Things that make your smell better

Regular cleaning, ventilation of the room, a sufficient amount of sunlight, timely cleaning of upholstered furniture and carpets are the basis of not only cleanliness, but also fresh air in your apartment. However, there are cases when an unpleasant smell has nevertheless appeared, and now the primary task is to get rid of it as soon as possible. Follow our recommendations and you will be able to remove the unpleasant smell from your home!

Ways to get rid of the smell depends on its cause and location. It’s one thing if your carpet is “tagged” by a cat, and another thing is when the strange smell in the kitchen is driving you crazy.

But in any case, do not despair – there is always a solution to the problem!

General rules to combat unpleasant odors

  1. Start to fight the smell as soon as it appeared. It may happen that after a certain time you adapt to it and no longer feel it, however, the reason and the smell itself will remain. And your guests will be able to feel it right from the doorway.
  2. First of all, find the source of the smell. This seems obvious, but not always easy. Found – proceed to elimination: take out the garbage, wash the dog, clean the carpet, wash the refrigerator and

    Methods of dealing with the smell of cigarettes

  • The easiest method is to hang out some wet towels around the apartment, they absorb odors and at the same time moisten the air. After drying the towels, simply wash them in the washing machine.
  • If, as an exception, you allow guests to smoke in the kitchen or in the room, put an aromatic candle next to the ashtray. Candle prevents the smell of cigarettes.
  • If you smoked in the room for a long time, then the source of the smell, which remained even after cleaning and thorough ventilation, can be lamps of lamps. When smoking, substances from smoke are deposited on light bulbs. After turning on, warming up, such light bulbs themselves are capable of becoming a source of unpleasant odor. Therefore, thoroughly wipe all the lights when cleaning.
  • Put a bowl with vinegar for the night or for the whole day in the room. This will help beat the smell of cigarettes.
  • Cigarette smoke eats into carpets, carpet, and even hard surfaces. Therefore, without cleaning them, it will not be possible to get rid of the smell. Sprinkle the floor with a layer of soda and leave it for a day. During this time, it will absorb unwanted odors, after which you need to qualitatively vacuum the apartment. If necessary, the procedure must be repeated 2-3 times – the smell will gradually disappear.

Ways to eliminate unpleasant odors in the kitchen

The most common sources of unpleasant odors in the kitchen are the refrigerator, oven, trash can, microwave, stove and clogged pipes.

Also, the smell can often come from rags, brooms or scouring pads.

If an unpleasant smell settled in the refrigerator, use such folk remedies:

  1. wipe the walls with a solution of vinegar with water 1: 1
  2. wash the refrigerator with a solution of water and baking soda
  3. in difficult cases, when you can’t get rid of the stench, the liquid ammonia will help – just rub the walls and leave the refrigerator door in the open position for the whole day
  4. Wash the refrigerator with water and lemon juice. It has a disinfecting effect and is able to fight odors well.

Things that make your smell better

Prevent the formation of odors will help

  • charcoal or activated carbon
  • soda: put an open pack in the refrigerator and change it every 3 months
  • black bread slices, laid out on the shelves of the refrigerator

Vinegar will help remove the unwanted smell from the oven. Put the pot of vinegar in the oven and heat to a boil, then turn off the oven and leave overnight. In the morning, wipe the internal surfaces with a cloth moistened in acetic solution. This method is quite effective in combating stench.

During the preparation of too fragrant food, it is recommended to put a pot of vinegar near the stove – it will prevent the spread of odor.

Disguise of unpleasant smell – flavoring the room

Of course, you should always start fighting with an unpleasant smell from its cause, however, masking an undesirable aroma is also useful. Moreover, even if the cleanliness and freshness in your home is okay, pleasant notes of coffee, citrus or flowers will make the atmosphere in the rooms only better.

So what flavors can you use?

You can always use special tools that are sold in stores. However, chemistry in this case is not at all obligatory, because with the help of natural substances you can fill the house with a pleasant aroma.

The best natural flavors are peel or slices of oranges and lemons, coffee, cinnamon, vanilla and

Candles with essential oils, aroma lamps and incense sticks will also allow you to achieve the desired result without resorting to chemical means.

Things that make your smell better

Remember that any flavors need to be applied in a clean and ventilated apartment, then at home you will be surrounded by only the most pleasant flavors.

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