Time for yourself

Unfortunately, after becoming a mother, many women forget that they are women! And with the head dipped into motherhood. As a result, every day turns into groundhog day, despite the fact that the child brings a lot of joy and happiness. And in order to fully enjoy all the pleasures of motherhood, mom needs rest, yes, a woman needs to rest even from a baby – this little bundle of happiness.

It should be said that no matter whether the mother works or "is sitting" on maternity leave – she always needs rest. There are many reasons for this, and in spite of the fact that they are known to all, we will speak again.

Why does mom need rest

1. Childbirth and pregnancy is a big stress for a woman’s body, therefore it is very important to restore strength.

3. If a mother is tired, she will be angry and irritated, which can not but affect the condition of the child, because the baby always catches the mood of the mommy.

4. If a woman does not have time for rest, she will devote any free minute to sleep, and not to her beloved spouse. As a result, the mother will spend all the time with the child, in the kitchen or in bed.

five. Postpartum period no less stressful than the birth itself, because the body needs strength to recover, the mood changes every minute, and all the negative is multiplied; and the woman begins to look at the situation only from her side, annoyed at the fact that the husband doesn’t do anything, as she thinks.

6. Chronic fatigue leads to frustrations in sex life.

What kind of rest does mom need?

Under the word "relaxation" each person implies something of his own, but the main thing that a mother needs during the decree is:

  • full 8-hour sleep
  • walking in the street
  • communication with other people
  • playing sports
  • time for your hobby
  • opportunity to spend some time without a child
  • reading, internet
  • time on personal care.

It is very important that the woman with the child be supported by the spouse. Daddy should respect the time of her mother, help her as much as possible and support her in everything. It is very good if the husband has the opportunity to take leave after the child is born – in this case, he can help at night, bathe the baby, go for a walk with him and thereby save mom’s strength after the birth, making it easier for her to combine household chores and care. a child in the future.

By the way, even if the husband continues to work, he may well help his beloved wife so that she has time for himself. Help dad is as follows:

  • washing dishes
  • wash (load dirty things in the washing machine and hang them after washing is not at all difficult, but it will make life easier for mommy)
  • purchase of products
  • a walk with the child, during which the wife will be able to devote time to herself, and not quickly do all the household chores
  • dad can let mom go to meet her friends, be with the baby while she is in the beauty salon, swims in the pool and

Things that can wait

Time for yourself

Understand that the mess in the house and dirty dishes will not disappear, and there is always time for this, but the baby does not sleep all day, so during a quiet hour, be sure to lie down next to the crumb. Take advantage of any moment to relax.

Do not forget that some cases and actions can be completely abandoned, and no one will suffer from this. For example, you should not iron the bed and children’s things, make a dinner of three or five dishes. And as soon as you have more free time, as soon as you have the opportunity to leave the child with someone from relatives – be sure to use it, meet with friends, go to the cinema, visit the fitness club, read and do your favorite things!

Time for yourself

Do not be afraid to leave the child with your grandmothers or with your dad, do not reproach yourself for wanting to take a break from the baby, because you are a living person, you are not a robot, and you simply need to rest. Therefore, allow yourself at least one hour of solitude a day, do not dump a lot of not so important matters on your fragile shoulders; and remember – a child will be happy only when his mother is happy.

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