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Rested by the company in the second half of July 2018. Booked accommodation in advance, Pavel helped us with advice, rented a house not far from the bus station. The house is excellent, the owner is friendly. But we didn’t like the city very much, we lived on the outskirts. Dirty, not well maintained, sipping sewer. In the center went for a walk, there is somehow more interesting and cleaner. The sea, of course, is excellent. Warm, clean.

Rested in 2018 in July in Feodosia. Very grateful to your company and your staff for the service. Very pleasant and polite. Met, conducted – everything is cool. The apartment is clean, comfortable. The apartment is very clean. Once again I will thank you very much .. If we once again gather in the Crimea, then it is obligatory only to you.

Good day. Rested in August 2018. Thanks to Paul, as an organizer, everything is on the level. But the apartment (room number 795) is generally "song" . the photo is all gorgeous. But the photos do not convey the dirt that was in the apartment. The owner did not even bother to clean it. after three days of travel, I had to take rags in my hands and scrub an apartment so that at least I could be in it with the children. The bed is of the worst quality, there are three sofas, but you can only sleep in one. The mattress on the bed with springs sticking out. The kitchen is full of grease, it is impossible to touch the cabinets. do not buy for the presence of dishes, you can not eat from it. Plus, in the apartment only its location.

Rested in September, with the housing issue decided in your company, what was counted on the photo, then in reality. All is well. The city is nice but I would like responsibility from

Rested in September 2018. In general, the impressions are positive. First of all, from the organization of rest. Booked and paid part of the payment long before – in February already. Of course, there were fears that they would deceive. We will arrive, and instead of settling we will run to look for Paul with our money and new housing. As a result, the company contacted us throughout the time – they specified the date and time of arrival, as we did not have tickets at the time of booking the accommodation, and we ourselves didn’t know how to get there. Then contacted about the need for transfer. That is, there was a feeling that they had not forgotten about us and were engaged in us. Upon arrival in Feodosia, the specialist was present at the check-in, explained everything. Now about housing. №885. Highly! Loved it. No complaints. Everything is just like that. as in the photo. The terrace overlooks the sea and the river. In the mornings we watched the sunrise, in the evenings the order and the work of the lighthouse. Quite calm. The city itself also liked the whole. Of course, there are questions about cleanliness, livability, but this is all covered by the sea and the beach. They took excursions to Kerch and in Archaderes. Kerch is definitely YES, but here is a tasting. No one says that you have to go on serpentine. The way back has eclipsed all impressions. I was nauseated incredibly. Where to eat in Feodosia? There were no problems with this. At every corner of the cafe. Fedko was a non-flooded eatery. But I tried to cook myself. It was not far from the Crimean market, so we often went there and bought everything fresh.

We rested in Feodosia in August 2018, rented an apartment with the help of Feo-Guide. We are very grateful to the organizers. Everything was arranged quickly and well organized, the booking was reliable without any dirty tricks, thank you very much to the owner of the apartment, no worries from her if we manage to go to Feodosia again, then of course we turn to this company we liked. Feodosia is a beautiful city, clean, comfortable, people are very friendly, without problems with food, even though small shops are not familiar to us Russians, but you can buy everything there and not very expensive, and we didn’t even expect this at the market. A rich choice of excursions not only ro city, but you can see the whole of Crimea, liked the tour "Golden Ring of Crimea"- to be honest, I was surprised by the cleanliness of the roadsides, we have something to learn, well done, Crimeans.

Loved the work of the company. Back in February and March, they ordered 2 apartments for a family, located close by on Kuybyshev Street, paid an advance, and immediately received receipts. Everything is clearly organized. Met, settled. Accommodation fully consistent with the description. That is some positive emotions. Feodosia herself left a difficult impression, which I love very much. No problems with catering, many options! But environmental problems are coming. The smell of sewage in the center just got it. Something to do about it. Stopped only after a massive downpour in early September. They went to swim only in Ordzhonikidze and to the Golden Beach, but still half of the family had some kind of gastrointestinal infection. So there are no complaints to Feo, but there are a lot of complaints to the authorities of the city and the Crimea.

We rented a two-room apartment on Starshinova Boulevard (http: //

Rested as a family (three adults and a small child) in Feodosia from August 18 to September 15, 2018. In general, the rest was a success! Meeting at the airport and accommodation organized by the company. "Feo-Guide". We were met on time, and we were taken from Simferopol to Feodosia in a comfortable car. The apartment is fully consistent with the description on the site (setting and location). Thanks to Paul for help in organizing the rest! The city of Feodosia itself is small .. for an adult tourist of entertainment for 3-4 days .. In order not to get bored, they took a couple of bus excursions around the peninsula. I liked the sea and beaches .. there are sandy beaches, there are pebbly ones .. The sea is clean and warm. Next year we will definitely return to the Crimea!

Rested in Feodosia with

Rested in Feodosia this summer (2018). I liked everything very much! We drove the first time with children 2 and 5 years. Of course, I was very worried, but it was in vain. We ordered a transfer, it was very nice when the driver calmed us down when we delayed the flight and told us not to worry, he would wait for us. The price of the transfer has not changed at all. Booked apartment # 799. The apartment is very comfortable and clean. There is everything you need! Shops are close, there is a bakery at the bottom of the house, buns are always fresh and tasty))) A very kind and helpful hostess, if that tells you where to get there, where to order food

Rested in August 2018 in Feodosia. Accommodation rented through your company, were satisfied with the housing and your services. From the rest in Feodosia there were only positive moments. I would like to cancel the minuses of the resort town there are few public toilets, few litter bins, not enough buses in the city and sellers in convenience stores behave rudely.

In the city for a year it became dirtier, garbage lying around on the streets anywhere. The beach of the city is untidy and not equipped, I had to go to the paid beach of the sanatorium. When buying tickets for excursions, as a rule, they don’t say the final price, how much it costs, but you already know it on the spot. when booking a property, I was told that they would meet at the bus station with a sign, all I had to do was call, but in fact, after several clarifying calls (not free of charge at my expense) to the representative of Feo-Guide, no one met, I had to look for this representative around the bus station ,

Hello, in general, the company’s work is satisfied, there are a number of inconveniences created by the real estate holders themselves. Cash payment is not always possible, in the common parts of the building is dirty, despite the fact that the apartments are kept clean. No tap for washing the feet, at the entrance to the residential complex. The beaches are well equipped, wonderful dining facilities like

Good day. The three of us lived with my wife and 9 year old daughter in Feodosia from July 10 to July 30, 2018 at Kuybyshev 6, apt. 7. Studio apartment is very clean, comfortable, fully consistent with the description on this site. There is everything you need for a comfortable stay. Everything works, including the washing machine. In the courtyard there is a place to put the car. Quiet neighbors. Just be careful, the owner Elena is very scrupulous in matters of cleanliness! When she came to change our bed, I was worried because of the sand on the floor and a small puddle on the balcony from under a drying swimsuit, they want tiles there. So take care of her nerves! But perhaps this is for the better, the next tenants will get the same clean apartment as you. The very center, but the place itself is quiet. Recommended.

Rested in July 2018. We liked the hotel where we stayed (rested with the child). In 2015, the water was warmer in Alushta. We wanted to ride on excursions, but very large traffic jams.

Rested a family of 4 people with

Rested in the Crimea for the first time (before that only abroad). We chose Feodosia, right on the seashore. Accommodation booked through Paul. Many thanks to him! Everything is beautiful, everything they wanted. Apartment photos correspond. Everything you need is there. The truth was not enough vacuum cleaner. sand from the beach is brought. and a rag does not clean well. But this is quite trivial. at the airport, met immediately upon arrival, comfortable. The back is also wonderful. Theodosius is a clean, pleasant city. You can eat everywhere, prices, as in Yekaterinburg, did not notice the difference. In general, the rest was a success! Thank you so much Paul!

The city is beautiful, the sea

In early June, rested with her husband and child in the beautiful city of Feodosia. Booked this apartment here at Paul – http: //

thanks for

Hello! I can only say that I really liked your Feo-guide, but I did not make the trip, but my nephew’s family. The trip they liked, and rest, and accommodation. Sincerely, Ekaterina Epifanovna. I plan to contact you again.

I liked it very much, everything is great: a good choice of hotels, compliance of the advertised housing and actual on arrival, everything is as it is written on the site.

