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The best online meditation course

Vedic astrology is rightly called "the eye of the Vedas" or Light.

Its task is to help a person understand his nature and God’s will regarding his destiny and guide him along the path of right action at the right time. Not everyone has the opportunity to consult a Vedic astrologer, but I am sure that many of you would like to build your life in accordance with the divine rhythms that are reflected in Vedic astrology. In this article I will introduce you to the influence of planets on us by day of the week, I will tell you what to do favorably or unfavorably on certain days of the week. This will not only help to feel the nature of a certain planet, but also adapt to cosmic rhythms, which means increase luck and save time and energy. Of course, on serious issues, I still advise you to contact the Vedic astrologer directly, and these materials will help make your life more harmonious, easy and meaningful, and therefore enjoyable.


Sunday rules the sun. The planet that embodies the soul in our map. Therefore, Sunday is intended primarily for spiritual purposes and works. This day is very good for inner self-knowledge, meditation, visiting the temple. Since the Sun is king, then on his day it is favorable to set targets for the whole following week, to plan and correctly distribute the forces.

Once in childhood I heard from my mom " without a king in my head"so she explained the reason why something was not possible due to poor organization. Then, in childhood, I wondered how this adult uncle-king could fit in my head? But my mother was not far from the truth (after all, the mother of an astrologer ?!) Sun- This is our inner King, who organizes other planetary energies. And so Sunday was considered the beginning of the week. Due to the strong concentration of spiritual energy, this day is not very favorable for business, marriages, conceiving children.

But very good for communicating with a father, king or some kind of authority figure. On this day, be sure to stay in the sun, especially in the morning. It is advisable to do an exercise "Greeting the sun", by this you will pay homage to the great luminary, thereby healing yourself and increasing the positive power of the Sun!

And finally, one of my favorite mystical lessons on Sundays is reading the holy book. "Ramayana". The fact that reading or listening to this book unusually improves and strengthens the Sun in your map is half the battle. I will now quote to you the benefits that are given by reading or listening to the story of the great Rama: "Anyone who listens to the story of Rama will be spared from all misfortunes. She grants long life, victory and power. A childless child can gain a child, the one who wants glory will receive glory. Anyone who reads it with faith realizes 4 goals of life: dharma (righteousness), art (wealth), Kama (pleasure) and moksha (liberation). This is an immortal work for every taste, those who love twisted plots, melodrama, philosophy, beauty of syllables, you will find all this. And most importantly, you will find the Divine presence there, which is why it never bothers you.


Monday is ruled by the moon. In our map, the moon represents our mind, emotions, mother, home, feelings of happiness and satisfaction. Is Monday unjustly recognized as a hard day by natures not fond of Vedic astrology?

So, on the day of the moon it is favorable to turn to the Mother of God, for she is very gracious to our prayers.

On this day, all affairs related to home and family are good. Shopping for home and household, as well as the stock of products for the whole week will be very useful. Family gatherings, hen parties, treats, especially dairy products will also add to the grace of the moon.

The moon does not like loneliness, but likes heart-to-heart communication. Remember the song ?:

" Talk to me, Mom,

Talk about something

Until the starry midnight, to the very

Give me childhood again …"

This is the energy of the moon. On this day, it is good to communicate with women, with mom, girlfriends. Good – to tinker with babies. Well – walk under the moon, especially somewhere along the shore of the reservoir.

My girlfriends and I love to walk on Mondays on the water in the evening along the ocean, under the Moon, to talk heart to heart. After that we come home updated. pacified and happy. And who said Monday is a hard day ?!

On this day, it is good to strengthen the health with water procedures, massage, herbs. Everything that pacifies and restores our body will do.

Favorable to deal with plants

The moon is connected with the public, so all peaceful affairs associated with social life, communication – are favorable on Monday.

In order to appease the moon, it is good to make donations of milk on Mondays and to take care of others.

Also, of course, he receives the grace of the Moon, who honors 7 mothers:

It is also very favorable for the Moon to drink warm milk, sweetening and adding a few spices, such as cinnamon, cardamom, ginger.

The moon is responsible for the taste of life (race in Sanskrit). Depression, irritability, unwillingness to communicate are signs that your Moon needs good help.

And in parting, the little Vedic secret of 5 thousand years ago: nothing so appeases the Moon as reading the chapters of the magic "Srimad Bhagavatam"where the childhood of little Krishna in the village is described. The happiest and carefree period of his life, filled with games with friends, pranks with his parents, first love … You will feel how the energy of the Moon floods your mind and heart, filling them with peace and happiness.


Mars rules Tuesday. He is in our map is responsible for the energy, brothers, comrades. Tuesday, in general, is considered a difficult day,

This day is very good for physical activity, sports and competitions. It is very important that the energy does not stagnate on this day! On Mars Day, it is also good to practice martial arts.

On Tuesday, some mechanical work is especially possible, from the repair of a chair to the repair of a machine and

For people of intellectual work, this day is good for research, for studying mathematics. After all, Mars is also an engineer!

If you need to talk with someone like a man or even punish, then the day of Mars is the very time. But it should be borne in mind that Mars is a defender of dharma, and if we use force not for noble purposes, but just to rip off on someone evil, Mars will surely react, sending us a boomerang of negative karma we have earned.

On this day it is very favorable to read the chapter. "Sundara kanda" from the ramayana as well " Mahabharata". This will not only appease Mars, but also make you understand how to properly apply the energy of Mars in life. For example, it says that there is the right action, the wrong action and inaction. Incorrect action and inaction worsen Mars. Therefore, it is important to understand what is the right action and start acting. It is especially favorable to unite efforts with comrades with whom you have a common noble goal.


