The dog continues to itch

Flea drugs produced by the Russian company Agrovetzashchita are represented by various dosage forms: shampoos, collars, drops, and sprays. At the same time, the drops from fleas of Bars turned out to be the most popular among pet owners. There are several reasons for this, and the main one is that the Leopard from fleas for cats and dogs provides not only the effective destruction of fleas that are already present on the pet’s pet, but also the prevention of its infection with new parasites.

In addition, the leopard from fleas, produced in the form of drops, is very easy to use. Using these drops according to the instructions, it is enough to spend only a few minutes of time to effectively combat parasites. This effect is achieved due to the presence of powerful modern insecticides in Bars products.

The composition and effectiveness of Leopard drops

As the main medicinal ingredient, drops from fleas Bars contain the substance fipronil, which has a powerful insecticide-acaricidal effect and effectively destroys fleas, lice, ticks and lashes. Fipronil itself is a synthetic insecticide widely used in veterinary medicine and agriculture to control many pests and parasites in general.

After rubbing the drops of Leopard into the skin of an animal, fipronil is distributed over the surface of the body, not penetrating into the blood, but accumulating to a certain extent in the sebaceous glands. After that, if the parasite contacts the skin of the animal and begins to drink blood, the insecticide enters the body of the bloodsucker through chitin covers and leads to disturbances in the nervous system, paralysis and death.

Fleas feel the smell of fipronil well and therefore will prefer not even to jump on the treated animal. Thus, the drug provides protection from parasites for as long as its components are completely removed from the body of the animal.

An important feature of fipronil is its relative harmlessness to animals. Only in rare cases, it leads to the development of side effects, but almost never causes acute poisoning. It should also be noted that, in general, cats are more sensitive to him than dogs.

Instructions for use drops Leopard

According to the instructions, Bars drops from fleas for cats are used for healthy animals that have reached 10 weeks of age. There are special drops for kittens.

The drug is well tolerated by animals of different breeds, providing active protection against ectoparasites for several months. Drops for cats are available in a cardboard box with three pipettes, droppers, and drops for dogs are presented on the market in the form of a box with 4 pipettes.

Drops Bars from fleas on domestic cats should be applied, given the weight of the animal. In accordance with the instructions, for cats weighing up to 1 kg, 10 drops should be applied to the withers, animals weighing 1-2 kg should put 20 drops, and for cats weighing more than 3 kg, use a whole pipette.

My kitten is only 4 months old and in the pharmacy they were told that the usual Leopard anti-flea remedy intended for adult cats will not work for him. It’s good that there are leopard drops for flea kittens with a softer effect, for young animals, such as my beloved Tiger. From a strong smell, he immediately a little harmed, but then the fleas on him no longer jumped.

Julia, owner of the Tiger

Drops from fleas Bars for domestic dogs are also applied given the weight of the dog. For large breeds of dogs with a weight of up to 10 kg, 1 pipette is sufficient; with a weight of 10-20 kg, 2 pipettes should be used, and if the dog weighs more than 20 kg, 3-4 pipettes.

For small breeds of dogs: from 2 to 3 kg – 20 drops, for dogs over 3 kg it is necessary to drip a whole pipette.

Rules of application

Drops Bars should be applied to the withers of the animal, spreading the hair so that the drug gets on the skin. If there are several animals living in the house, all of them need to be processed at the same time, and in order to avoid licking the drug, the dogs need to muzzle.

After processing, animals should not be allowed to children, wash and iron them for 48 hours. Repeated prophylactic application of funds is carried out strictly in accordance with the instructions – no more than 1 time per month.

“We have tried many means of fleas, because the husband constantly leads the dogs on the hunt and on all kinds of burrows they gain this nasty kilograms. Houses from them parasites right sypyatsya. Poisoned Barsikom, Hearts, Front Line. Barsik is good for the price, but not for long. Bloch leads immediately, but new ones on the dog appear after a week even without hunting. But for almost a month, Frontline protects against parasites. However, if hunting happens, not a single drug helps: in fox holes such monsters live, that they have this synthetic chemistry for one tooth. ”

Contraindications to the use of the drug

When deciding to buy a leopard from fleas and finally save its pet from annoying parasites, it should be remembered that these drops should not be used during the illness of an animal and for animals under six weeks old.

Nursing and pregnant females can only be treated after consultation with a qualified veterinary specialist.

