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My subscribers very often ask me questions about bowel cleansing. I have been answering such questions for a long time, that I myself am now in search of reliable information. I really did not want to experiment with my health (and even more so – to give unreasonable advice), so I was looking for a trustworthy guide for restoring and cleansing the intestines.

The best products for detoxification

It seems my search has finally been crowned with success and I found a book on restoring intestinal health from a doctor of functional medicine who practices a holistic approach. What is important is that the manual is available in Russian (I know that many people do not like it when I recommend books in English).

I will not hide and express my honest opinion. Like all books written by American doctors, the book “Healthy Intestines” by Alejandro Jüger was written not without a share of self-advertisement. Dr. Jünger has an online store where you can buy a complete set of supplements for the program. It is understood that the reader, having read the book, will go to the site and purchase a set.

Of course, a thoughtful reader will find in this book a lot of useful information and will be able to complete the program completely independently. By the way, all nutritional supplements for the Healthy Intestine program can be purchased at the iHerb online store 2-3 times cheaper than the author’s.

Where to buy nutritional supplements for the program “Healthy intestines” http: //

It is also worth remembering that every more or less successful doctor in the United States is a commercial project, this is a business, this is big money.

Therefore, when I read books written by Americans, I read through the lens of healthy skepticism. I pay attention not only to the content and style of presentation, but also to the personality of the author, his life story – which led him into medicine, why he chose the way he came to what he has. It is extremely interesting to do similar research. Sometimes it becomes clear whether the author really knows what he is writing in his book, whether it’s his ideas or others’s, whether he can be trusted and whether he doesn’t necessarily bear anti-scientific nonsense (there is Gennady Malakhov everywhere).

What did I like about Dr. Jünger and his Healthy Intestinal program, and why do I find this guide credible?

First of all, This is a personal story of Dr. Alejandro Jünger. A young man, a successful cardiologist in New York – why would he suddenly write books about intestinal health? The fact is that after six years of grueling work as the head of the cardio-resuscitation department, where he daily and nightly saved someone’s lives, Dr. Jünger himself faced health problems (I’m not going to detail here which ones, but believe me, with considerable ones) .

Dr. Alejandro Jünger, author of the Healthy Intestines program

Naturally, Dr. Jünger turned to his colleagues for help. Alas, even if you are a first-class doctor yourself and you have a lot of connections and acquaintances with the best specialists in New York, this does not mean that all your problems will be solved. Dr. Jünger went to three doctors who prescribed seven medications for him to treat three different diagnoses: severe allergies, mucous colitis, and depression. To be able to live normally, he would have to drink pills for the rest of his life, which only muffled the unpleasant symptoms.

Now I have become a cog in a system developed with a focus on tests, medications and surgical intervention, instead of looking at the problem from the outside and trying to find the root cause of the disease before dealing with visible physical symptoms. In addition, I felt trapped in an ineffective medicine that cared more about profits and politics than real help for patients.

So, disillusioned with traditional medicine, Dr. Jünger began his own search for answers, outside the world of hospitals and first-aid posts. He went to India, where he studied at the School of Meditation, then he volunteered there for a year. Upon returning to the States, Dr. Jünger became acquainted with holistic medicine and experienced cleansing and detoxification programs.

I witnessed how, with the help of nutrition alone, you can regain lost health – high spirits, a burst of energy and solving health problems became the most graphic evidence of this, as if my body had taken and rebooted itself from a physical and emotional point of view, and all this without any medication. And all I needed to restore health was just a simple and unambiguous program for natural cleansing of the body and removing toxins from each living cell.

Inspired by the results, Dr. Jünger enrolled in the Institute of Functional Medicine, where he began to establish a connection between ancient traditions and modern science, which was capable of explaining the biological and chemical component of the detoxification process to the smallest detail. So Dr. Jünger found his vocation – he became a functional medicine doctor, practicing a holistic approach to health.