Thank you for choosing a home for your attention. I liked everything very much

I can not share my impressions of Theodosius! Rested in July 2017. The sea is gorgeous. Of course, coming to the sea, it is important what kind of water, sand, infrastructure. So, if we are talking about the Black Sea Embankment in Feodosia – this is ALL in one! I will not say in which boathouse we rested, so that everyone would not go there). But the room is spacious, chaise lounges in the morning spread, breakfast, lunch, dinner – on request. The hostess is friendly and responds to all the recommendations (not comments. As there are none). The staff is helpful and polite. Separately, about Pavel: When I looked at the number and conditions, I thought I would get tired of my annoying questions and "will merge" or the agent is rude)) But no! He answered all questions patiently, while offering options based on what I clarified. Upon arrival in Feodosia (we arrived at our car), met, conducted, introduced the hostess, waited patiently for payment and then left. There was no usual type of whining: oh, well, they are waiting for me, but you are not alone and so on. I advise! Book through this site, no cheating, only positive impressions!

Rested last year in Feodosia with

For a long time they chose where to go to a family of 5 people (spouses + 2 children + sister). 12 years ago we were in Koktebel and then we met Feodosia (I really liked it). In July 2017 we got to this town thanks to what he saw http: //

Good day to those who want to visit the Crimea for the first time or love it and are there every year. In 2016, we rested in Feodosia, in a private hotel on the Bund (on the site at number 875). I want to thank the owner Tatyana and the owner of the house Mikhail for their goodwill, for the beautiful room, for the cleanliness and availability of pets on the territory (there was someone to cuddle). As for the hotel, it is located, as it seemed to me in a very good area, from where you can walk to the sandy-shell beach in 10 minutes, and to the market where they sell incredibly tasty warm bread, fresh products and a huge number of different kinds of things, and bus station, to the embankment of the city on foot 30-40 minutes walking pace, or you can take a bus. The beaches in Feodosia are clean and the entry into the sea is excellent for children and even for adults who swim badly. There are a lot of cafes, canteens in the city, there is a network of shops "Pud" – our brother "Magnet", pastry shops, which sell incredibly delicious cakes. I assure you you won’t be hungry. After driving a little by car or, again, by bus to Kerch, you can sunbathe on a long beach, it seems he is called "Gold". Theodosia is a pleasant city, without any noise, without extra people. To come here is to rest your soul. Thanks for the site, without it I would not have got to Feodosia!

Review of Feodosia: visited with

Rested in Feodosia at the end of August 2017, booked an apartment on

Rested in September 2017 in Feodosia. Clean, warm sea. Tender and not very hot sun. Booked a house with its courtyard in 1067. Everything is clean and neat, all the photos on the site correspond to reality. Many thanks to Pavel Feo-Guide. Beach and promenade 3 minutes. Excellent cafes, restaurants with very affordable prices, compared with Sochi. There are plenty of entertainment for every taste and budget. Walking through the safari park Taigan is an experience for the whole year. Be sure to spend the next September in Feodosia. Thank.

First visited the Crimea in June 2017. For the first time chose Feodosia,

Rested with friends in August of this year. Everything was wonderful! In the house where we lived – http: //

Rested in Feodosia in August. Written off in advance with Paul, chose a house (№151) on the street. Chkalov 115, bought a single ticket. And they didn’t regret anything: – Paul’s arrival, meeting and accommodation were perfectly organized; – housing is fully consistent with all posted photos and stated conditions; – especially many thanks to Alexander (the owner) and his lovely responsive family for the caring welcome and the creation of all conditions for a great holiday! 10 minutes to the beach. leisurely by a shady park, near the market and shops, cozy cafes and an unmatched sea, and, most importantly, sympathetic and friendly people! Thank you Theodosius!

Rested in Feodosia at the end of June 2017. Booked a room for 2

We rested in Feodosia in June, in principle, I liked the rest, it was a surprise that there was no drinking water, it needed to be bought and brought home, although I think it was possible to organize the sale of water at the place of residence, to accept applications from holidaymakers to bring and sell it was with the car, and we dragged on ourselves, it did not like it.

We went in July 2017. Use the services of Paul, all without cheating (as stated – it is). The location is excellent, the beach is under the window. Number four local, very comfortable. The mini kitchen has everything you need. Market and cafe just a stone’s throw away. Public transport is also not far away.

Rested in Feodosia in August 2017. The city is quiet, calm and cozy. Stayed in a new house in a nice apartment with air conditioning and good finishes. In walking distance was the market and shops. We came by car, so we went to the beach out of town, the name of the beach "117" I advise. Great sand and clear water, even paying 200 rubles for a sunbed was not worth regret, the children swam in clear water and we spent time under wide umbrellas. Alternating the rest on the beach with trips around the peninsula looked a lot of interesting things. The park of lions Taigan and stalactite caves, Mount Ai-Petri with its swinging suspension bridges, rose to the temple of the sun. In general, the rest was a success, the conditions provided by the agreement with the company Feo Guide we liked, I advise you to use, especially those who go on holidays with children.

Rested in Feodosia from 12 to 24 September 2017. The weather pleased the sunny days and the sea. what is it cool there: warm, affectionate and calm. A few days a little storm, but it did not bother to rest on the beach at all. Lived in 2-k. apartment on the street Fedko, 20 (№779). The apartment is exactly like in the photo. I would like to say a special thank you to Paul for the placement and organization of the transfer from the airport. From the house to the beach and the promenade literally 5-10 minutes is not an unhurried walk. In Feodosia there are the most wonderful beaches: on the embankment there are also rocky pebbles and sandy ones (small shell rock). Sea turquoise, clean. Mostly time was spent on "Gold Beach", quite spacious, clean, sun beds and just places on the sand under the sun with enough. The cost of dinner in a cafe on the embankment for two is quite democratic 1500-2500 rubles for two. Especially liked the cafe "Olympus" (Avazovsky Prospect, 39), friendly waiters, good-natured owner, the food is fresh and tasty. Local fruit is just a bomb, especially peaches, and watermelons, melons, grapes, figs. They hired a car, drove along the coast from Feodosiya to Alupka. Nature is striking in its beauty. Visited Koktebel, Sudak, Alushta, Yalta and Alupka. Still very much in Sudak. In Yalta, a very vibrant nightlife on the waterfront, but minus the small beach in the city is not very clean, the sea is also dirty. But what kind of waves are there? In Yalta, much higher prices: for housing, food, souvenirs. Two weeks of rest was not enough to enjoy the warm, gentle sea and see all the sights. I had to choose: either the sea or an excursion. From the Crimea there were only pleasant impressions, we will return here more than once. I highly recommend the site "Theogid" – thanks to him we had a good rest. Successes to you, remain the same benevolent and hospitable! And if in Feodosia – then only to you. Sincerely, Lopareva Natalia, Omsk.

We rested in June-July 2017 in Feodosia. I wrote a lot about Feodosia in the reviews, I will not repeat myself, I want to focus on the employee Theoguide. The first time I had to book a house for the summer, always before that, we rested in Feodosia with relatives. There are a lot of scammers on the Internet, there were very unpleasant surprises and disappointments. Turned to Theogid, took a chance. In February I made a request for housing, indicated the wishes and prepared to wait for an answer. An hour later, the guy responded, introduced himself as an employee Theoguid, Pavel, and suggested several options. In short, he offered us a lot and a lot, but I wasn’t all right, we sat over and we were ripe, it turned out that the accommodation we liked was already booked. Then the next one was booked, then another, and we decided not to show off much and choose at least something. We stopped at an apartment near the beach of Dinamo, booked it, and, having calmed down, left Paul alone. A couple of days before the trip there was a surprise – Pavel called and said that the apartment we had booked was sold out. It was clear that on the eve of the vacation, we found problem free housing on the dates we needed. The tension in the shower was growing not by the hour but by the minutes, it was scary to go nowhere and instead of resting frantically searching for accommodation that would suit us in all respects. But fortunately the fears were in vain – after an hour, Paul called back and said that he had sent us an alternative housing option, which turned out to be even better than our expectations. By the way, the apartment was significantly more expensive, but in such a situation we were given a decent discount and as a result we rented an apartment at the price of the previous one. Thank you very much to Pavel for patience, for efficiency, for many options (booked in February, and even then a lot of things were taken for the required period of time), in general, we were all very pleased with the contact!