Flea remedy Bars can not be used simultaneously with the use of any other preparations for fleas – in order to avoid an overdose of insecticides.

With a high individual sensitivity of the animal, the following signs may be observed: tearing, skin irritation, vomiting, muscle tremor. When the first signs of these symptoms appear, the animal should be washed in running water using shampoo.

My cat lives with me in a private house, so fleas are always enough with us. When I bought food at a pet store, the saleswoman recommended buying drops from fleas Bars. Since I had previously heard positive reviews about this tool and the price was very good, I decided to try. In the instructions for Barsik from fleas, it was written that for my 1.5 year old Murzik weighing 2.9 kg, 20 drops of the drug in the withers are sufficient. Indeed, the flea has become much smaller, the cat has become less combed out, I think, periodically dig this tool for him.

Other drugs Bars: collars and spray

Other remedies for parasites from the Bars line – shampoos, collars, and spray – are also very effective for fighting fleas.

The collar from fleas the Leopard is very convenient that it is constantly fixed on an animal and helps not only in exile of parasites already living on a cat or dog, but also interferes with repeated infection. It is good to use such flea collars to fix the effect after sanitary treatment of the pet with spray or flea drops.

Before wearing a collar, it is recommended to wash the animal with Bars shampoo.

After sanitization with any preparation from the Bars line against fleas for dogs and cats, be sure to wash your hands well using detergent. The drug, though not toxic to humans, is quite capable of causing irritation and allergy.

The active drug substance (fipronil) in the collar gradually enters the skin of the animal, causing a long-lasting insecticidal effect on the fleas. The collar also protects against parasites of other species: hairy hair, lice, ticks, it can be used for cheilioses.

Before you put on an animal collar or apply any flea medicine from the Bars line, you should carefully read the instructions and contraindications.

Often, in addition to droplets and a collar, another means is used to kill fleas — flea bars spray. Reviews of the owners confirm the effectiveness of its use. Spray also helps in the fight against ticks, and it is better to apply it outdoors.

When applying a spray, you need to put a muzzle on the dog to prevent the drug from licking. During spraying, the bottle is kept strictly vertically at a distance of about 30 cm from the animal’s hair, and the product is applied evenly on the coat and on the skin (when applying the coat, it is advisable to be spread with your fingers).

During processing, your pet closes its eyes and ears to prevent the ingress of aerosol.

Additional processing should be subjected to bedding and beds, on which the animal usually rests (flea larvae often develop there), after which they should be washed well with detergents.

According to the instructions, after sanitization, it is not recommended to let the animal close to children and iron for 2 days.

There are several types of flea spray suitable for dogs and cats of different ages, so you should definitely check with the store which animal the drug is for.

Since the Bars spray for fleas contains insecticides, it should be stored in industrial packaging away from children and food.

Price drops from flea leopard

For flea leopard drops today, the price is relatively low and quite accessible to every pet owner: the drug can be bought at 40-60 rubles for one pipette.

You should not order many pipettes at once with the expectation of repeated processing of the animal. Perhaps the pet drops do not fit, and, perhaps, repeated treatments will not be necessary. It is worth buying several pipettes only when the tool has already been tested, and you are sure that you will need to use it repeatedly.

“My cat, the Marquis, lives in the apartment all the time, but recently she accidentally jumped out into the porch and walked there half a day while we were at work. Since there are many cats in our house, she has quite a lot of fleas. Since I work in a budget organization, I can’t buy expensive veterinary drugs. But the price of the drug for fleas Bars is quite accessible to me. I read the instructions, did everything as it was written there. Dribble on withers necessary amount. Of course, at first, the smell did not please me or my Marquis, but we survived it and after a certain time it disappeared. In general, Barsik from fleas helped us a lot, fleas are gone.

Useful video: comparing the effectiveness of different types of flea products

How to treat an animal with flea drops

Drops from fleas for dogs can be considered the most versatile remedy for skin parasites. They combine the virtues of most other n.

In order to choose the best and most effective flea remedy for a dog or cat, one must clearly understand the conditions in which this remedy is.

Funds from fleas for dogs today are so numerous that an inexperienced dog breeder can run up to the parasites, it costs him so much.

Special smoke bomb from Samuro fleas, odorless, 50 g

Dr Klaus powerful high-speed flea medicine, 600 ml

Your phone has been sent.

Soon we will call you back.

