The best healing stones

From the history it is known that many, especially precious antique jewelry, have various unpleasant stories: robberies, deception and even the murder of jewelry owners. At the same time, the only stone that has never participated in such adventures is the varistsite. This is a rare, expensive and beautiful crystal with a unique structure. However, the mineral has never been the subject of controversy and envy. Most likely, this is due to the magical properties of the stone, protecting it from negative energy.

Mineral History Tour

Previously, few people could distinguish varistsite from turquoise. Crystal jewelry began to be made in the Neolithic era. Our first parents, as it became known from the writings of Pliny the Elder, wore beads of green stones, which were mined near their habitat.

The discovery of the stone as a single mineral happened in 1837, while the gem got its name from the place where it was first found – this is the province of Variscia in Saxony. After that, the extraordinary mineral gained wide popularity in the jewelry industry due to its unique beauty.

By geologists, the stone was credited to the minerals of the group of aqueous phosphates of aluminum. Its deposits are most often represented in the form of crystals, elongated stalactites or leaks, which are formed in caves under the influence of certain temperature indicators and water.

The best healing stones

Excellent stone quality jewelry, as well as turquoise hue led to the fact that the people mineral nicknamed “Californian turquoise”. The most famous deposits of mineral include deposits located in the United States, which have recently been almost exhausted. Australia, Germany and Brazil are also involved in the extraction of variscite.

Luxurious external parameters and unique physical, as well as chemical properties of the crystal allowed him to occupy a decent niche among the stones used in jewelry. The stone is used to insert into various ornaments, starting with luxurious rings and ending with beads and bracelets.

Varieties of gem depending on color

Due to the composition of chlorine and iron variscite, the stone can acquire colors from greenish-yellow to delicate blue. But usually there are green stones with a translucent structure. Geologists today are considering Two main types of gems:

  • Amatrixes are variations of green tones that have grown together with quartz. Such minerals were first found in one of the states of the United States – Utah.
  • California turquoise is a gem of turquoise with a greenish tinge.

Many people love stone varistsit more than turquoise for its unusual shimmering hue. That is why the stone received such popularity.

The magical qualities of the intriguing mineral

Variscite was believed to be a mineral, possessing magical powers, which can influence the course of human life.

  • Varistsit is often used in the process of meditation, as it is endowed with the ability to introduce a person into a state of spiritual balance and tranquility.
  • With the help of a mysterious gem, people are able to look into the past.
  • The mineral attracts wealth and moral well-being, making its possessor more sensitive and compassionate towards other people.
  • Variscite crystals help their owners find happiness and good luck.
  • Experts believe that the regular use of the mineral and the belief in its magical properties saves people from envy and dissatisfaction, revealing all the pleasures of life before them.

The best healing stones

Scientists have noticed that the effect of a variation can be extended not only to its owner, but also to those around him and people close to him.

Healing qualities gem

To date, the healing ability of variscite not fully understood. From recent studies of scientists it became known that the mineral has a number of medicinal qualities, and its wearing saves people, both from spiritual problems and physical ailments.

  • Varistsit is able to have a beneficial effect on depressive disorders saving people from nightmares and insomnia.
  • It is noted that mineral crystals help in the fight against bedwetting.
  • Lithotherapists claim that gems contribute to the treatment of disorders of the nervous system. A person who wears jewelry with variscite becomes less irritable.

Due to such properties, gem crystals affect the general state of the human body, calming its owner and making him a cheerful and positive person.

Signs of the zodiac and mystical varistsit

The magical qualities of the mineral have long been interested astrologers. So, according to their claims Archers, Lions and Aries – signs of the zodiac of fire elements, are simply obliged to wear jewelry with varistome. People born under the sign of fire are selfish, self-confident and ambitious. In turn, the gem helps them gain altruistic impulses and become interested in good endeavors.

Very careful in wearing jewelry with varistoma should be Pisces, which have by nature such qualities as sensitivity, care and compassion for others. The use of the mineral will make them even softer, which will enable ill-wishers to take advantage of their kindness.

Varistsit – stone mystery, which keeps a lot of secrets, not disclosed by people. Its qualities are not yet fully disclosed, but the positive properties of the mineral are already used in the treatment of various ailments. Jewelry from variscite will be a wonderful gift to loved ones.

Jewelry and magical talismans

Externally the surface of the stone reminds an attractive water surface tropical seas. Variscite refers to fairly rare minerals that are popular in the jewelry industry for making all kinds of jewelry and crafts of their crystal.

Stone is especially popular among women in the middle-aged category. Decorations with variscite emphasize the elegance and elegance of any evening dress or business suit. The variscite is especially attractively combined with clothing of turquoise color.

Talismans and amulets with a magical mineral are recommended for people who, due to the nature of their professional duties, should maintain restraint, calm and self-confidence. The charm with the variscite stabilizes the state of mind and gives confidence: doctors, priests, teachers and other public workers.

Mineral will save its owner from minor troubles and evil eyes of ill-wishers. It contributes to the manifestation of new talents and unusual abilities of a person. Wards with variscite make people more sensitive and responsive. The stone reveals the best qualities in people, helping to establish a personal life and attracting wealth.

Jewelery with a mineral requires proper care, so that the crystals do not fade with time and lose their original charm. The stone is sensitive to the effects of external natural factors and is unstable to mechanical stress. Due to the fact that the formation of gems occurs in deep caves under the influence of water, they are afraid of solar radiation and therefore keep them better in dark boxes.

The best healing stones

Also with periodic regularity need to clean the mineral under running water at room temperature. The use of detergents is advisable only in extreme cases and it is recommended to use reagents with neutral acidity that will not harm the stone.

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