Pavel, you are unlikely to post my review,

Rested in Feodosia from September 4 to September 14

Good day. And so, I would like to start my review from the very beginning. I was looking for a long time on which site to find an apartment for rent for the period of rest. And quite by chance I came across this site. Well, at first it seemed very interesting. Next, contacting Paul, just realized that this site is necessary. After all, he lucidly answers any questions about housing and terrain, offering at once a lot of options. Therefore, to find a vest in principle, we were not difficult. Well, we stopped at the choice

Rested in Feodosia with

Rested with a girl in August of this year, rented an apartment http: //

Thanks to the organizers of Feoguide and Pavel for the qualified work, for fulfilling all their obligations and positive disposition towards the clients who are sticking with stupid questions =)) Our family really liked Theodosius. Most likely, we will come here again!

Rested with my mother in the wonderful city of Feodosia with

Rested with his wife with

Rested in Feodosia and Miskhor by two families with children two for 11 years and one for 16 years. In Feodosia rested with

Continuation about Mishor (with

Paul, good afternoon! Thank you for the rest organized by us, everything was very good, thank you!

Hello! We all enjoyed it. And they met well, and the hostess was cordial, and the apartment was good. I advise everyone. Irina SPb.

Rested in Feodosia in the second half of June, for us northerners the optimum was the temperature of the air and water. Service for booking, booking and meeting was pleasantly surprised. Before that, they lived in Anapa, had suffered enough until they found adequate owners. The city is old, as if returned to the USSR. Nostalgia covered with head. Wife shocked, settled in the private sector, thought to go nowhere to go. When they got accustomed everything went back to normal. By the way, we almost always walked on foot, it was useful and the city looked. Now about the most important thing, such a nature in Russia is nowhere to be found, a combination of air humidity, heat and the sea. Who likes to relax on the sea will understand immediately. I liked the golden beach: well-groomed and clean in the central part, opposite the dolphinarium. Almost at the end of the beach is the best cheburechnaya. In the city itself, the beach can be considered that there is not, only for a long swim. Do not be afraid to rent houses, the owners are very caring, the rooms are clean and spacious. Our kitchen had more rooms. Prices are even less than in Anapa. Liked the market, friendly sellers are not rude, make discounts. Sweet cherries did not rise in price, but became cheaper every day. Were in Koktebel, and on the royal beach, and

Rested with

Rested together with

Rested in Feodosia from July 22 to August 5, 2016, rested with my husband and my one-year-old daughter, rented a two-room suite with a kitchen on the Black Sea Embankment. The room is nice with a beautiful view, the maid Angela performed her duties for 100%, not only the room, but the house territory is always in its purest form. Thank you Theoguid (our agent was Pavel) and the owners of the room Anne for our good rest. We will definitely return.

We rested in Feodosia in June 2016. We flew from Siberia, with children, and it was scary – what we will fly to. So here. Everything was wonderful and at the highest level))) We met on time, Paul called up to us several times – to clarify the details. They drove to the place with comfort, on the way they told – where to go, where to go and where you can cheap, tasty and safe lunch with children)) Our suitcases were raised to the desired floor (which is important,

We rested in Feodosia in August-September 2016. Chose a great house on Fedko Street (# 158 – http: //

Perhaps the best site to search for housing in the whole Crimea. Rested as a family in August 2016. We must pay tribute to Paul, everything is organized at the height! We arrived at the address on the appointed day, promptly all showed, told. The owner of apartment number 728 is a wonderful woman named Natalya, who is pleasant, sympathetic, responds to all requests instantly. The apartment corresponds to the description, all devices are functioning. To the sea is really very close. The first time we rested in the apartment and it turned out to be very convenient! Almost like home, everything is at hand. Respect and respect to Paul for the organization! Natalia thank you very much! Be sure to use your service in the future.

My friend and I rested in 2016 (July-August) in Feodosia on

In 2016, my husband and I decided to rest in the Crimea, and the site guide Theodosia found a place to live. The information is very extensive, housing can be picked up at any price, anywhere in the city. Operators are very polite, they meet and see off to the place of rest. We did not know Feodosia, we lost our way, and we were found and escorted to the place

Rested with children in Feodosia in August 2016. We stopped in Feodosia on Russkaya Street (house 143). I ordered through Paul. I liked everything very much. We met at the airport and then returned as well. Rested in a separate one-room house, with its courtyard, kitchen and bathroom. Hostess, Natalia Evgenievna, a beautiful woman, very neat, unobtrusive. Good furniture in the house, clean linen, dishes. To the sea 7-10 minutes. Rest very much. We felt like our relatives, so warm and sincere attitude of the hostess. If there is still an opportunity to visit Feodosia, then we will stop only at them!

In Feodosia rested with

Hello! Rested in Feodosia from this year in August-September, in a decent room, literally a minute from the sea, next to the dining room. All amenities! Very satisfied, except – the rain that flooded the stairs and the corridor at the entrance to the room. Photos of the hotel, rooms, everything corresponded to the declared, met, carried out to the desired number. Of the minuses – more would be entertainment for children. In general: everyone is happy. Thank you for a good rest!

Rested in Feodosia with

Good day! This year, rested with his son for 8 years and his brother in Feodosia! We are from Moscow! Very happy! I want to point out the main thing;

Rested in Feodosia in August. When flying from Moscow there was a flight delay, but in spite of this, we were met at the airport of Simferopal and taken to the place. Accommodation was booked in February on the site through Paul. We were very worried that the accommodation we chose corresponded to the photos we saw on the site. Pavel assured us that everything will be exactly as on the site. And indeed, the apartment was just great. The apartment is clean, well appointed. It was all that is necessary for a person to live and even more. We did not expect that even water filters were installed there. The hostess Svetlana, a caring and attentive woman, did everything to make her lodgers comfortable and comfortable in her apartment. The apartment itself is located in a very convenient location. The beach is literally 5 – 7 minutes. Near many shops. There are shops where you can pay for purchases with a card, and this is very important for the Crimea,

Hello! We rested a small company of 4 adults in Feodosia in early September 2016. When booking used the services of the company Feo-Guide. Very pleased with the rest and services provided. Contacted Pavel in early April. Everything was clearly explained to us and booked. House (

I can not fail to note the attention of the Administration of Feo-Guide to the reviews, complaints and wishes of customers. The guys are ready at any time to promptly, accurately and thoroughly answer any question or deal with the misunderstandings that have arisen, this is a great rarity, and thanks for that. Also provide financial reporting documents if necessary. In short, well done, they know their business and care about the reputation of the company. But: Studying housing options, I did not see the opportunity to read reviews for a specific option on the page of this option or click on the link, and there is no shovel of all reviews of the site "your precious time", no desire, and even viewing a house by the number indicated in the recall is difficult for me, since I did not understand how to find an advertisement by its number. Thus, I don’t see much benefit from the feedback on a specific version. I wrote about this twice, there was no reaction. It is a pity when reading the reviews, you understand that there are a lot of extremely unsuccessful options. Evaluation of the company Feo-Guide is definitely positive, I recommend to everyone. Feel free to ask questions, the answers are given promptly and as clearly as possible. When I gather in Feodosia next time I will definitely contact here again. All a pleasant stay. Especially because the city is wonderful. With respect, Nicholai.

We rested in August 16 in this variant on the Nasypnaya – 875. We met at the airport of Simferopol clearly, waited for us, there was a flight delay and luggage was waiting for a long time. In general, at the airport, they have a terrible mess (in which we were finally convinced when we flew back), to work there also to work. Mess in terms of the organization of the process, and not the appearance, so everything is clean and new, you can see where my taxes went. The hotel is super. People built and put their soul into reality, as for themselves. For some, it does not matter what conditions to live on the sea, just to throw the carcass on a pillow, but for me it does. This place is the most, from laminate to curtains and chandeliers everything is done with soul. The price is ordinary, not higher in the city. From the sea, not close, 800 meters, at first it seemed very far away, as usual, then they sank like. The city itself is dirty, not Gelendzhik, of course, but cheaper. I was pleased with the market, the prices are not broken, especially before the market, the grandmothers there trade from their gardens and gardens, just for a penny. And what is their milk there. it’s just a song, how tasty and cheap, obrazhuschki were. We were shopping at the market not central, but near the house, about 10 minutes from Bulk. The beaches are pecan, fairly wide and clean, despite the fact that there are very few urns. They are generally very small throughout the city, for some reason. The sea was different, at first warm, in early August, then some wind blew and the ice-cold water became 5 days, then again the heat was below 40 and the water heated. We went on excursions, to the caves and along the entire east coast to Foros, a lot of places where I wanted to go. Closer to Foros, there are already mountains, the horror is so beautiful. Prices for tours are also pleasantly surprised. In the Crimea were the first time. Let’s go back again. Thank you all.