I like drops most of all – conveniently and seamlessly. And so in the article everything is detailed and accessible. They used to have permethrin in their composition, but now fipronil, it is newer and safer.

Did your pets have any fatigue after these drops?

My kitten had!

Terrible drops! I regret not having read the reviews before. The cat has become inadequate and frothy from the mouth. They were terribly frightened and washed away all this, I hope that everything will be fine!

Affordable and effective means – after the first application the result is noticeable. It was used on adult cats, including for the treatment of ear parasites.

How much do they cost?

70 rubles pipette

Good and affordable tool. The result is noticeable after the first application. Applied to a young cat. I like it.

People, do not praise this drug. I also caused it to the cat, it seemed to have passed by, but the kitten has been lying for a day, not eating, meowing, if I touch him, I have a feeling that everything inside him hurts. And tomorrow, I will probably carry it to the vet. I did everything according to the instructions, I bought the drops in the vet pharmacy, the veterinarian advised them, and now she’s torturing her conscience, almost killing the kitten with her own hands. Yesterday I was running, jumping, and today …

Lena, the instructions clearly say: Do not use for pregnant and lactating animals. In order to avoid poisoning babies.

Tell me, please, if a cat smears drops of a leopard on a cat, and he is trying to lick off, what will happen?

Give milk to drink or inject him with a syringe.

I do not know, maybe I buy some fake, but there is no effect from these drops, either immediately or later. I apply strictly according to the instructions.

In Georgia, they also sell Bars, and many have noticed that there is no effect. And I noticed. On the second day there were also fleas in the cat, and everyone says it. Maybe this is a fake, and maybe the drug is no good — I don’t know.

It’s true, my cat began to itch worse.

I have been keeping cats for a long time. From fleas helps only leopard. I take the drops in the pipette. Not fake – they should smell when applied. Well, I look at the expiration date on the pipette – it is squeezed out. It is necessary to apply on the SKIN at the base of the neck or between the shoulder blades (there are places inaccessible for licking the tongue). The dose must be observed, too, depending on the weight of the cat, kitten, otherwise poison. Then the instructions say – no more than 1 time per month. It is impossible for pregnant and lactating cats to drip.

My cat also had fleas, maybe a fake, although the smell was hoo.

I want to ask the veterinarian a question about the different lines of Leopard drops. That is the difference between ear drops Leopard from Leopard drops on withers? Or is it the same thing? I want to use this tool, but I am afraid that it will harm my pet, my dog.

Bars is an excellent drug, effective and, moreover, inexpensive. And it’s great that there is a special Bars Forte for kittens. When we picked up our Chernushka, there was almost no living place on it – fleas were infested ((Leopard saved. Now periodic processing is enough to not get infected again.

Attention to cat owners. Permethrin is dangerous for cats! The use of anti-flea drops on the withers (spot-on) based on the permethrin group often leads to poisoning.

Permetrins and pyrethroids are widely used insecticides that are safe for some species of animals, but not cats! Cats are more sensitive to permethrin and pyrethroids than other animals. It is connected with the features of the metabolism of the substance in the liver of cats. In particular, this refers to the deficiency of the liver enzyme – glucoronosyltransferase, which leads to the inability to destroy permethrin. And this makes cats more susceptible to poisoning.

Many manufactured products – shampoos, drops on withers (spot-on), drops in the ears – contain permethrin. Such drugs are quite common in veterinary clinics, vet pharmacies and pet stores.

Symptoms of permethrin poisoning: cat poisoning is possible even when exposed to low concentrations of permethrin, which can lead to serious organic disturbances and mortality (death) of the animal. Symptoms of permethrin poisoning can occur within a few hours, but in some cases can occur from one to three days. Common signs of poisoning include muscle tremors, convulsions, hypersalivation, pupil dilation, impaired coordination, fever, anisocoria and

Unfortunately, many cases of permethrin poisoning lead to the death of cats (approximately 10-40% of cases of poisoning).

How is permethrin poisoning in cats? Unfortunately, concentrated permethrin preparations are often inexpensive and widely available. Problems usually arise when the owners buy these drugs in pet stores or vet drugstores without explaining how to use them safely. Often, the owners do not understand that these products can lead to serious poisoning of cats, even death. Occasionally, owners use cat drops on their withers intended for dogs and do not assume that this action can lead to poisoning of cats.