Wednesday is ruled by Mercury. Easy, witty, cheerful, fast, he fills this day with his youthful energy. He is responsible in our map for speech and communication. This day is well spoken, spelled, studied, taught and

Mercury is a planet of commerce, and business-related, financial, business negotiations will be favorable on Wednesday. Although, it is worth admitting that this day is better for theoretical planning than undertaking anything long-term.

On the day of Mercury, all healing practices are also good, especially herbal treatments. Very good environment for the treatment of the mind, nerves, as well as for the study of Ayurveda, Astrology and Psychology,

This day is very favorable for the worship of the sacred Tulasi tree. It is believed that by circling around him respectfully 3 times, you are freed from a thousand sins, even murder (of course, if you sincerely repent and do not intend to repeat them again) .. I often recommend this simple ritual to my clients who go through a period of very heavy karma . Tulasi can be found in many Vedic temples where it is worshiped or in the homes of people practicing Vedic knowledge. In my house, I always feel her presence as a very sublime, blissful and chaste woman! Maybe that’s why I feel happy and secure at home, because I have the opportunity to communicate with such an extraordinary person. Tulasi is not considered an ordinary plant, but a holy person incarnated in the form of a tree. In the mornings, it smells like a barely perceptible, benevolent aroma that purifies the mind, gives tenderness, love, devotion and the ability to serve noble goals, without which our life would be very empty and gray.


Thursday is ruled by the most favorable planet Jupiter. Therefore, Thursday is considered the most successful day. True, you must make a reservation. This planet, being a Teacher or Guru of the Dharma, is favorable for those who follow the path of Dharma, righteousness, virtue and

Therefore, it is very favorable to read the Vedas or other authoritative scriptures in your tradition, especially where Dharma is said. Communicate with spiritual Masters, make donations to them.

Also donate to the brahmans, people who carry and spread spiritual knowledge. Jupiter is associated with the mode of goodness. Therefore, all actions in goodness are very good on this day! Donations, gifts, some disinterested activity is very much welcomed by Jupiter. Religious rituals, meditation, mantra reading, in short, any spiritual practices that increase the mode of goodness.

Thursday is also good for material prosperity. Long-term financial projects, some large enterprises are better to start on this day.

For all legal matters, Thursday is the most appropriate day.

Jupiter is a very social planet, so on Thursday I do not really advise you to retire. Well, if you can get together with a group or a society that has some kind of common spiritual goals, this is called satsanga in Sanskrit. If you have at least once reproved and had fun in such a company, then you will already feel the huge difference between the energy of ordinary secular gatherings, gossip, heavy food and light, sincere and cheerful satsang energy. Satsanga is a celebration of true communication. And on Thursdays you need to arrange for yourself and others such holidays. And, most surprising, they do not bother! Every Thursday visitors come to me, to talk about the Vedas, to listen to Vedic tales, to eat, to have fun, and this does not bother anyone. I admit, I myself look forward to Thursday,


Friday is ruled by beautiful Venus.

Venus patronizes beauty and women, so on this day it is good to buy clothes, jewelry, works of art. On this day, a woman should look especially good. On this day, it is necessary to dress beautifully and elegantly, to decorate your house, to give flowers.

This is the best day for dates, entertainment, relaxation and enjoying life.

True, the enjoyment of life in the Vedic society was notable for its goodness, in contrast to modern entertainment in ignorance and passion.

Venus is responsible for love. The main quality of true love is unselfishness. A great rarity these days. But since life without life is incredibly dreary, ancient writings for Venus provided for special actions: for example, it was favorable on this day to donate to cows. The cow, according to the Vedas, is a creature from the heavenly planets, sent to our sinful earth to teach us unselfish love. Caring for cows unusually enhances all the qualities of Venus. If you do not feel beautiful or lack love and tenderness, then this is one of the most effective means to correct the situation.

A couple of years ago, my friend brought from India a brochure about a shelter for cows, where an address was given, where you can send donations. Since Venus rules my card, on Fridays donations at first were for me only a tribute to my ruling planet. But gradually this modest ritual began to bring some extraordinary pacification and bliss, which cannot be bought for any money. Traveling in India, I happened to visit this shelter. It seemed to me that in such places one could heal the deepest spiritual wounds, such was the atmosphere there.


Saturn is ruled by Saturn, the slowest and heaviest planet. Therefore, this is not the best day for most material and social affairs, and even more so for business,

Saturday is the day when, after a whole week, we have to pacify and clear our mind, prepare ourselves for the next cycle, which begins on Sunday. Therefore, this day is desirable to spend together or in the company of people who have the same tasks. Everything that purifies and pacifies the mind will be appropriate on this day: yoga, austerity, fasting, service to others, and

Read or listen to a story "The greatness of Saturn", she will create the right mindset for the whole day (you can find her in the lecture "Principles of Treatment for Saturn", http: //

If you have offended someone or have unjustly dealt with someone, it is better to apologize on Saturday, so as not to carry this heavy load for the next week.

Unfortunately, the energy of Saturn is underestimated and this day is misused, noisy feasts, weddings and entertainment are often planned for Saturday. And this goes against the rhythms of Nature, which gives us a special day for a very deep and serious understanding of our life, moving away from the daily hustle and bustle and true pacification.

It is favorable to wear blue, blue and black. Saturn is associated with Nature and communication with it will provide an inexhaustible source of stability. Good tinker on the backyard. Unusual positive energy of Saturn is given by mountains. I live 5 minutes from the mountains, and I confess that walks there provide not only physical exertion, but also some mystical forces that make it possible to cope with the daily challenges that fate gives us.

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