Dear friends! I congratulate you on World Tourism Day! I wish you success, health, happiness and life in joy! Hello from Novosibirsk! I am very grateful for your excellent work!

I really liked the rest in the house where we lived (http: //

Otdelfali in August 2016 at the Hotel Sofi on the Black Sea Embankment. We did not like it. The rooms do not clean towels, do not imagine the furniture is old and the orthopedic mattress which is listed on the site bites in with springs. On the second day, the perfume was stolen, offensively. The hotel has no guard entrance yard. We even stopped checking documents. No payment documents were issued. Sharazhkin office.

Vladimir +797871 *** 76 communicated to meet and rent housing without prior

Booked a room in the hotel through the feofiogid. Very pleased. The hotel was a small, all homely family home. The owner of the hotel – his name was Herman, a very kind person. We plan to go to him again. The pool in the morning is super

For the first time were in the Crimea and for the first time in a similar way organized the rest. There were some concerns, but fortunately, they were in vain. At the airport, we were met by Vyacheslav, a pleasant and friendly man. In the car they forgot a valuable thing, they all returned the next day! The four of us rested, two adults and two small children. Chose apartment number 776 (per. Shaumyana, 6). Clean and comfortable, fully consistent with the description. The hostess is a good, hospitable, young woman named Ruslana. Entertainment and exoticism from Theodosia did not wait, we drove exclusively to the sea (although the center has something to see and where to spend time). It met all hopes! Clean, warm, sandy bottom. Children from the water did not go practically. Impressions remained extremely positive. I want to come back again. Next time we will pick up housing near the beach "Scarlet Sails"far from the center, but the beach is amazing.

Rested in july 16

Rested in July with children in Feodosia. The apartment is just opposite the beach, it was necessary to walk only across the bridge, it was not quite comfortable with a carriage. For recreation with children Theodosius is a great place, the sea is shallow near the coastline, sand. Loved the golden beaches. What did not like is a lot of algae in the sea. Apparently for algae a good nutrient medium is present in the form of sewage and other discharges. Moreover, the call-out flyers to save the sea were pasted in the locker rooms on the beach. And the river, which flows nearby, does not smell like natural aromas. Special thanks to Paul and his wife. They booked an apartment through them, settled quickly: they did not search, did not wait. We were met, presented to the owners. In general, everything was fine. By the end of the holiday the cash ran out of money, and I could not cash it through the card,

Thanks to Paul for a great apartment! Very friendly hostess, I had to bother her several times, always helped with advice. The city left a double impression. Dirty, neglected; the only park in the city is covered in chicken litter and feathers. The buildings are all shabby, the sidewalks are broken. It is felt that there is no owner in the city. Everybody goes the way where they want and when they want, it shocked us, of course. In Feodosia there are interesting places, museums, there is something to see. But again – we arrived at the Genoese fortress – there is not a single information plate about it. what is it, why and why – guess yourself.

Rested in Feodosia st. Bulk, using the services of Feo-Guide – Paul. I liked everything, adequately price. Quiet, calm, everything is near. Thanks for the rest.

Rested in the private sector with children in August (Shevchenko 3) rooms are very small, from furniture only bedside tables that are scary to touch, sooooo

Rested in the Crimea in June. We drove by car and with excursions the whole coast. Still full of impressions and unforgettable emotions. Stayed in Feodosia. Thank you so much Paul "Feogid" for meeting and accommodation. All correspondence on the Internet on the choice of housing was at the highest level for service, all the questions we asked did not go without a competent answer, a kind hospitable city and wonderful people. Recommend "Feogid"and Theodosia to all my friends and acquaintances for rest.

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Thank you very much . Rested with the whole family in Feodossia. We really liked the sea, the beach – Zapomuzhny slop and great weather. Everything is great. Thanks to the staff of your company for the selection of housing. Sincerely, Catherine.

We rested in July 2016 on the street. Shevchenko, 3, No. 804 in the catalog, we really liked it, in 5 min Pearl, good conditions, the owners are wonderful people, very responsible, they follow order. For a quiet family holiday – the perfect place. We miss)))

Hello. I can note the attentive and courteous attitude to customers, housing turned out as in the photos, met at the station. All as stipulated. I recommend Feo-Guide. Thank.

Rested in July in Feodosia. Mini-hotel on the Black Sea Embankment 36. The hotel itself is so-so, but we did not expect more. They came to enjoy the sea, and housing did not play a big role. It was where to wash and sleep, condo and refrigerator. The hotel was quiet, but for a week of rest the cleaning was never done. The most important sea right across the road, were so excited about this beautiful beach. BUT HORROR! WHEN IT WERE HERE FIRST TIME, SUCH A SMELL. I think that they are draining directly into the sea, even the swimsuit could not wash away the smell, and we did not swim there any more. So sorry, very beautiful and comfortable beach. We went by bus three stops to the beach "Scarlet Sails". This is a gorgeous beach, clean and beautiful. Theodosius herself liked, although over the past 15 years has not changed. Buildings and roads need repair. There are a lot of canteens and cafes, the food is delicious. Next year we will go to Sudak or Sevastopol. Usually we go by car, the road from Kerch to Feodosiya is partially made, the wheels were almost torn off. The overall impression of the trip is good. I advise you to look for housing closer to the city center, there is more decent. Feodosia is a holiday for moms with children.

Rested a little more than 2 weeks at the end of June in the house number 1771. The house is located in the courtyard with a few more rooms. The hosts are nice people, no problem helped and gave advice. The description on the site is fully consistent with the actual photos. We are all arranged, the time was spent actively beaches, excursions, walks around the city. Ate both independently and in local cafes. And what is interesting is often the appearance of the cafe does not correspond to the prices on the menu. Loved the variety of coffee in various coffee kiosks in the city. Maybe next year will come back here.

Had a rest with her husband in accommodation option number 882 with Herman. We all really enjoyed it! The owner himself met us at the station, drove, showed everything. The hotel is very clean, everything is like in the photos, the presence of a mini-kitchen is good, it is convenient if you need to warm something up. In the hotel itself there are surveillance cameras everywhere, the money was left right in the room, they were not afraid that someone else would enter. Near the hotel market and various cafes. Theodosia itself is very comfortable and clean, in general, I liked everything. Thank you for a pleasant stay.

Hello! Rested with my wife in Feodosia in July, the private sector on Kuybyshev 12 (on this site number 184). Rest was a great success! The house is excellent, two-story. On the ground floor there is a kitchen with all the necessary appliances and a toilet with a bathroom, on the second floor there is a bedroom with a balcony, air conditioning, TV and

Rested in Feodossiya in late June and early July. We really liked the cozy, old town by the sea. Booked on the website – everything turned out great. Thanks to employee Pavel, he answered all questions quickly, no problems with settling – they met, drove and showed everything, settled. We lived in the lane. Zernovsky, very much. Numbers like the photos on the site, the hosts are wonderful, the yard is neat and tidy, you can contact for any questions. We received a lot of positive impressions, we miss, we plan to return next year. Thank you all so much for help in organizing the rest.

I can only say one thing, FEO-GUIDE SUPER. We really enjoyed your hotel. The most important thing is cleanliness and order. All within walking distance. The staff is good-natured, and they know that everything depends on them how the guests will rest. Prompt, guide, find and

In Feodosia rested at the end

Rested in Feodosia in the family from June 16 to June 27. Booked a house through this site. Loved the attitude and service. The house and the price are fully consistent with the description. On a call we were met and carried to the place of residence. I recommend everyone to book your accommodation through this site without fear. Next year we will use their services again.