In another case, the poisoning of cats is caused when the dog is treated with drugs (containing permethrin), and the cat sleeps next to the dog, presses against the dog, or licks the dog. It is recommended when routinely treating a dog from ectoparasites with preparations containing permethrin, to isolate the cat from the dog for 72 hours.

If there is a suspicion that the cat could be poisoned, it is very important to contact a veterinarian as soon as possible. Since cats use permethrin-containing preparations on the skin, it is necessary to immediately wash the cat thoroughly with warm water and mild washing agents. The goal is to remove as much of the drug as possible from the skin and to stop further absorption of the drug into the skin.

Prognosis: Most poisoned cats survive, but this depends on the severity of the poisoning. In 10-40% of cases – the cats died or were euthanized (due to the severity of the poisoning and the developed complications).

Googling permethrin poisoning … And also that the Leopard manufacturers have quietly replaced fipronil with cheap Chinese permethrin. Now I sit and panic – whether the cat will live till the morning. No more words …

So, manufacturers are so stupid – giving poison to cats, this is the first thing that comes to mind when you drip, Are manufacturers so stupid?

My cat immediately became inadequate, vomits and saliva from the mouth, and her cramps are small, horrified …

Thank! Only late did I read you. What ruthless these manufacturers sell poison and still write that it is safe.

I use these drops for a long time. I have two adult cats. But in the last two applications, there is no result at all; the fleas have been and still are. Apply about once every three months. And before helping …

Drops Bars years 5 and use for cats, and for the dog. No fleas, no ticks. But I will definitely spray all bedding in parallel.

And how do you spray litter?

You did not use dog drops for cats?

Against the background of the application of drops, my cat’s paws failed after a day. And why should I pick it up – do not describe! Be careful!

What did you do when the cat’s paws failed? Mine cannot walk either. The drops, of course, helped, the fleas disappeared.

They smeared a cat and a cat with drops of Leopard, the cat has a terrible intoxication: the drool flows in a stream and does not rise almost, and the cat crouches into a corner and is in such a depressed state that it is impossible to convey, plus it still quietly squeals. Be very careful, this is a poisonous drug! I won’t risk it anymore.

Tell me, please, how did you cure him after intoxication? I have the same problem &# 128577; The kitten is very small, the second day does not eat, sleeps, staggers him, and vomited yesterday.

Take to the vet urgently, my cat died, there were the same symptoms (

Same. Smeared puppy drops, 6 months. And he has severe intoxication. Lost a dog. I do not advise anyone these drops. No one.

This morning I have processed my dog, but by the evening I have already washed it away – after the dog began to behave inadequately (became somewhat intimidated), she constantly pulled me into the bath. Probably, it burned heavily. I will not put this leopard to my dog ​​anymore!

Before using the drops, the leopard washed the dog, will the drug work?

Just yesterday, I bought flea drops from a pharmacy for a cat of this brand … Not in one place … A cat of more than 3 kg, used a full pipette, no effect, as they ran around herds and continue to run.

Is it possible to use the leopard for a person against lice?

No, of course … Against lice tar soap, grease and in the pharmacy a human ask – what they have.

By the way, soap against fleas for animals helped from pubic lice.

Drops the Leopard for cats is the most effective and available means. After digging up – yes, the first few hours of the cat were itching terribly, but then grace was both to the cat and me. FLEARS DIED OUT!

I do not advise to use these drops, my kitten does not eat, does not drink and does not move because of these drops.

I bought a drop for a 3 month old kitten. Dribbled, at first there was no result, then they started biting her, she began to itch, lick, in general, behaved very restlessly! But then grace came …)) Drops are used by my family not for the first year, both to dogs and cats, and I will say that we are very pleased with the result!

A drop of leopard for cats about four hours ago, a cat is 5 months old. Behaves inadequately, all licks and rushes around the house, stops only to hold the tongue on the fur, and it feels like she is going to be sick. It became scary, because before that, other cats were dripping and nothing, and Baska is really bad somehow. Hope to pass.

I do not know what to say for sure about these drops. The one who is pleased recommended them to us, the result is good. But I have no effect on the animal from them, maybe not immediately. The veterinarian wore, sleeps and sluggish, but the doctor does not associate these side effects with drops, although this is the reason.

And what are you doing upholstered furniture, if ticks and fleas are bred in animals?

My cocker puppy is almost a year old. Has put drops 8 hours ago. The dog feels fine and has finally stopped scratching. I will look at how long the drops will last.

