The best is not the habit of sleep sleep formation

Sleeping sleepy is unpleasant, bad, cold and sad. I would like to lie down in the middle of the road, or go shout at someone. Whether the moon shines through the window too brightly and prevents you from sleeping, or a neighbor behind the wall turned on the TV loudly – the result is one: the dream is broken, the morning did not work, you are sadly lugging around to work in a zombie costume, drinking coffee suddenly in liters and having the opposite effect . Correspondent

It turns out that there is one major cause of the disorder and sleep disturbances – ambient light, which suppresses the production of melatonin, the sleep hormone. The less light, the stronger we sleep. People invented electricity and thus slightly spoiled his life.

In order to sleep well, it is necessary to observe sleep hygiene – a complex of what can be done at night and what cannot. In the mornings, we wake up with the desire to kill because we make the same mistakes day after day.

1. Lie down and wake up at different times.

On weekends, we try to sleep a little longer, and on weekdays we want to be in time and at once – the schedule gets off. At the initial stage, it will be enough just to adjust the sleep time – to go to bed and wake up at the same time. There is no clear bedtime. Each person has individual processes that depend on the phenotype – a lark or an owl. The number of hours is also individual – someone needs 5–6 hours, but the average sleep duration is 7 hours. If you sleep longer – hours 12, then during the day you will be accompanied by a feeling of drowsiness and a bad mood.

2. We overeat in the evening, and then run to exhaustion on the treadmill.

You should not go in for sports and eat at least 3-4 hours before bedtime. If you know that there is a risk to study cracks on the ceiling at night, then it is better to go to workout before lunch, have a light salad for dinner, and leave the pizza and pork knob until better times. Evening coffee is also a bad idea.

3. Turn on all the lights in the apartment at once.

It is important to gently adjust the lighting: shadow curtains in the summer, a floor lamp with a thick shade, less bright illumination of the phone and computer. And on the contrary in the morning – the more light, the better.

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4. Use the bedroom as a dining room, study and lounge at the same time, sleeping in red sheets.

The bedroom should be exclusively a place to sleep. Air out for the night, the low temperature in the room helps to quickly fall asleep. Feet warm too will help you fall asleep faster, grandmother’s tips about socks and stockings are scientifically proven. The cat that lies in the legs – not at all superfluous. Ear plugs and blindfolds will help you fall asleep, they protect against external irritants. But the habit of making the bed in the morning, so as not to fall into a crumpled bed in the evening, does not affect healthy sleep, it’s just prejudice, just like blue or beige color of bed linen.

5. We sit in the phone, watch movies at night and weep over the ending “Hachiko” in the pillow.

Phone and movies at night do not contribute to normal sleep. Favorite TV series or movie is better to watch in the evening a few hours before bedtime, and not lying in bed with one eye closed, it’s not forbidden to leave the tape of social networks until morning. Some believe that if you cry a little before bedtime (tears show excess cortisol, a stress hormone, if there is a lot of it, it begins to interfere with the activity of another hormone, DHEA, which, in turn, regulates sleep), then you can fall asleep faster — excellent reason to choose a heartbreaking melodrama for the night. But this is not true, tears you can’t help with sleep, this is superstition, information is not related to medical or scientific data. So tears to the side, but still the head ache.

6. After nine in the evening we do not put our nose out of the house – still, it is cold, dark and scary there.

Walking in the fresh air before bedtime is helpful. Ideally, there should be an interval of at least 2 hours between going to bed and walking. If you have a dog – do not be lazy to walk with it a little longer, and if you don’t walk with anyone – just walk to the convenience store and choose something tasty for breakfast for yourself, it will be nice in the morning.

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7. We load the evening into impossibility and grab for several household chores at the same time.

Relaxation methods have not been canceled, they are useful, but individual. Someone more suitable warm bath, someone – yoga, massage or just quiet music. After lunch you can come up with your own options for a pleasant predsonnogo pastime and on the way home to call in the store for aroma strap.

8. Forget about your favorite folk soporific.

A glass of wine or other alcohol helps to relax. Alcohol really has a relaxing effect and helps to fall asleep, being a favorite of national sleeping pills. But a two-phase action has been proven for alcohol – after the relaxation by the middle of the night a phase of excitement is noted, contributing to awakening and restless sleep. In addition, there is a risk of addiction.

9. Drink coffee a cup of a cup, trying to make sticky eyelids at work, and fight with a nap.

The option to sleep during the day is appropriate, but if you are sure that this will not prevent you from falling asleep normally at night. From 15 minutes to 1 hour of daytime sleep helps to cope with fatigue and a little cheer up. In Asian countries, this is a common practice: there, working citizens sleep during the day in special capsules, and then continue to work.

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10. Until blue in the face we look at the ceiling, trying to fall asleep, cursing everything and everything on what the world is worth.

If insomnia overtook and does not recede – there is a technique for how to deal with it. The advice to count sheep is the place to be, but it is not the only one. Just an imaginary society of sheep helps you to concentrate and distract from obsessive thoughts and forget about the problems of the day. If you didn’t fall asleep for 15–20 minutes, as your head touched the pillow, you don’t need to torment yourself and suffer under a blanket. A long stay in bed without sleep will not help. It is better to get up, to be distracted by something that will not cause excitement – to listen to music, read a book without a bright light in your eyes. After about an hour and a half, go to bed and try to sleep again.

The best is not the habit of sleep sleep formation

11. Lay out around him a ticking clock, alarm clock, a spare alarm clock.

It would be best to simply remove from the bedroom everything that reminds you that time is ticking and you are awake – ticking clocks, alarm clocks, other devices. This will help get rid of obsessive thoughts, the main thing is not to oversleep important matters.

12. Sharply undermined at the first alarm bell.

Setting several alarm clocks in a row at different intervals is a working way to wake up. There is evidence of an easier waking up from the fast sleep phase than from the slow phase, so it is logical – if the first alarm does not catch you in this phase, then there is a chance that it will do another (the phases alternate, on average, within an hour and a half cycle, and each one is individual, the cycle time changes during the night).

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