Tommy John Surgery

Elbow injuries are among the most common and most serious injuries among baseball players. An injury to the ulnar collateral ligament located on the inside of the elbow usually requires surgery, known as “Tommy John surgery”. The minimum recovery period after such an operation is nine months, although some athletes may never return to playing baseball.

Tommy John Surgery

Consequences of the submission: ulnar epicondylitis

Excessive effort at the time of submission is the main cause of elbow injury, pitchers (feeders) are more sensitive to them than other baseball players.

Tommy John Surgery

The appropriate solution to prevent injury at the time of the throw were specialization and the number of pitchers. Thus, the tactic of an individual approach to the use of pitchers appeared.

The rest time and the period of recuperation between feedings should be determined based on the level of fatigue and the individual needs of each player’s body. If the shoulder or elbow bothers the server, you should wait a little with the workouts, even if there was a necessary respite in the preceding days. If a certain pitch causes pain – the server should not perform this throw. Young athletes continue to grow, respectively, their bones and ligaments, too – this directly affects the change in the mechanics of movement during a throw. Young athletes who have not formed to the end have greater joint mobility and lack of muscle mass, unlike adult athletes. Therefore, they suffer sports injuries in different ways. The most important thing that young athletes can do to avoid serious injuries is not to play through pain.

Tommy John Surgery

One of the most common injuries among pitchers – ulnar epicondylitis – as a result of monotonous loads, the place of attachment of muscles to the lateral epicondyle of the humerus is inflamed. A similar injury is also characteristic of tennis players. When the muscles are overworked, they lose stability in the elbow joint, causing the elbow collateral ligament to self-stabilize the entire elbow. Such excessive stress can lead to its rupture.

Preventing elbow injury

To prevent an elbow injury, all baseball players must warm up properly before entering the field and rest appropriately after – this is crucial. For those who serve, it is very important to do relaxing exercises during the recovery period. Also, to prevent elbow tavm, it is recommended to use bandages and plasters of kinesio tapes, they will not hold down movements and will provide the necessary support. Mentors and coaches are obliged all year round to ensure that players endure adequate loads during training. First of all, the players themselves should always remember that it is necessary to always pay attention to the signals of your body about fatigue or pain. Compliance with this rule will help save the athlete from the risk of permanently retiring from the games.

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