Leopard – good drops, we were saved more than once. Effective tool and inexpensive. The main thing is to follow the instructions.

I bought such droplets for my kitty and oh my God, what was going on … Worn around the house like mad, yelling, itchy and licking. In place is not sitting o_O

Yesterday, I smeared the cat, the effect is zero. Itching, and itching.

Dog 2 years. Treated drops Bars. The dog is very bad, does not eat and sleeps for a long time. Do not get to the doctor, too far. We do not know what to do.

She dribbled drops at lunch, after a few hours she began to itch terribly, she could neither sit nor lie. Probably bite. See what happens next.

The dog continues to itch

For the second time they smeared the cat with drops of Bars. All as per instructions for animals 2-3 kg. The effect is the same – severe intoxication. He does not eat anything, is very passive, sleeps all the time, does not make contact (although usually a very tame and affectionate animal), climbs under the bathroom and does not sit. The first time they were treated, they didn’t think that it was such an effect from this drug. But two times – hardly a coincidence? Maybe it helps from fleas, but we did not notice a special result. We will not use these drops anymore. I do not recommend.

In the end, I do not understand, after 48 hours the animal should be bathed or not? And another problem: the cat weighs up to 1 kg, and a whole pipette is dropped, what should I do? And three days before that, they bathed in a shampoo against parasites, but it didn’t help much.

In the summer at the cottage, the cat managed to catch the lice. I understood this after she began to comb certain places, and her general appearance was unhealthy. Upon arrival in the city, the first thing I did was go to a veterinary clinic, they confirmed my guesses about lice and discharged Bars Forte drops. The tool helped very quickly. After one day, all the symptoms disappeared, and the healthy appearance returned to the cat.

I do not like cats, but what to do – gave the child a day of preservation. Prior to that, we lived that toy terrier and all the time used the company Leopard. Yesterday I smeared a cat with drops, waiting for the result. And about the fact that some people write negative reviews, I can say that it is 50/50, someone has helped, someone does not. Animals are like people, they may suffer from allergies, or simply intolerance of some component. In human tablets, instructions generally have more side effects than positive ones. I think the animals have the same situation, just need to find what is most suitable for the pet.

Domestic cat managed to catch fleas. Scratched the whole chin before the sores. In the evening I dripped a drop of Leopard Forte on her neck. But the next day, the cat began to fuck up even more. I did not understand whether the treatment process was going, or it did not help. Watching the cat further. Maybe, who knows, how much time must pass to a positive result?

My cat is 12 years old. Never been outside. And then he ran out and ran into the basement with a fright, and froze there. While I rescued him from there, he caught fleas, but so much – just horror. I ran after the drops of BARS and dripped on withers. Cat tormented all night. Hell without end, in my opinion, did not sleep for a minute, so it was a pity to look at him. And only by noon the next day calmed down. I think it still helped the drops. Happiness, that there is such a tool.

For the first time in 12 years of her feline home life, the baby has somehow managed to pick up fleas in some mysterious way, it’s not at all clear how. Today, Leopard was put on withers, 5 hours have passed, the nervous one has become, it does not want to get off its hands at all. Itches and washes constantly, and all this is on me ((I want to believe that the drops will help us. While the results are not visible.

I thought it was just me. And the truth, climbs into the hands, itches. I will wait for the result …

The dog continues to itch

My cat has the same thing, during the day the leopard has applied the remedy, and in the evening it began to drive like an abnormal one, and itching and licking constantly. As a volunteer told me, from whom, I took the cat, that the action drops for three days, after three days everything will pass. For the prevention I will use these drops.

Better not try. The strongest negative side effects, especially if the animal susceptibility to the means of this kind.

Well, why read the reviews after the application? At home, an adult cat, took a kitten from the street, 4 months. Nakapala both. Three days passed – the kitten is fine (despite the fact that she was taking it with exhaustion), and the cat … 2 days sick, look crazy, behaves strangely, stopped talking, puffed up, inadequate, climbs under the bath, there is, apparently, wants but can not, do not drink. It was clear that intoxication, but for some reason did not associate it with “good droplets.” But at about the same time, I also had problems with the stool and not passing, unusual taste in the mouth. And I have a habit of biting the cat by the ears. Well, actually, it was 1 + 1, and according to reviews here – the picture is the same. So … be careful, hard to see your favorite animal in this state.

