The kitten meows a lot

Class hour in grade 3

Theme: “What is mercy”

purpose: acquaintance with the concept of “charity”, the meaning and relevance of its formation, as the moral quality of the person.


· To cultivate children’s philanthropy, kindness, empathy in children, Promote the development of communication skills, skills of work in cooperation;

· Promote respect for people.

Equipment: presentation, glue, cards with personality traits, the sun, felt-tip pens.

Form of: conversation

Methods of conducting: search, discussion, game (modeling of vital situations in the plot game).

The course of the class hour.

one. Emotional mood.

Good day. My name is Natalia Alexandrovna. I am glad to meet you.

To tune in to productive work, hold hands in groups, smile at each other.

If someone helps

your kindness, your smile

That day was not in vain, lived

and that means you live for a reason.

I wish you to be a united and friendly team at today’s meeting.

So, we begin our class hour.

The kitten meows a lot

2 Formulation of the problem. Identify the problem.

Now I will read to you the story of Vasily Sukhomlinsky, What do you think about this story?

Slide number 1

Little gray kitten kicked out of the house. A kitten is sitting on the road, meowing: he wants to go home to his mother. People pass by, look at the kitten. Some shake their heads sadly, others laugh. Someone regrets: poor kitten. But, sorry – does not help.

Evening came. Scary became a kitten. He pressed against the bush and sits – trembling.

A little girl Natalochka was returning from school. Hears – the kitten meows. She did not say a word, but took the kitten and carried it home. Kitten pressed against the girl. Purred. Happy radeshenek.

-So, what are the qualities of a girl about this story? (About kindness, compassion, love for animals, etc.)

– Is it possible to say that this story is about mercy? (Yes)

-Youheard that word? (Yes)

Guys, and you guessed it, what will be the topic of our occupation? (Mercy)

That’s right, today we will talk about “Mercy” and this will be the topic of our classroom hour.

Slide 2

-And why do we need to talk about mercy?

Let’s set the goal of our occupation. Answer options for children. (Learn what charity is. What actions are called merciful. Who is called a merciful man, etc.)

What is mercy? How do you understand the meaning of the word "mercy"(children say what they think of mercy)

You are all right. See how many concepts you put into this word.

The word “mercy” carries a lot.

Mercy, mercy, charity. These are words of one root and the meaning in them – mercy to people. Grace can mean forgiveness, and charity is what someone gives, and someone gets.

But what is the definition given in the explanatory dictionary

Slide number 3

Mercy is a willingness to help someone or to forgive someone from compassion, humanity.

So, we have defined what Mercy

And now let’s work together in groups and determine what qualities of character should have merciful man.

(I hang a picture of a person on the board)

Before we get started, let’s remember the rules of working in groups.

You have cards with the qualities of a person’s character on the tables.

Discuss in groups and choose what qualities of character a merciful person possesses, and what personality traits prevent you from being such?

1 group

2 group

3 group

4 group

5 group

Selected qualities are posted on the board.

See what qualities we put on a person?

What cards are left?

What is the name of such a person?

A person with such qualities is called heartless.

No one is born cruel and heartless. During the life of a person gets into different situations, and they are not always the way we would like.

But it is important not to harden in any situation, not to lose one’s humanity.

I want you to listen to one more story by Vasily Sukhomlinsky “A birthday dinner”

Slide 4

Vasily Sukhomlinsky

Birthday dinner

Nina has a big family: mother, father, two brothers, two sisters, grandmother. Nina is the smallest: she is nine years old. Grandmother is the oldest; she is eighty-two years old. When the family is having lunch, the grandmother’s hand is shaking. Everyone is used to it and try not to notice. If someone looks at her grandmother’s hand and thinks: why is she trembling? – her hand trembles even more. Grandmother carries a spoon – the spoon trembles, droplets drip onto the table.

Nina’s birthday is coming soon. Mother said that her birthday will have lunch. She and her grandmother will bake a big sweet cake. Let Nina invite her friends.

Guests arrived. Mom covers the table with a white tablecloth. Nina thought: the grandmother would sit at the table, and her hand was trembling. Friends will laugh, tell everyone at school.

Nina said quietly to her mother:

– Mom, let grandma not sit down at the table today …

– Why? – surprised mom.

“Her hand is trembling … dripping on the table …”

Guys, appreciate the act of Nina.

What would you do in this situation? Discuss in groups.

Do you want to know what mom did?

Mom turned white. Without a word, she removed a white tablecloth from the table and hid it in the closet.

Mom sat for a long time in silence, then said:

“Our grandmother is sick today.” Birthday dinner will not be.

I congratulate you, Nina, happy birthday. My wish to you: be a real person.

Explain how you understood mother’s wish: “Be a real person”?

Do you think Nina understood her mistake?

– If so, try to continue this story.

Guys, what do you think, is it possible to choose the SUN as a symbol of mercy? Why? (The sun heats everyone up with its warmth.)

(I attach the sun on the board without rays)

What is missing from the sun? (Rays)

A merciful attitude towards everything that surrounds us is manifested in deeds and good merciful deeds.

To make our sun shine, write on his rays the good deeds that you could do.

(Children on yellow stripes write “good deeds” and attach them to the sun)

Slide 5

5. Reflection.

Look at the slide. Think about how you would continue these phrases. Who wants to speak?

1. This meeting made me think … ..

2. This meeting made me think ….

Slide 6

Life needs mercy.

Mercy we are poor

Someone is angry, someone is angry,

Someone in the grip of trouble again.

If you need help, do everything that is possible. You hold out to your hand, who cannot rise. In this life nothing happens by chance! Our clothes and thoughts clothe life with destiny!

Remember, in life there is an amazing property: the more we give good to others, the more we get it

The kitten meows a lot

Slide 7

Guys, I thank everyone for their active participation. I believe that our conversation left a mark in the soul of each of you

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