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My dear readers, welcome to the site House Family and I. Today I want to offer you congratulatory lines on March 8 for the most dear person in the world on behalf of the daughter and the son. This will be a collection of wonderful long and short, funny and touching poems by various authors. In addition, I also want to make a small contribution to the congratulations on the holiday of Spring and to offer my poems for our earthly Angels.

Read and choose, I’m sure, each of them will touch the strings of the mother’s soul, because there is so much love in them, and love is a warm and tender blanket in the cold cold.

Poems on March 8 mom from daughter

Daughters are always like their mothers, so they know what words to give them on March 8. I just offer my selection of congratulations, and you already choose the words that touch you, which means they will surely touch the heart of the person you are from.

Sunny Spring Festival

Sweet, caring, gentle and affectionate mother I send congratulations on the sunny spring holiday. Let all your mountains of desires be fulfilled, Of course, we can also fulfill some of them. Let the good mood be familiar, Strong – health, successful – weekdays, Your feast feminine bright and unusual, Full of smiles, warmth, kindness and love.

Congratulations on March 8

Congratulations to my mother on March 8 from the heart today I want to give. From her warmth, even in the winter is hot, And any matter for my mother is on the shoulder. I love, I will tell you, I cherish you, I will kiss my mother’s hands dear, For kindness, for tenderness, for your love Mom dear, I thank, For your care, for your excitement For my pleasant childhood moments. You are my advisor, you are my friend, I can’t find a better friend in this world.

International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day Again draws a calendar, Your lilac has not yet blossomed, but sorry. And I give you tulips, Bouquet for your beloved mother. A bunch of joy and laughter, Well-being and success. May he never fade, Let him last for a year. Let it be the bright road Surprises good will be many. Sveti, as the sun is radiant, With you we are warm and clean, With you delicious and cozy, With you any time is morning.

My mother

Let the sun shine for you, In my heart flowers bloom. Let always come true cherished dreams.

Shine your smile And be happy yourself. Happy International Women’s Day, My dear mother!

The best friend

Go around the whole world around, Just know in advance: You will not find warmer hands And gentler than my mother’s. You will not find in the world affectionate and stricter eyes. Mom to each of us All people are more expensive. A hundred ways, the roads around Go around the world: Mom – the best friend, Better mom – no!

There is no such flower in the world

There is no flower in the world, With which I would compare you. You are so airy and light, You are a woman’s weakness and strength!

On a wonderful holiday of beauty And the awakening of nature You have become even sweeter And years have no power over you!

Mom, the ice will melt again And the snow from the face of the earth will disappear, The Soul will feel the flight And it will be revived with a bright song!

Poems on March 8 mom from son

Mom cherish all sons and daughters. For her heart, their warm words of love and appreciation are most dear. Congratulate your mothers with a wonderful holiday on March 8 and give them these poems, they sound on behalf of her son.

Life is granted to us by mom, We too are brought up by her, The kindest and most tender herself, And there is no her nearer, dearer. Everything in the world on mom keeps, I firmly believe that the Earth without a mother does not turn And the house without a mother is not a house. Live happily ever after, Warm us with your warmth. And we say: “thank you”, All those who are at this table.

On the day of March 8

Sweet mother on the day of March 8 I send greetings from the heart. Be always the same bright, bright And do not rush to count wrinkles. I know mom to be very difficult, Weekends and holidays do not give. If the house is, as I am a teenager, It is far from easy work. Whether you are always healthy, mother, Cheerful, cheerful – always. The best and most beautiful, Rest at least sometimes.

Mother’s warm

Every year we grow up, Everything changes around, Only mom is not nicer To children of any age.

I do not want to count the year, I, These thoughts are driving away … You, like a young one before You remain for me.

Those minutes that you are near, So light and so light … For children there is no better treasure – It’s mother’s warm.

Your word warms your heart, Neither hail nor thunder are terrible … Only mothers are no kinder to any children of any age.

We love you my dear, You are very dear to us. From the excitement the poetic line dies.

You are always ready to help, Without you we are nowhere … Mom, Mommy is healthy Be for many years!

Tell me why Mom is so smart, But our dad is working pretty hard in the morning?