Choose your other ears already! ))

And, yes, fleas are smaller. Immediately after the application, apparently, they rode very merrily,

I use Bars Forte because it smells less and its effectiveness is greater. Its main difference from the simple Leopard is that it has a growth regulator of insects, which does not allow them to breed and kills them at all stages of development. Great thing in my opinion.

A week ago, she treated the kitten with drops. The kitten is normal, fleas, however, also (still live, live and say hello to the producers of drops).

Try to poison it with a natural remedy, it’s a pity to torment you with filth. Our cat got sick and in addition fleas appeared. Poisoned and delicate means, but he was bad. I bought a special shampoo – improved fleece and flew away, and for a long time. More vitamins for wool are safe. I have a cat with a rather sensitive digestion.

Good day to all dog lovers! Drops “Leopard” use the third season. Everything suited us. The dog felt good. Since last season, one dropper remained. Two days ago, its contents were put on the dog by the instructions. After 1.5 – 2 hours, I forgot that I had applied the drug and stroked the dog, and the dog, out of habit, licked my hand with which I stroked it. Less than a day later, the dog had loose stools every time, and today he spit up saliva and bile a couple of times. This is me to the fact that, most likely, one way or another, the drug gets on the mucous membrane, and then into the blood. Of course, there is a certain percentage of animals with individual intolerance. Maybe depends on the manufacturer. I did not pay attention before, but now I will be tracking. This year we have already bought the production of Sergiev Posad, Moscow time. region

We have a very bad experience with the use of Leopard drops. They inflicted a 6-month-old cat, at first everything was fine, but after a day and a half, the cat suddenly started having severe convulsions, he almost choked. Immediately they grabbed the cat and went to the vet – true, and with the choice of a vet not lucky (this is another story) – he pricked anticonvulsant and antihistamines and advised him to feed the animal with a polysorb and just wait. True, what – is not clear. They came to a normal specialist after the cat became worse, the heat and breathing began and the convulsions became more frequent. As a result, our cat in the correct clinic was given a bunch of drugs and removed this dangerous condition of poisoning. Was spent a lot of nerves, money and time. Doesn’t the manufacturer need to warn the consumer about possible consequences ?! I do not advise anyone to buy these products and not save on really safe means for their pets!

People, tell me, if the drops overwinter at minus temperatures, are they no longer suitable? If they are still inflicted on the dog, will there be any harm to it?

Our domestic cat is a little over a year old and has black patches on its chin. Everything would be fine, but the cat is sleeping with the child, and we decided to take it to the vet. They said that fleas, rewrote drops from fleas Bars. It took 10 days, and the effect is zero. I called the vet and she suggested that it could be acne &# 128578; I think that the drug does not work.

And we wore a leopard collar to the cat, by the evening the cat became lethargic, refused to eat. They took off the collar – everything went away. And we make drops – one pipette on two cats and a dog. The dog was given a full dose once, itched for a month.

I, too, dripped drops of leopard. For the third day can not walk. He walks only very hard.

To the 4-month-old bulldog, these drops began to appear pustules on the belly, the entire stomach was sprinkled, the hair along the vertebra where the drops were falling, reared, changed structure and color, bald patches appeared all over the body … HORROR.

My pet almost died from this drug. First, the heartbeat increased, then cramps began, everything ended already. Fortunately, in Vita a young vet rescued, gave two injections for the heart and a strong anti-allergy. So not all this drug is suitable.

Do not let lick drops. Wear protective collars for cats for a day – and everything will be fine. A drop must be bought in veterinary pharmacies, and not anywhere.

My favorite (2 years old dog) also gave a little oak to Barca. He pricked a strong antiallergenic and some other heart prick, then it was only oklemal, but began to limp on his hind paw.

Bad drug leopard. She smeared three cats at once. All itching. And two weeks have passed – the fleas were as they were. Nonsense. And I was warned …

Very worried … Kitten 2 months, took him from the street with fleas, advised BARS forte for kittens. Processed as written – along the spine! Here, no one writes about the spine. Basia became sluggish, immediately fell asleep. I woke up with scabies and licks my back, as far as it gets. Allergies are definitely there! Now I’m afraid of poisoning …

Some kind of horror, the cat dripped less than the instructions say, it all itches and runs like an abnormal one. She tried to wash off, she still continues. I do not know how it will end, I do not advise to apply.