Rested in Feodosia in early July. Accommodation booked through this site. Met, drove to the place: №875 on

Theodosius is an old and interesting city. Here and around you can find a lot of interesting things. Unfortunately, a city with such potential now looks neglected and neglected. You will not find beautiful lawns here, flowerbeds. The evenings are dark. We rested in the Komsomolsky park area, so the park itself also does not look like a place for recreation for guests (dirty, dark, there are very few benches). The sea is clean, warm! And the climate is not heavy. Special thanks to Pavel (he’s the only one booking) is the whole process of choosing and booking a home, he quickly and efficiently answered all questions. At the entrance to the city (although it was at night), Pavel met and escorted to the property. Responsible and decent person. The owners of housing (№151) are wonderful people! Everything corresponds to the promises and photos. And the house itself is clean, spacious, has everything you need. around a lot of shops, dining. I can recommend. I also advise you to visit the Park-lions Taigan in Belogorsk. There are many lions behind which it is interesting to observe along the bridges laid at the height. There are many other animals, all are well-kept, good conditions of maintenance, everywhere is beautiful. Poultry can be fed, take with your chicken legs, fruits (bananas, oranges), cabbage, carrots, parsley, quail eggs (capuchins are fun to eat), parsley. Food is sold in the park, but the prices!

Thanks to the company Feo-Guide for providing

We rested in Feodosia with my daughter at the end of June 2016. Rented a room on the street. Clara Zetkin. I liked everything very much. No cons, only pluses. Everything coincided with the description in the ad. No cheating. Beautiful courtyard, Internet, all the conditions that were requested, without "brain removal". To the beach the path is not tiresome. I liked the beach very much, just for those who want to teach children to swim (we chose the one that immediately came out of General Gorbachev Street. In general, we liked the Ukraine cinema most of all. In other areas (especially where there are sandy beaches) there is no lighting (NO ONE), even gouge out the eye. There are benevolent people on the embankment. We have not heard a single harsh word either from the guides or from the sellers (not that in Yalta and Alupka, where you can hear the fools and beggars). long excursions for 2 s +. No exe This is the advertising tour of the full list of excursions of this company. Those traveling in several directions are quite difficult to listen to the same thing several times. We finally started driving ourselves and regretted that we did not do it before (freedom and no one clogs the brain , and + savings from 500 rubles to 1 thousand rubles / person.) Who cares, I can write more. Guided tours of Theodosia on such little white cars (500 rubles) from the picture gallery were like. In general, all the museums and excursions inside Feodosia are beautiful, especially I fell in love with the Stamboli (Allen’s ex-dormitory) cottage. And the Green Museum, the local history museum, the gallery, and the Armenian church – all enjoyed it very much. Prices in Feodosia normal. For example, cucumbers 40-60 rubles, tomatoes 70-130, peaches 60-150, apricots 160-200, cherries 180-200 – THIS IS ON THE MARKET, the beach is more expensive, dairy and chicken as in Moscow, bread 15 – 30. Cheburek – 50 rubles, khachapuri and samsa – 80 rubles. Complex lunch 250-300 rubles, separate dishes 80-150 rubles, pork shashlik 150 rubles / 100 gr. I read earlier about dogs. Strange, but I haven’t noticed anything about dogs. Everything is calm, clean.

Not so long ago flew with

Ordered for Feo-Guide No. 1293 Inexpensive 2-bedroom house in the area of ​​Pearl Beach,

The first time was with my husband in the Crimea from 14 to 28 May. Nature, air, the sea conquered us. Very helpful people. They always explained in detail how to reach, where to look. In Feodosia booked a house in

The rest would be nothing if not the place where we lived, or rather the person who is either the hostess. I want to leave a review about the owner who rents an apartment on Tsiolkovsky Street 19, her name is Lyudmila Evgenyevna +79788 **** 10 guys if you have the opportunity not to settle, use it. Not only that she threw at the grandmother, so also reproached us for damage to property. Get started without soap c. fits in but at the end of your vacation comes up with everything that would only take you money. We wrote up before leaving but just left. So do not see. There she also has a son Roma, the Adams family. We have a pleasant stay

We rested for the first time in Feodosia, for the first time in the Crimea and in general for the first time at sea, in June 2015))) Accommodation was booked through this website, of course, we were very worried whether all the stated conditions of reality would meet (despite the fact that we’ve covered Internet in search of a reliable company). The reality surpassed all expectations: firstly, Pavel (admin) explained everything thoroughly and thoroughly during e-mails, secondly, despite the fact that we were in his car, he personally met us at the entrance to the city and escorted us to the chosen housing, thirdly, the pre-agreed cost of housing and all services has not changed since our very first visit to the site (what some other unscrupulous sites sin with), fourthly, the housing turned out to be exactly as shown on the site’s photos. And we were delighted! For the organization of the meeting, accommodation, reliability of information and goodwill separate Respect to Paul. Especially worth telling about housing and owners. We were going to have a rest in three of them – I, my wife and daughter were 4 years old, so we were looking for accommodation with a pool, in a mini-hotel, and we chose the street. Baranovskoy (if not mistaken, the catalog number of housing – 889). The owner of the hotel is Herman, the most beautiful person, kind, sympathetic, attentive! The hotel is two-storey, with excellent repair, with a mini-kitchen and all the amenities in the room! Clean and tidy in the rooms and on site! The cleanest beautiful pool with lighting, a beautiful pond with hand fishes (in which our children with the neighbors managed to drown the tablet))))) and Hermann and I had to disturb the fish and climb to get it)))) Garage where you can put your car for free ! More on the territory is growing a sweet cherry, which the children shamelessly tore off almost the whole))) There is a grape alley, but in June, of course, we didn’t catch its fruit)

I want to amend my review of the hotel on ul. Baranovskoy – catalog number 882, not 889))) I recommend those traveling to rest with children. To the sea – 5 minutes away from the hustle and bustle of the coastline. In this area there are excellent cafes with home cooking, sushi bars, food and clothing market, supermarkets, in general, everything you need is within walking distance! The nearest beach through Komsomolsky Park is a very good flat sandy bottom, and quite long, for children it’s all! Who wants a pebble – you can walk for about 10 minutes to the next beach. Many tents offering excursions – we used one of them, and did not regret it. And since we were on a personal car, we drove around all the surroundings – very beautiful! To Koktebel – 15 minutes by car! In general, both the site and homeowners deserve only ratings. "fine"!

We rested in Feodosia in August 2015! Feo-guide, this is a reliable company, calmly use their services. Accommodation and photos on the site are fully consistent with reality, the transfer from the airport to the city is well organized. A holiday in Feodosiya brings back the feeling of Soviet times, of those Soviet times, when everything is fine, calm, comfortable. Pleasant gentle sea and excellent sandy beaches, not very humid climate (unlike sochi), there was enough space on the beach even in August to sunbathe and run with the baby, affordable prices in cafes, in general, friendly and smiling locals, good spiritual wine, and as a result: a good impression of rest and returning home in a great mood. I recommend, if not all, then many. Theodosia is a cozy, sincere, kind city! The Theogid – young people, special thanks to Paul himself!

2015 rested in the summer

Good all the time! In 2015, I rested with my son in Feodosia, in a private mini-hotel! There were many options, and tips too. On this site, I picked up a suitable option and took into account all my wishes! The meeting, accommodation and accommodation brought us only positive emotions! Thank you for the hospitality and wonderful rest!

Theodosius left wonderful memories of the rest. Beautiful beaches and friendly people !! Thanks to Pavel for the attentive attitude in the process of housing selection. He met us deep in the night, spent, advised a wonderful person from whom we were able to buy a delicious home-made wine. We liked everything!

I’m just in love with Feodosia and the best rest, personally for myself, I can not imagine. I like everything in Feodosia. One air of the Crimea what it means, and nature, mountains and sandy beaches, stretching for kilometers. Where can I see this? If I count how many years I go there, it is 40 years old. And while I’m alive (thanks to this wonderful land, with its healing gifts), I think that I will visit Crimea more than once, and God willing, I will move to this magic land. The edge of my dreams.

