building in TER will turn out to cheat and in "Excelle", but the use of special software guarantees the accuracy of the numbers obtained. The estimated program will save time, based on the entered data will be able to quickly generate documents of several samples. Daily automatic update ensures the relevance, the correctness of the result.

Summing up

So, we can safely say, the concept of TER is necessary for every self-respecting estimator. This helps to correctly compile the accompanying construction documentation. The use of TERs expands the capabilities of the company, allowing you to participate in auctions.

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When hiring a job estimator, it is in the employer’s interest to test the specialist. The skills to use TER, the ability to distinguish territorial rates from federal ones, the ability to master new software systems for calculating construction are key skills of a skilled worker.

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