The house makes me sick

“God himself said: you are gods, and the sons of the Most High are all of you!” Happiness and joy in your mind!

As always, everything is the same every day, the same people, the same moods, the same emotions, the same things and problems; changing, perhaps, only the weather, but the menu in the kitchen. Solid gray days endlessly accompany this familiar and dull to

nausea, scheme of life: home, work, home, work, home …

For many people, such a scheme of life is considered normal, and they do not experience psychological discomfort, so to speak, do not bother about it. Everything suits them, and they do not need to change anything (or add) to this plan of life.

But there are other people, and there are also quite a few of them, the number of which is constantly growing every year (judging by the statistics: people who have left stable companies for “free swimming”).

These are people who: not lazy, not drones, not cripples, not homeless, …; those who understood their true vocation and began to think how to implement it in their lives. In my opinion, these are strong and thinking Humans, after all, just to even think, (and even more to act) in this direction, already speaks about the strong qualities of the personality.

Many people want to create a business of their own (open a business), new projects, new technologies, new creative works. Yes, it all sounds great, and it looks like a dream! “However, not everything is as simple as it seems”: many will think that do not believe in their strength, and in general, they do not believe in anything.

They do not even achieve, because of their unbelief and eternal doubt, which, unfortunately, accompanies their whole life. Much depends, of course, on ability and talent; but without faith in the dream, and in the fact that it (its abilities to realize) is really real, it is difficult to start something.

And you know why it infuriates many people, and you have already gotten such a life: home, work, home, work, home, … Probably, you know; and this word is also familiar to you – it sounds: “routine”.

Everything is monotonous and primitive, but seemingly calm and stable, and sadness and sorrow at heart. This nauseous word of routine, brought to life, so captures a person that often he even, and not only cannot escape from it, but even think that it is possible.

Yes, friends, in fact, this is the reality of a free life: I do what I like and at the same time get good money; not far off, but in our heads and hands.

After all, who among us would not want to live like this: you can not go to official work (do not get up early on an alarm clock), do not hurry anywhere, – plan your day as you see fit; but the most important thing is that now you don’t depend at all on your bosses and managers, for now you are a leader, and your business and your development.

But at the same time, you also bring benefits to people and society as a whole. Since doing some business professionally you become very popular and necessary.

The main secret you know what; Many do not realize what the whole trick of such a life. It lies in freedom, precisely in freedom from harsh (and in our time, and cruel) graphics – “from call to call”

And this, my friends, is the real veiled slavery of people, which, under various cunning pretexts, thousands of professional masters in managing the mass consciousness of people are trying to accomplish.

We will not go deep, as it happens, it is enough to turn on the TV and watch it, so, for a day, another one. I think that you will quickly have comprehensive answers to how cleverly we are managed by experts in their field.

Okay, back to the old boring life schedule: home, work, home, work, home, … This schedule turns a person into a robot that does not develop as a person (inside itself), but develops like some kind of building or warehouse increases in size). An example may not be good, but for a quick understanding of things, just right. And such life on the machine, happiness is unlikely to bring. Unfortunately, many plow so (not only physically, but also mentally), – often they do not live their lives (

Constantly in the harness and in the tension: it is difficult for me to understand what motivates such people, when everything for the sake of which they turn has only an external material component. All mental and spiritual strength to spend on the fact that happiness, in principle, can not bring.

The word, “in principle,” is just right here, since the very concept of “happiness and joy” (for a person) is in the closest connection with his inner spiritual development. And he is a fool, looking for him outside himself.

He thinks that he is “developing” – but for whom: maybe for a boss, maybe for a wife, maybe for children, or maybe for animals … If for a boss, then it’s silly,

The house makes me sick

It is not necessary all the time, like a ram to do the same thing, and step on the same rake. After all, hitting a rake does not bring happiness, but only pain. Why do you hurt yourself spinning daily in this heinous bustle of gray endless, bleak everyday life. Do not be a victim, you have to be master of your life time, desires and needs. Therefore, Man, scheme: home, work, home, work, home, … not a sentence and not a prison. Everything is only in your hands, and most importantly, in your head!

Never look at others (believe!, The majority, and the number of people is not a criterion of truth and does not have such a right to claim it if it comes to spiritual life, in its correct understanding), others do not know what they want and, even more do not know where they are going.

Think with your head, not a stranger (and not a TV) Only then can you escape from the vicious circle called:

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