In July of this year, she visited

My spouse and I rested from August 29 to September 18 in the town of Feodosia. Booked through the site Feogid first time and was very worried, everyone thought that somewhere, but let you down. But I want to tell everyone that we have never met a more benevolent, obliging attitude. Booked an apartment for more than 6 months. First of all, everything was as stated for housing, everything was as it was, payment in August was the same amount as it was stipulated in February. Repeatedly called up, deducted from Paul (the organizer of the site), the answers to our questions of interest instantly. After prepayment by email We sent the mail confirming documents, where the entire amount and address of residence were registered. Secondly, at the meeting: we agreed on a transfer, upon arrival we were literally met by us and we drove it comfortably and arranged. All calculations were carried out with the organizer. Pavel is a very helpful, punctual, intelligent young man. We lived in the area of ​​Starshinova-Profsoyuznaya boulevard, near the Barberry shop and the Crimean market. We went to the sea through Komsomolsky Park. It was so nice after a hot beach to walk under the canopy of trees. The beach at Komsomolsky Park is sandy, the entrance is gentle (for children expanse). Well, adults can go far away. The sea was clear. The beach itself of course still needs equipment, but the necessary is there. The city is full of cafes, decent dining. But we mostly cooked at home. In stores, products are usually from the Krasnodar Territory and local. 2 times a week homemade cheese was brought into the courtyard (it is so tasty!) In the food we are picky, we went for food grown under the lively southern sun. And all this was enough. Prices, of course, are no longer Ukrainian, but this is not the main thing. We rest, as a rule, once a year. The main attitude of the locals who communicated more positive sentiment. The beaches of Theodosia, despite September, were quite full. A lot of tour. tents, where you could choose excursions. Thanks to all! We want again in the Crimea!

Hello! Rested in the Crimea in Feodosia with

In July of this year, they decided to try to relax with their families in the Crimea. We were 4 people (3 adults and 1 child 5 years). Let’s go to Feodosia. I liked everything! The place where we stayed was new. Only built private hotel. The beach is very close – 2-3 minutes and already

Feodosia is a wonderful resort town of the Crimean peninsula on the shores of the beautiful Black Sea. Rested for a month in August. Rest in Feodosia was wonderful from beginning to end. Many thanks to Paul – the representative of the company. "Theogid"Pavel explained to us that it is necessary to book for long periods much earlier, and since by the summer almost everything is already occupied and the choice is very limited. Meeting at the airport and transfer. We liked the pre-order via the Internet, it allows you to choose a convenient option, get acquainted with the living conditions in absentia (photo). And also provided checks when reporting is necessary. Impressions are positive, not looking for negative.

Ordered a vest in the private sector. Were very pleased. All information about the proposed housing, presented on the site, is completely untrue. A toansphere was also provided. No problems. Theodosius is a beautiful city. Suitable for holidays with children.

The planned vacation in the velvet season was a success! Firstly, the accommodation booked turned out to be real: what was on the site, in reality, friendly owners, clean comfortable room. The manager of the company, Pavel, met and placed, there were no overlays, we were waited and met. I liked the city very much, the whole family rested here for the first time: clean, quiet, the sea is warm, already quietly, there are great opportunities to plan excursions along the Black Sea coast of Crimea, and an accessible food network. There are only positive memories and the desire to return next year at the same time – the velvet season. Thank!

Paul, hello. Thank you for organizing your holiday, for your patience and attentiveness! I liked a lot, the location of the hotel, thank you for the advice and a realistic assessment of the situation! I would like to host the hotel (http: //

Good day to all! Rested with my husband together from August 30 to September 08, 2015. I ordered accommodation and transfer through this site – no complaints! Everything clearly, without overlap, corresponds to the stated information and photos! Thank you very much! Lived on Shaumyan in 1 room. http: // apartment

In the summer of 2015, at the end of July and the beginning of August, we rested in Feodosia, in the house No. 1317, which was booked through Feo-Guide. Usually we go somewhere abroad, have been to the Crimea, but a long time ago, and this year they decided to support the Crimeans! And we are very pleased with this decision. By the way, several families of our colleagues and acquaintances also got to the Crimea, to different cities for the first time this year, and they were also happy about that. And these people also saw a lot! There were no problems with the road: from Moscow we traveled by plane, and from Simferopol we were met by car from Pavel Feo-Guide. It was very comfortable

Feodosia is a wonderful resort town of the Crimean peninsula on the shores of the beautiful Black Sea. Everywhere there are disadvantages and if you look for them, you will definitely find them. So, as we were looking only for a positive rest, then we had a great rest! Ordered accommodation on the Internet, through Paul. Everything was exactly as in the photo and as Paul said. Rest in Feodosia was wonderful from beginning to end, I did not want to leave! The mood was a little spoiled by a debugged banking system with non-functioning Visa cards, but otherwise everything is fine. Gorgeous weather, clean warm sea, awesome "shell rock "the beach, the hotel staff is friendly, good-natured people, everything is clean. The hotel has a dining room – where we ate (for money is very acceptable) At night, everything is guarded, and the beach is already clean from 6 am, neither a piece of glass nor a piece of paper, by the way for those who say that beaches in Crimea are paid – lie all for free! Our hotel (808 on FeoGid site) is located at the end of the city to the market and buses run to the center with an interval of 3 minutes, went in the evenings to the central embankment where there is plenty of entertainment for both children and adults, in general, we had a great rest !, if everything works out Next year we will go to Feodosia again.

Rested in the first half of August by two families (2 adults and 2 children) in the mini-hotel. They were quarreled from the first day, they booked 2 rooms for 2000 rub., Settled over each other, in one room there was a hefty loggia for relaxing (albeit without a light) in another room there was a small balcony (you can go out together for a smoke) and went to prepare food. For the whole hotel there are 20 rooms in total ONE cooker, so you had to wait in a queue of dishes, 2 cast-iron frying pans on which everything burns, 3 fire pots (a hefty tank, a family liter for 4 liters and a small one), even if you managed to take a pot and cook for example, soup, they will ask her to release. with plates and cups, too, not so hot, we had to buy disposable dishes (in the cafe we ​​didn’t eat often because little kids). At the end of the rest, of course, the dishes arrived, you see, everyone leaving the rooms kept (((((. The children in the territory didn’t play where, small and full of flowers. The mistress of the children’s cry doesn’t stand out, even there was a conflict on this ground almost slipped (( (The place for cars in the household yard closes at the gate, many come under their own power, so it is problematic to leave the parking lot ((((and the car was scratched too (probably in the parking lot). If you spend the whole day not in the hotel and come only sleep, the hotel is not bad, clean and comfortable. True at night, hefty spiders on Alcon and poles crawl. Near the beach "Dynamo" we were not thrilled, dirty (vorosli, bottles and tampons), the ride is better on a patched beach. Not a bad promenade with clubs, but for children, in principle, there is little entertainment.

I want to share my impressions about the rest in Feodosia with

Hello Pavel. Thanks so much for a well-organized vacation! Everything was clear and fair. Successes to you and prosperity!

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Rested in Feodosia house number 155, everything is fine, do not even hesitate, everything in the photo is authentic.

Rested in July in Feodosia, rented a room in the number 877 Minihotel on the very shore of the Black Sea, Theodosius,

Rested with my wife in Feodosia in July 2013, everything was great. First of all, thank you so much to Paul, the representative of the company. "Theogid": initially on the Internet provided us with the fullest information about the housing options of interest, organized a transfer, recommended a great leisure option! Pavel, thank you very much for the informative, reactivity, professionalism, and patience. We were very glad to meet you! Now, directly, about the place of rest. We rested on the street. Listavnichey, in a mini-hotel (on this site at number 827). This is a great place to relax with all the conditions: a clean hotel, with amenities, air conditioning, home cooking, and most importantly – a family friendly atmosphere! The hosts – Gennady and Irina are very nice and beautiful people. We stayed with them for 20 days and could have stayed the same amount! We advise everyone to relax with them! Thanks again to Pavel, Irina and Gennady for their first and unforgettable acquaintance with the Crimea! We hope to meet you! Pavel, once again, thank you very much for a perfectly organized vacation! You did everything clearly, professionally, quickly! Good luck to you in all your endeavors! More grateful customers. With respect and love, Omsk

We rested in Feodosia. The town is not bad. Very nice beach, the promenade is beautiful. We went on excursions. We visited Yalta, Sevastopol, Simferopol and many other places. Crimea is a fairy tale. Places are super. We want to go next year with friends by car. The only not wealth is the price, very expensive. we have imported fruit and it is cheaper.

Good day ! We rested in Feodosia from July 22 to August 3. Our impressions about the rest are only the best. Despite the fact that there are not many beautiful and colorful places in Feodosia itself, our rest was a success! Quiet small town, beautiful clear sea, wonderful people who live there! We were very lucky that we found this site on the Internet, where we contacted the organizer Pavel, who contacted us by phone and asked what specific wishes we had about housing, and picked us up a wonderful guest house 2 minutes from the sea, various cafes and restaurants , cinema, and other entertainment. Faced the problem of transferring and withdrawing funds from bank cards, but this problem did not upset us and we found a way out) We were transferred by relatives through the Russian Post, the service is called "Fast and the Furious" .and within 5 minutes after the transfer, we received money at the post office, which was also located not far from the place where we lived. In general, the result of our vacation in this wonderful town, Rest we madly liked! And thanks to all who gave us their communication and positive emotions.

