This is Bill Clinton Vegan.

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Vegan. Veganism. Be a vegan – save a life!

WITHForum picker Irina Novozhilova, President of the VITA will speak on the first day of the forum – 12th of February,

AT frivolity (Eng. veganism) – the most consistent form of vegetarianism, strictly vegetarian lifestyle, completely excluding the use of animal products from the diet and everyday life, since those can not be obtained without exploitation and killing animals. The term “vega&# 769nstvo ”appeared after the meaning of“ vegetarianism ”(plant-eating lifestyle) was distorted due to the fashionable hobby of the masses of vegetarianism as a diet, contributing in this interpretation to the appearance of compromises that contradict the essence of this phenomenon. The main reason for veganism is ethical. * The first vegetarian / vegan school was born in England in 1838, the concept "vegetarianism" in the understanding of the creators of the school was originally interpreted as vega&# 769nstvo – complete rejection of any animal products, exclusively vegetable food. Distortion of the essence of vegetarianism arose later after the merger of the first London school with a compromise Manchester group that allowed milk and eggs into the diet. However, the very emergence of modern veganism occurred in Russia thanks to the Tolstoy and Tolstoy movement, where Russian vegetarians (vegans in fact) placed at the forefront an ethical attitude towards animals, which influenced the founder of the world’s first Vegan society and creator of the word "vegan". The word vegan (English vegan) formed Donald Watson, combining the first three and last two letters of the word "vegetarian" (English vegetarian) – "start and finish vegetarian path".

This is Bill Clinton Vegan.

Vegan (English vegan; vegan, vega&# 769n, vegans, vegan, vegan, veganism, vegan) – a strict vegetarian who, for ethical reasons, excludes from the diet all products of animal origin: meat *, fish, eggs, milk and dairy products, seafood of animal origin and

Russian pronunciation in accordance with Russian phonetics, phonology and orthoepy: vegetation (by analogy with the word "vegetarianism"), Vegan or Vegan (both accents are allowed), Vegans, Vegan, Vegan, Vegan, Vegan, Vegetative, Vegan, (of the entire planet).

Ethics. Why do not vegans eat eggs and milk, for the sake of which they do not kill animals?

In fact, the production of any animal products is associated with the killing and exploitation of animals, as well as the destruction of the planet and even the death of people from starvation!

The release of animals. Peter Singer For the first time in Russia the publication of a complete translation of the book into Russian

Story. Man is a born vegan, not a predator or omnivorous, as indicated by the physiology of the human body. One often hears the opinion that vegetarianism – veganism is a kind of newfangled phenomenon that has come to Russia from the west in recent years. This view is a profound delusion. Russian vegetarianism – veganism has a great history and has had a major impact on the formation of the modern European and world animal rights movement.

The vegan society was formed by Donald Watson (the author of the term "veganism") in 1944 in the UK. However, the phenomenon itself exists exactly as long as the person himself exists. The Greek philosopher Pythagoras is vegan. When Plutarch, the Greek writer who wrote the life of Pythagoras, was asked why Pythagoras did not eat meat and why, Plutarch replied that he wasn’t surprised that Pythagoras did not eat meat, but that now people who can eat hearty grains vegetables and fruits, catch living creatures, cut them and eat. Lev Tolstoy. The canonized Russian Orthodox Church saints Seraphim of Sarov and St. Sergius of Radonezh led a vegan lifestyle.

In Russia, the beginning of the 20th century – in the heyday of vegetarianism – many vegetarians were vegans. In recognition of Donald Watson, it’s Lev Tolstoy and his "First stage" have had a tremendous impact on him. Donald Watson and his associates by their example were able to break the stereotypes of traditional medicine and prove that the vegan lifestyle is full and life-supporting. Donald Watson died in 2005 at 96 (!) Years of life, retaining his working capacity and vigor until the last days. It is indicative that a century ago, back in 1908, at the First Vegetarian Congress in Dresden, there was a question about the peculiarities of perception Russian vegan delegates like ethical-philosophical worldview, not just the means of achieving health and fitness. Today, 100 years later, it is the ethical aspect of vegetarianism that has become a priority in the world vegetarian movement. Famous Vegans

Health. The discoveries of scientists in recent years have shown that vegan nutrition provides the human body with all the components necessary for normal development. The American Association of Nutritionists, in association with the Association of Canadian Nutritionists in 2003, stated that properly balanced vegan food is suitable for all ages of a person, including newborns. Scientists have proven that essential amino acids are synthesized in the body of vegans (research by Academician Ugolev); vegans also have no problems with calcium, iron, or vitamin B12.