Secondly, I was attracted by the fact that the book “Healthy Intestines” does not simply give recommendations regarding products and supplements, but contains useful information that helps to fully understand and be aware of what you are doing in this program and why you are doing it.

Before you begin to “clean” the intestines, you will first have to become very intelligent and thoroughly examine the structure of the digestive tract, learn how a healthy intestine functions. Then you have to learn more about how the most common chronic diseases associated with disruption of the bowels. I promise you that after reading these chapters, you look at your intestines completely from the other side.

Information is accompanied by illustrations. The first five chapters are devoted to this, four of which can be read in a free passage.

General Review of the Healthy Intestine Program

During the first phase of the Healthy Intestines program, you will be drinking liquid breakfast for twenty-one days and savoring the Healthy Intestine diet for lunch and dinner. At the heart of the program’s diet is digestible food with low sugar content, while excluding any products that contribute to the disruption of the normal functioning of the intestines. You will also take the recommended nutritional supplements and perform special actions aimed at strengthening and consolidating the result.

I cite a short list of products from the book, which should either be eaten or avoided:

The book also has an extended list of products that occupies several pages.

After the end of the bowel recovery process – during the second phase of the program – you will again return some foods to your diet within a week to see which ones prevent your intestines from staying healthy. That is, to identify toxic triggers.

Identifying individual toxic triggers among various foods is a crucial task. If you, having not dealt with the products that are problematic for you, return to your former diet, then you will most likely soon feel uncomfortable again, not understanding its reason.

The goal of this experimental seven-day period is to identify your individual toxic triggers among different foods. If, after the end of the diet program, you simply return to your old diet without understanding the products that are problematic for yourself, then you may soon feel unwell, without understanding the reason for this.

In the process, you will also be able to create your individual nutrition plan that fits perfectly into your lifestyle and will meet all the unique needs of your body.

Nutritional supplements

For some reason, the question of food additives worries my subscribers most of all. The answer is: in the Healthy Intestines program, the approach to nutritional supplements is simple: they help fill the gaps in nutrients that prevent us from achieving our desired health.

Dr. Junger’s program uses multi-strain probiotics, digestive enzymes, magnesium, a complex of B vitamins, a supplement based on berberine and monolaurin.

A complete list of all the nutritional supplements used in the Healthy Intestines program is here.

While a diet that consists solely of the most pure and natural products is the first and most important step towards long-term health, nutritional supplements will help to cope with a possible nutritional deficiency, a possible result of an unhealthy lifestyle and poor intestinal health.

They can also compensate for the current lack of nutrients, including minerals, in most arable lands.

Like a healthy and clean diet, dietary supplements based on key nutrients provide the body with substantial support and promote health for many years to come.

And one more question: “Do I have to drink this all my life?”

There is no strictly limited amount of time for consuming nutritional supplements, unless, of course, you have developed an individual program with your doctor who practices functional medicine. Many people take them on a daily basis for years.

When you try a new food supplement for yourself, the time-tested rule is the following: first, take the supplement separately from others with food or water, depending on the instructions in the instructions for use, and note any reactions of your body. If the course duration was not specified by the manufacturer or the attending physician, then try to regularly take a dietary supplement for three months, then sum up the preliminary results. Do not worry if you miss a day or two. Various holistic theories actually recommend taking breaks in the use of nutritional supplements and taking them in different sequences — drinking for a few weeks, not drinking for one week — so that they are better absorbed by the body.

How often should a healthy bowel program be performed?

My opinion is ideally one time. I’ll explain why. This whole thing with the temporary exception of products (if you strictly follow the program) will lead to the fact that you identify your toxic triggers. You will understand what products are harmful to your health and stop (ideally forever) to use them.

Next, you will learn the basic principles of proper nutrition and the choice of a combination of products for cooking, learn new recipes. You will develop the perfect diet for yourself and follow it throughout your life.

You have an understanding of the psychology of a healthy life and you can deal with your eating habits.

It is understood that you will only go through the initial program once, and for the rest of your life you will use the information received, follow a healthy diet and maintain a healthy intestine.

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