Everything suddenly turned upside down: Mom is resting, And on Dad – the kitchen, the house. How does he manage?

They know even in kindergarten: On March 8, the Strong floor only once a year Wears an apron.

The best song to wake up

Mom our dear Let’s boldly wish: Rest more than once a year, And so, so tired.

On the feast of March and spring

Since childhood, tenderness warmed, Caress your hands, warmth, I was warmed by care, I, the family, And our whole house.

You have always been a defense, Hearth, of your children, And with a smile not covered, All are more desirable and kin.

For you, dear mother, On the holiday of March and spring, All the flowers of the globe, And in reality all dreams.

Children’s poems on March 8. Short and long

It is always touching and funny when kids read poems, try, worry. In these moments, everyone is crying with emotion. For kids who can easily master long poems, I offer this selection, but I also did not forget about the smallest ones – for them are short greetings.

On the windowsill in the winter My green garden is growing. Already strengthened stalk, Let new sprouts, And on geranium – two leaves. Let it not bloom yet, But with a bright red light It will light up later.

Spring is on the window-sill … I will take one flower from the window, Transferred to my mother’s table, To bloom there for my mother.

Mom’s desk is always in order, Mom’s books stand there, School notebooks lie there – Works of little guys.

I’m waiting for my mother. Comes home, And on the table – my gift.

I’ll put a flower in the sun, Come to the table with my mother, I will congratulate my mother on the holiday – Happy International Women’s Day!

Quickly moving needle From stitch to stitch. By the Eighth of March, I am embroidering the rooster with silk …

Spread my cock wings, Raised his head up. I will soon close the door, So that he did not escape to the courtyard.

– You do not move, prankster! – Cock, I say. – Tomorrow I will give you for the holiday to our mother.

Snowflake I caught in the garden. Snowflake – a white star – I will take a gift to my mother.

I entered the house – and there is no star … And only a drop of water I brought in my mother’s palm.

March 8

The eighth of March, the holiday of moms, Tuk-tuk! – knocks on the door to us. He only comes to the house, Where help mom. We’ll sweep the floor for mom, We’ll cover ourselves on the table. We will cook dinner for her, We will sing and dance with her. We paint her portrait As a gift draw. – They do not recognize! Wow! Here mom will tell people. And we always, And we always, We always will be like this!

For cute mom

We know everything that we are Not always obedient. But for a sweet mother Do not be boring.

March, and the sun shines brightly! I sincerely wish: Be the happiest of all in the world, My dear mom!

Draw summer

Happy spring outside the window Not streams, and cold. I say: “I absolutely need an album. I’ll take pencils Different in color And for my mom I’ll draw summer! ”

Mother’s holiday

I did not cry all day, I did not tease the dog. I didn’t drag a kitten, I’m not a prankster: This is my mother’s holiday.

Children’s poems about mom on March 8

Wonderful children’s poems, they do not contain greetings for the Eighth of March, but they are filled with such love, tenderness and warmth that it is better to invent and impossible.

Mom as the sun

How is our mommy smiling? Like the sun in the sky! ”Masha exclaimed. And the sun glows In the sky now, Like a mom, When she looks at us. So that mom, like the sun, smiled at us, so that mom always stayed young, so that happiness shone from my mother’s eyes, a little bit, guys, it depends on us.

The best song to wake up

As it happens – I do not understand myself! What the sun in the sky – That mom in the house.

Behind the clouds the sun Will suddenly disappear, – Everything will become empty And sad around.

Leaves even for a while My mom – So sad I will do it.

From the cloud the sun Comes out again, And everything starts to shine wonderfully.

My dear will return home – And again I will become merry. I play, I laugh, I tumble, I sing … I love my dear Dove!

Who opened this world to me

Who opened this world to me, Sparing no effort? And always guarded? The best in the world MOM.

Who is the nicest in the world? And warm your warm? Loves more than himself? This is my mommy.

She reads books in the evening And always understands everything, Even if I am stubborn, I know that my mother loves me.

Never lose heart, What I need to know for sure. If, suddenly, a drama happens, Who will support it? My mom.

I walk along the path, But my legs are tired. Jump over the pit Who will help? I know – MOM.