"Chinese study" – now in Russia! The book presents the results of the most extensive research in the history of mankind the relationship of nutrition and health.

Ecology. Veganism is a priority in saving the planet. UN Study 2010: Revising the principles of world agriculture and shifting to vegetarianism should be the main priorities in environmental protection, along with limiting the use of fossil fuels. "Agricultural production accounts for 70% of the freshwater consumed worldwide, 38% of all land used and 14% of all greenhouse gas emissions. These numbers shake the imagination" – said Achim Steiner, head of the UN Environment Program. Products of animal origin play an important role in this case, because more than half of the world’s crops are intended for feeding animals, not people. A significant reduction in the load on the environment is possible only with significant changes in the way of nutrition throughout the world, namely, in the care of products of animal origin.

Janet Salem of the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) believes that the report should remind residents of urban areas that deforestation for agriculture, which destroys the habitats of animals and plants, is due to their choice of products in the supermarket – no matter how far away from these forests. "The load on nature depends on city dwellers, regardless of the degree of mutual remoteness," She says. Be vegan, consume less fuel to save the planet.

Famous vegans: Directed by James Cameron, Peter Bogdanovich; Actors: Natalie Portman, Joaquin Phoenix, Michelle Pfeiffer, Alicia Silverstone, Zasley Affleck, Olivia Wilde, Tobey Maguire, Eric Roberts, Woody Harrelson, Forest Whitaker, actor, holder of the Black Belt karate, Karol Bouquet, Adela Andere Andel ; musicians: Paul McCartney, Brian Adams, Mobi, Jared Leto, Leona Lewis, Prince, Sinead O `Connor, Shania Twain, Steve O, Anthony Kiedis and Dave Navarro of Red Hot Chili Peppers, and others; Stella McCartney – fashion designer; athletes: sprinter Karl Lewis, boxer Mike Tyson, tennis player Martina Navratilova, Surya Bonaly (Olympic champion in figure skating), basketball player Dennis Rodman, Jack La Lanne (bodybuilder, fitness guru), Mack Danzig (world champion in fighting without rules), Kate Holmes (boxer, two-time world champion), Scott Jurek (famous marathon winner), "Queen of Extreme" Fiona Oaks et al .; scientists: doctor, teacher Benjamin Spock, nutritionist John Robbins, MD Neil Barnard, theoretical physicist Brian Green, and others; Politicians: Bill Clinton, Dennis Kucinic, Janez Drnovsek (President of Slovenia) and many others.

In modern Russia, the number of vegans increases every year, among famous people, vegans are the two-time Olympic champion, 3-time world wrestling champion Alexei Voevoda, "first Moscow beauty", actress Maria Kalinina, musician of the group "Scandic" Alexey Martynov, artist and musician Seva Moskvin, actress Linda Nigmatulina, rock singer Tatyana Zykina, journalist Irina Ozernaya, etc. Famous vegans

Longevity vegans: the founder of the Vegan Society and the creator of the word "vegan" Donald Watson (September 2, 1910 – November 16, 2005); famous mathematician

"VITA" refers to you:

For the sake of your health, the ecology of the planet and the cessation of the suffering and killing of millions of living beings, be vegan!

Animal Rights Center "VITA" – Vegan organization of Russia.

The release of animals. Peter Singer For the first time in Russia a complete translation of the book into Russian.

This is Bill Clinton Vegan.

Animal life on the farm. On modern farms intensive methods are used for raising animals, in which they are treated like machines for the production of eggs, milk and meat. read more

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