The best prices of essential oils

Perfect for sensitive skin, as well as for weakened hair. It has a local anesthetic effect for aching and pulling pains.

Valuable cosmetic product. Softens and improves skin elasticity, aromatizes, and soothes. Used in cosmetics and in the food industry.

A valuable product that has a light rejuvenating and toning, wound healing, anti-fungal and antiseptic effects.

Aroma: magical, evening, misty-bitter, tart-floral, lollipop, dry, with hints of heat and cold.

Promotes the elimination of cellulite, increases metabolism, removes toxins. Also has a firming effect on the hair.

Aroma: a cool fresh scent that combines the soft smell of lavender flowers and wood.

It has a rejuvenating and anti-inflammatory effect, improves complexion and improves skin elasticity.

It has anti-inflammatory and wound-healing effect, tones up dull and flabby skin, stimulates metabolism, restoring a radiant look to the skin.

Aroma: very sweet, delicate, floral and balsamic, with a slight spicy touch.

Aroma: fresh, tart, woody smoky, with a touch of plum stone and sticky buds.

Aroma: bitter, tart and misty, terry-spicy, with honey-sugar aftertaste.

The best prices of essential oils

Aroma: fresh, tepid and spicy, characteristic of the plant.

Aroma: cheerful, warm, sweet, oily, citrus.

Use for rinsing hair and nail baths. Strengthens and restores hair and nails.

Effective for the treatment of skin infections, furunculosis, acne, herpes. Whitens skin, eliminates acne, relieves dandruff.

Essential oils in cosmetology

Welcome to the online store of essential oils in Ukraine! Here reign not only amazing aroma oils, but also secrets of beauty, youth and health, which were known to ancient beauties. Aromamasla called divine essence, the gift of the gods.

Essential oils – price in Ukraine

Natural essential oils are obtained in cosmetics by hydro and steam distillation from plants. This is a laborious process and requires a large amount of raw materials, which determines the price of aroma oils. Therefore, the site of essential oils is so relevant. But if you want to buy natural essential oils in Kiev at a bargain price, then you came to the right place! Here you can not only find out how much the essential oil costs, but also choose the ingredients that suit you for any cosmetics.

The best prices of essential oils

For the best essential oils, the price in Ukraine can reach several dozen hryvnia per milliliter. We have the price of essential oils in the store City of Soap is available to everyone. Aromatic oils in Ukraine are widely used in aromatherapy, in the preparation of aromatic compositions, perfumes, thanks to their beneficial properties are excellent active ingredients for cosmetics. In soap-making and creams, aromatherapy oils are used literally in drops, since they are sufficiently concentrated and their quantity is required.

When working with essential oils it is necessary to remember that you should not use them in its pure form, especially for body care, hair. Aroma oil does not dissolve in water, only in base cosmetic oil or in sea salt, or in

Where to buy essential oils in Ukraine?

The best prices of essential oils

If you want to buy essential oils in Kharkov, Odessa, Dnepropetrovsk or any other city of Ukraine, then you are at. Soap City – the online store of essential oils in Kiev boasts a wide range and low prices for aromatic essential oils and other cosmetic ingredients for cosmetics. With us you can always order the essential oil, the price of which is available for you, with delivery throughout Ukraine, convenient for you carrier. A wonderful assortment of aroma oils, which you can buy in Kiev in our store, will not leave you indifferent.

We have low prices with high quality, along with other online stores, which still have a chance to get on a non-quality product! With us, natural essential oils to buy in Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa and other cities has become a reality. The best essential oils to buy in the online store, reasonably and profitably, our professional consultants will help you, because we work for you! And for those who need to order essential oils in Ukraine or buy natural essential oils in cosmetics without leaving home, just place an order to the aroma oil shop with the ability to deliver the conditions on the Payment page.

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