There is a boy

Look into the depths of the subconscious and find out why your dream is dreaming. What means seen, tell the alignment of the dream by Lenormand. A more precise understanding of the dream will help the lunar calendar.

Why dream Child boy: interpretation of 100 authors

What did the child dream about (interpretation of the astro-meridian dream book)

There is a boy

A little boy is dreaming about events, and what they will be – good or bad – will tell his behavior in a dream: if he smiled, then good news or events await you, if he cries – then unpleasant surprises await you.

A little baby boy dreams of troubles.

The value of sleep about the boy (modern dream book)

Solves the dream book: Why dreams Child Boy – to the unexpected news, a surprise. If the dream has dreamed of a pregnant woman, it means that a relatively fast delivery awaits her. You play with your child, have fun – in reality there is a favorable period both in material and in spiritual terms, you are expected to be stable, a rush of inspiration. This is a very favorable dream for creative people.

To see a child boy, if he is unfamiliar to you, but you consider him to be your son, indicates your distrust of men, disappointment in love. Crying baby is a sign that you need to pay more attention and care for the second half and your family.

Dream Book of the Wanderer (Terenty Smirnova)

The interpretation of the image of the Big Dream Book

Baby boy – for a woman of childbearing age, sleep predicts pregnancy, she will have a boy. Creative individuals, running to meet a joyful child, predicts a surge of inspiration. Play with the boy – to stability, favorable period in material terms.

Dream of the White magician Yuri Longo

If the dreamer dreamed of a child boy

To see a child’s boy very often indicates rapid enrichment, making a profit. I dreamed of a smart, cute child – this is a sign that everything in your life will take shape in the best possible way, happiness, peace, peace and prosperity await you. Why does the child dream of a boy who is crying bitterly? Most likely – this is a sign – your financial condition is in danger, things require urgent intervention and total control.

Aggressive, pugnacious boy – to trouble in the near future, with it, imaginary friends will put you on the bandwagon. In a dream, you punish a child – in reality you should restrain your feelings, because of emotions you can get into an unpleasant situation.

The value of the dream about the boy (Psychological dream book)

To see a child a boy usually warns about upcoming troubles, as well as laborious and ineffective work. That girl, she imagines herself a little boy – in reality she is very unpleasant to hear relatives talk about the need for her to find a mate and get married.

There is a boy

The value of the dream of the Son (Vedic Dream Shivananda)

Interpretation of the dream book: What is the dream of a child a boy of an unmarried girl? Soon she will have a loved one. If a child has recently been born, this is a sign that the desired should be achieved with cunning and dexterity, and not shouting, waving his arms and proving his rightfulness to others. The child is a dream boy, if he is handsome and cheerful, says that the person with whom you are in love will soon reciprocate your feelings.

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