Two years in a row I have a rest in Crimea. One and with grandchildren. And in Seaside, and in Feodosia rest was beyond praise. Especially this year, despite the fact that the weather in July was not very pleasant, and it was not always possible to swim in the sea. A month of rest in a private 1-room house with all the amenities flew by quickly, the impressions are the best. Green shady courtyard, close to the sea, next to a cheap dining room, all around beauty, for children and adults a lot of pleasure. Hostess Natalya is a wonderful woman, surrounded by constant care, created very comfortable conditions for rest, provided order, comfort, and friendly relations. Thank you so much to Paul, the director of the company, who personally met us and the children at the bus station, and at the end of the rest we took them to the airport. Unforgettable memories, beautiful people, the wonderful city of Theodosius.

Rested in Feodosia from June 18 to July 9, 2015. In June, a little unlucky with the weather, and the rest. All in order. We flew, phoned Pavel, saw the car and we were already driving. We with young children, twins for 3.5 years, the driver provided us with child seats, drove with comfort. We arrived at the apartment, which was chosen in winter, the hostess was already waiting for us. They gave us the keys and we went to rest on the beach. We liked everything. The hosts did not bother us, the air conditioner worked, the wi-fi caught, the fruits from the market were very satisfying for the price. Rested very well. We also traveled to Belogorsk to Safari Park, bought an euscourse on the street, 5 hours in time, this is very little. An hour there, an hour back and three hours there, the territory is very large, the zoo is a contact,

My family and I had a rest in Feodosia at the beginning of July, through your agency I booked an apartment in the private sector (Prosouznaya 43), everything was arranged for us as a luxury apartment, clean and comfortable. I really liked the rest and really didn’t even want

I was looking for housing in the Crimea since January, I wanted to get a discount for earlier booking, as well as with a late search many good places are already taken. Reviewed a huge number of sites. But the desired option was not. I will say right away: the task was complicated by the presence of 5 children. The private sector owners were afraid that the house would be destroyed))) and in hotels at high prices some of my requirements were not fulfilled (own kitchen, private courtyard, 500-800 m to the sea, 1st floor, walking distance: shop, pharmacy) When I I immediately liked this site: a large number of offers, real photos, Paul’s prompt response. As a result of a short (several days) communication, we picked an option. 4-bedroom house

Hello! I really liked the rest in Feodosia, despite all the troubles (bank cards, a single ticket), because, as they say, oil will not spoil the mess. Who did not like the service, even if they rent an apartment for more expensive and everything will be ok. I came to rest and thanks to you, I rested with my granddaughter.

Rested in Feodosia in June 2015. I booked this number in advance http: //

Hello Pavel! Thank you very much for the good work of your company. If I will address about rest in the Crimea, then only to you.

We hope that the review will be useful. This year, rested with his family in Feodosia! Quite by chance found a site

Dear our vacationers, before you go to rest, you read reviews about Feodosia and hotels, guest houses. As a hostess, I want to find a website where you can read about those who want to come to me on vacation. The sad experience suggests that you probably need to open a page and maybe a whole portal who should not be invited to visit. My first challenger from Tyumen is Katyusha Urikh. When I handed over the house, in a telephone conversation we discussed all the nuances with Katya, the first thing that my house is for 4-5 people and no more that the amount will be 1,800 rubles for a two-room house for their family of 5 people. Katyusha warned me that a grandmother would come to them, who was going to the sanatorium for treatment and would sometimes come to them. Well, nothing bad about it, I did not see. Upon arrival at the airport, I met not 5 people, but 7, it was their relatives who were traveling with my Urikh. Upon arrival, my vacationers were very surprised why relatives should not stay with them in the same house. What are you, expel them into the street? I said that many rent apartments on our street and you can choose by price and quality, and we had a persuasion that 5 people live in the house. On this we paid off and parted. I am not an annoying hostess, I passed the house and left, I arrived after 8 days to change the bedding, clean the flowers in the yard. What was my surprise, bitterness and resentment, when I saw the potted flowers standing under the scorching sun, completely burnt. It was necessary to think of putting flowers under the scorching sun +40. It turns out that during this time the house was settled except for my 5 holidaymakers, their grandmother, nephew, relative with the child. Instead of a place for flowers, they all had to inflate mattresses and arrange a rookery for cats. This is for 1800 rubles in the month of July I have 6 adults and three children, in the house where there is one double bed and a sofa. The plants prevented them, and 10 year old monster, they threw out into the street. For resentment, I cried. Do you see this poisonous plant, and they do not want with him is in the same room. Monstera is a houseplant. To my question – how many people live in my house Katyusha said 5 … as agreed, only 5 adults, but we don’t consider children, and we don’t consider grandmother, she has a course card in a sanatorium, and here she comes to sleep and wash … So Here are my lovely holidaymakers, if you want a good attitude towards yourself, please try to respect us – housewives. Thank you so much Katya Urikh from Tyumen, you told me that I had to discuss everything in writing. From SW. Irina Feodosiya

feodosia is health that you can’t buy money

Rested in Feodosia with his wife three times. To fall in love with the Crimea and Cafu – one is enough. Beautiful city, wonderful people. Very hooked cafe "Entresol" – great food and live music. The sea and the air are simply superb. Happiness and good to you all, Crimeans!

Rest in Feodosiya wonderful, clean, comfortable, beautiful. One minus of the eco-tour of the Sonata Network is disgusting – expensive, formal

Hello! We miss Feodosia very much, we warmly remember your vacation. I’d like to someday visit again in the most beautiful city of Crimea. Thank you, Pavel! ;-) I don’t know if my review will help, but I’m grateful to the owners of a private hotel at Lunacharsky 15. Very nice, good-natured people. Living conditions are also very pleased. From the bottom of my heart, I wish you, Pavel, and Natasha all the best both in business and in life. Good luck and prosperity! :-)

I rested with my family in Feodosia from July 2 to August 10. The only time I didn’t want to go back home after the holidays. In Crimea was the first time in 43

Rested family in July. Rooms booked for earlier through the site. Honestly, after a request to make an advance payment, he doubted. But the amount of payment was small and I paid. I ordered a transfer from the airport of Simferopol to Feodosia, and again, honestly, there were doubts. All this time, from the moment of booking the accommodation and the transfer until the departure from the airport of St. Petersburg communicated with Pavel. And here he is a moment of arrival. Thoughts about the following: "In the extreme case, there is a lot of housing, we will find something". But as it was agreed before the flight, Pavel stood at the airport building in Simferopol with a sign "Feo Guide". Lightened. In two and a half hours, we got to the place (Bulk 10). Everything was like in the photo. In short, everything is super. To the sea 10 -15 minutes, the market and shops nearby, the owners are simply the standard of hospitality, the rooms are chic, all the conditions are top notch. Thank you so much for the rest. Next year we will go to Feodosia here. We thank Paul for the excellent organization of the transfer, for the assistance provided.

Dear owners of the hotel №888 (Profsoyuznaya)! With a warm feeling we remember you, Anna Yuryevna and Sergey Vladimirovich, as well as your wonderful city. As my husband said: "The best city on earth". Thank you very much for the rest, we had a good, clean, quiet, comfortable, quiet place. Next year, if all goes well, we will try to come again, good health to you and your family, good luck in your business, flowering to your garden!

Finally, there was a referendum. Our Crimea, Russian! The first time went to the Crimea on May 1, 2014. Yes, we stood in line for the ferry for a very long time, yes, the cellular connection was still Ukrainian, but the Crimea was so dear! By car traveled many beautiful places. We went for the second time in August 2014. We found the site FeoGid, the organizer Pavel. A wonderful person: he explained everything, met us in a car, drove us to the place. All the pictures that Paul puts on the site clearly coincide with reality. We booked a boathouse in Feodosia in the village of Primorsky http: //

Having planned vacation at the end of August 2014, we searched for a long time on the Internet for accommodation in Feodosia. I do not remember where, but stumbled upon the Internet site

The time of our holiday in Feodosia had at the end of July and the beginning of August.