Mom loves and regrets. Mom understands. Mommy can do everything, Everything in the world knows! – Why bite wasps? I ask directly. And all my questions Mom answers. Tell me where the snow comes from the sky in winter. Why is a loaf of bread made from flour baked? Why does a dog bark? What is a dream in a dream? Why does an icicle melt And eyelashes tremble? Why is there a cloud in the sky, And is there a lawn in the forest? I AM a PIGPER, AND SHE IS A KNOWLEDGE!

Multicolored handwriting

I have a multi-colored gift. I gave it to my mother. I tried, painted with four karabandas. But at first I turned to red Too hard to press, And then, behind a red light, violet broke, and then blue broke, and orange broke … It looks beautiful, because it is mom!

I love my mother

Mom brings me Toys, sweets, But I love my mom. Not at all for that. Merry songs She sings, We are bored together Never happens. I tell her all my secrets. But I love my mother Not only for this. I love my mother, I’ll tell you straight, Well, just for the fact that she is my mother!

Touching poems on March 8

A small selection of touching poems to tears, they will be very useful on March 8, choose and give your love, gratitude and tenderness with them.

Best mom

Such things happen: a dog bark, A dogrose prick, a nettle sting … And at night a huge pit dreams, Fell, falling, cry out: “MOM!” And mom will appear next to me, And all that frightened, will pass away, Lag behind, sores disappear, And the first bitter tears will dry up … What a lucky — I think, – What is the best MOM MY!

I love you

Mom, very, very, I love you! So love that night In the dark, I do not sleep. Peering into the darkness, Dawn hurry, Mom, all the time I love you. That dawn shines, It’s dawn. No one in the world Better no mom!

For passers-by …

For the passers-by, you are just a passer-by, Just a middle-aged woman, Looking like a landscape that flashed across, Without any special signs.

In a dress of mass production (Stitched like it is for you), With a bag (a bag is called a string bag, They are full in all stores).

Turn … sidewalk curb … Theater Square … bridges … You’re coming – I’m watching anxiously For you from Moscow.

Someone (you don’t need much skill) Can push you with your elbow, Someone can look at you in your conceit Top down.

Or someone is not too polite Maybe a word hurt, boorish. Though posters everywhere post: “People! This is my mother! ”

Sometimes we forget mom

Everything that happens to us, Strangely enough, we divide in half If joy is celebrated with friends, And with trouble we come to mothers. Are busy with work and affairs, Day after day in a stream of fuss. We do not often think about mom, too rarely give her flowers. And we carry our illnesses to mother, And we go to divide offenses to her. And we draw wrinkles to her, Forgetting forgiveness to ask. We so seldom embrace mother, We have forgotten how to kiss mother. Sometimes we forget to call, And write a letter to my mother. Well, mom still loves us, Whatever happens, will not betray. Forgive everything, resentment forgets everything, Hand, soul, heart – will give everything. When are you leaving your mom, Warming up with her love. Do not forget to say – forgive me for all my dear! And please wait a little longer!

Dear friends, it seemed to me that my post would not be complete if I did not offer you the song of Svetlana Lazareva, “The God-Molod”. Listening many years ago, I did not perceive it as it is now – touching to tears.

I wish you all happiness, Natalia Murga

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Thank you, Natasha, very touching poems for all ages. And the song takes it so much for the soul that as much as a murazh … I always remember that poem that my son once composed for me, such a declaration of love …

Olya, and here I, unfortunately, do not remember. I keep it on March 8, but I do not remember the poems.

Just thank you so much for the selection, everything is at hand! It remains to choose the closest to the heart of the verse!

Please, I’m glad you enjoyed my selection.

What wonderful poems! Gentle, touching. Video for the soul takes, I immediately remembered my childhood. Thank you, Natasha!

Please, Evgenia, I installed the video when I listened, the tears just rolled.

Very good poems for the most important person in life!

Yes, mom is the most – the most human in the world.

A wonderful collection of poems, there is plenty to choose from. The holiday is not far off, it’s time to learn the words.

Yes, yes, Alexander, it’s time to learn.

Natalia, a wonderful selection. Glance to me. I also posted my poems by March 8.

Natalia, I will definitely come.

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