I have a cat for 1 year and a cat for half a year, the cat has never had a flea, although both are walking on the street, and the cat has been. Grass poisoned 3 months ago, leopard, bought at the pet store, everything went well and the fleas disappeared. And now they appeared again, bought the same drops, but this time in a regular pharmacy. The second day the cat neither eats nor drinks and vilifies, now it is still breathing, but it does not stir at all, it is clear that it will not survive. It is a pity to lose the cat, there is no opportunity to take the doctor to the doctor.

And how long the fleas will be on the cat after the drops?

I have been using Bars drops for several years. Very effective. Fleas disappear quickly. But a couple of times I bought a fake – there was no effect at all. Cats tolerate the drug. From my observations: if a cat is bad with drops, then the first is that it is fake, the cat must be immediately bathed in order to wash off the drops, and give activated charcoal, usually 1 tablet. Secondly, this drug is not suitable for a cat. The actions are the same: bathe, give activated charcoal. And contact the competent veterinarian.

Used the tool Leopard for puppies and later for an adult dog, there were no problems. Bought a kitten, the British chinchilla – anaphylactic shock.

Tell me, please, is there a Leopard in Ukraine? I bought the drug Barsik, they said it was the same. The answer is needed very urgently!

As it is good that I read this topic … I bought 1 pipette of BARS drops, but the saleswoman immediately put out the instructions for use to them – they say she will need it later in the sale of the remaining capsules. Now I understand the true reason – I would read about the side effects of this “medicine” in the pharmacy, any desire to take risks would immediately disappear. NOW THIS IS THE “MIRACLE MEANS” IS GOING TO THE BASKET FOR GARBAGE, because for me, it’s better to let them nibble them for a couple of days than to regret the consequences of using the “miracle remedy”!

How long do I have to wait for the cat to start licking itself at last? And then he yells, and we do not let him out of his hands.

How long will it take to act? I skipped it last night, and in the morning it itches all as I don’t know who. I see dead fleas on the wool, but partly everyone else runs through it.

We live in a private house. Kitten 3.5 months. Dribble behind the ears and on the withers, so as not to lick. After 5 minutes, she began to run like a mad woman, rolling around in the sand and earth, everything was dirty, itching, licking. But nothing runs and plays, as usual. Hopefully drops will help.

Well I do not know. I have a Pekingese prone to allergies. Every summer we suffer from fleas. I tried on a poor animal a bunch of all sorts of drugs, and eventually returned to the Leopard. A couple of days will scratch until the drops work, and then we don’t know grief for at least a month. I think it is just individual intolerance and the quality of the drug has nothing to do with it.

We first bathed the cat in a flea shampoo, because there were so many fleas! Just darkness! Part of the flea was washed off while bathing. Then they waited 5-7 days (because it is impossible to apply the remedies for fleas to the clean skin) and dripped with Bars for cats in the dosage according to the instructions. It was dripping on the neck at several points in its upper part, because the cat is very fidgety and reaches far when licking. The drug helped us, the fleas were gone for a long time, then they reappeared – most likely due to a change of residence. We continue to use it periodically, but for a month of action it is enough for sure

I have been using drops for 6 years (I have a dog) on ​​the recommendation of a veterinarian. I process every 2 weeks + collar (albeit from another company) and spray in the season of tick activity. No complaints. However, according to the doctor, there are now a lot of fakes, so it must be taken in proven stores.

Has put (to a sheep-dog two years) the Leopard from fleas and ticks. The dog is running around, is that how it should be?

The dog continues to itch

Our cat, after the drops of Leopard, began to scratch her head endlessly, then one ear scratches, then immediately the other. One flea got out on the nose and disappeared again, and the other jumped into my hand, then on the floor.

How much should fleas disappear through? Or do they just run away? Day passed, the cat itches with a vengeance.

Normal remedy. Neither the dogs nor the cat had any side effects. The main thing is not to let the wool lick for 30 minutes, and if the owner has time, then an hour. Play with the animal to distract. When you apply a preparation on an animal, insects begin to run actively (felled), hence the anxiety.

Very good tool. Not the first year we use fleas for dogs and cats. Also good for lice for people – just pshikaete on his head, slightly rubbing, and contaminated things. For people any leopard fits.

And how many drops to drip on a young cat?

If anyone is afraid to use these drops – you can try a simple way, especially for kittens (read). One kilogram of ordinary table salt is dissolved in warm water, then it all dissolves in another 10 liters of water. And bathe the kitten in the solution for 5-7 minutes. Fleas go away. Try it …

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