Rested in July 10 days with two families

So I decided to leave a review, but there are so many thoughts that I was confused about what to write. In Feodosia we rested in with

I will be brief! My family with 2 children and a grandmother decided to spend their holidays on the Black Sea coast in the Crimea for the first time. There was a choice – either to go and search for accommodation upon arrival at the place, or to trust the websites and organizations that stand behind them. At your own risk chose the latter. I want to say only one thing: I have never met a more responsible, decent, organized approach and an employee of the company! If you entrust your rest to Pavel, you will regret nothing, because he will think it over and will offer you such options that will satisfy anyone who wants to rest. It was a great surprise for me that such approaches are still used in an online travel agency (or how to correctly name the organizers of such sites). I have a very skeptical and incredulous husband, but he was more than pleased with this kind of organization of rest! So THANK YOU GREAT PAVLU. I am sure that this is the person about the cooperation with which you will never regret.

I decided to take care of the rest in advance, after reviewing a lot of sites I stopped at Feogida, Pavel immediately responded, took into account all wishes and budget, found accommodation, sent a booking fee, of course there were doubts, we went to Feodosia for the first time, but everything turned out even better than I

Spent two weeks in Feodosia in June 2014 with a daughter of 14 years. Found by chance on the Internet site Feogid

I hope my review will be useful for people traveling to the Crimea on a single ticket. With my son, I decided to go to the Crimea, the city of my youth Theodosia, on the May holidays, and bought a Single ticket to Feodosia. Relatives discouraged me, saying that it would be hard, okay alone, and also with a young child, son of 4 years old. But I took the risk and did not lose. When leaving Moscow, I certainly had little idea how it would be, but everything turned out to be at a high level. In Anapa, we were greeted with a single ticket, gathered everyone into a good bus and, without waiting for anything, went to the ferry. Having approached the crossing we saw a huge queue of assembled cars, well, everything, I thought, now we will stand for a very long time. But our bus rode unhindered in the next lane and unloaded us on the ferry. In Crimea, we were also waited with signs, only on each plate was indicated the city to which we eat the “Single ticket to Theodosia”. We were also put on a comfortable bus and we drove to Feodosia. Despite the fact that the road seems hard, everything turned out to be at the height, and for my little son it was a fascinating adventure. In May, the water in the sea is still cold, but of course we were lucky with the weather, we managed to sunbathe and enjoy the spring aromas of flowering trees. On May 9, we traveled with an excursion group to Sevastopol, we had long wanted to visit this city of naval glory, and here we had a parade of ships. The tour turned out to be very rich, we went to the parade, went to Balaclava for lunch, and after we drove to Sapun mountain to visit the diorama, there was a small respite and then we went to the air show, evening concert and fireworks. There were a lot of people, patriotism went off scale, because this is the first on May 9, passing under the Russian flags. The trip to Sevastopol was, of course, tiresome, but we really enjoyed it. May 11, we went home, just for a single ticket. So, I advise you not to be afraid and to go to the Crimea to rest, the people there are friendly and very happy to join Russia. And the Single ticket is very convenient, no need to stand anywhere in the queues, and then also wait for the transport, everything is thought out for you.

I first met Feodosia at the end of July 2011. Went to relax for the company of a friend. To tell the truth, the impressions were not very pleasant. A lot of people, the water is too warm for me to warm up to 25 ° C, and, of course, too hot. It was felt that they are trying to maintain order and cleanliness on the beach in every possible way, but in the end they manage less than 50%. In 2013, I decided to give this Crimean city a second chance and went there to rest with my husband, who very much insisted on this point of the globe. Why did he want to go there? He is not a fan of pebbles for me, so give him something “softer”. And Theodosius is famous for its coast, where, wandering along the beach, under your feet you will be able to appreciate the charm of an amazing and unique sensation of a combination of sand and grated shells. I was skeptical to stay there for a week, but in the end we lingered for almost 3 (from May 24 to June 11). Because this time we are very lucky. • We did not immediately rent housing for the entire period. The first couple of days lived in one place, then found the option much better on the embankment and only a little more expensive. When we decided to stay for another 2 weeks, there were no problems. Affected by the fact that the rest in this period is still small. • Cafe “Fazenda” pleased with a decent low-cost food. • The time has not yet come for such sweltering heat. • The water and the coast were very clean, it was a pleasure to swim. Maybe for someone the temperature of the “sea bath” at 18–20 ° C will be too cool, but for us and my husband this temperature is the most comfortable. I want to separately note that the fact that we try to travel by car whenever possible is always a kind of bonus for us. It was exactly the same this time. We could not only enjoy the beach, but also plunge into the unique historical atmosphere of Theodosia and its surroundings without the help of annoying guides. It was not only more pleasant, but also much cheaper. Now my husband and I advise all our friends and acquaintances to visit the cities of Crimea at the beginning of the season if they want to get real pleasure from the rest.

In September 2011, my husband and I finally realized our long-cherished dream – to drive through the picturesque Crimean coast by car. The end of September was the best for the first acquaintance with the Crimea: there was no sweltering heat and many tourists, but there was still plenty of sunny days, and the water in the sea was quite comfortable. In addition, many hotels have reduced prices at the end of the summer season. Since we live in Krasnodar, the most convenient thing was to get to Ukraine via ferry in the port of Kerch. The first point of our vacation route was Feodosia, where we arrived at the most romantic time of the day – at sunset. Before entering the city, we noticed a small stylish hotel right on the beach at the entrance to Feodosia, but we decided to see the city from the inside. After wandering around the small, cozy promenade, we found the price tag of local hotels a bit overpriced and decided to return to the previously noted hotel, which we didn’t regret. A cozy sandy beach with sun loungers and bright umbrellas, breakfast in an open-air cafe overlooking the sea, delicious cuisine and light music – all this set the right tone for our journey. Having traveled all over the peninsula, we did not meet the beach better than in Feodosia, on the way back we stopped at this hotel again, assigning Feodosia the highest score in our personal rating.

In August last year, I went with my son to the Crimea. Friends advised to stay in Feodosia. I have never regretted that I rested in this particular city. This is a very cozy and warm little world. It has everything for a relaxing full rest. But first things first. Frankly, I first had to worry a bit because of the dwelling. We booked nothing in advance, but arrived at the height of the season. But even in this period, as it turned out, it is possible to rent a house. We stopped in the private sector, not far (about 10 minutes walk) to the sea. By the way, the prices are quite reasonable, which is very pleased. All days spent on the sea. The water is clean. As for the beach, went to the sand. There are in Feodosia and pebble coastal zones. But this is a matter of taste. Just walk around the city – a pleasure. I can not say that in Feodosia a lot of greenery, but the avenue is enough. They can always hide from the midday heat. Komsomolsky Park became a favorite vacation spot for his son. Not surprising. A lot of time was spent here on the rides. Ate exclusively in the cafe. The service staff is very friendly. The food is fresh, tasty. It was here that she discovered the mussel skewers – an unusual, but very light and healthy dish.

I am writing for all who have never been to Feodosia. Last year I myself had a rest in Feodosia for the first time; I came with my husband on a honeymoon. This small town struck us with an abundance of beaches throughout the bay. We sunbathed on a pebble beach, and after 10 minutes already on the sandy. Despite the fact that we rested not in the center, but moved closer to the bus station almost everywhere on foot, the shady green streets contributed to this. If you are tired there is a place to rest, many parks, cozy small courtyards of houses and wealth of shops. The markets are filled with local produce – apricots, raspberries, watermelons, but we were most impressed by the peaches of the local gardens, although shaggy but the taste is simply excellent, we have never tasted such and many varieties of them. So I advise everyone to try! We went on excursions to Yalta, and Sevastopol, as well as sailed on a pleasure boat to Sudak, dolphins periodically accompanied us on the way, which was not a spectacle. In general, excursion buses depart from Feodosia throughout the Crimea, we just didn’t have enough two weeks of rest to travel around the Crimea. But in general, the rest was a success, this year we will eat there too.

Theodosia is a very cozy and lovely town. Especially beautiful there in June. I say this not by hearsay, since this year they rested there for almost two months. The Feodosia Sea is clean and transparent, on urban beaches it is also quite clean. My wife and I rented a small cozy room in the private sector on

This year, once again rested in Feodosia, has long been there like at home. Usually we went wild, but now for the second year due to the replenishment of the family)) we book accommodation via the Internet. Honestly, the first pancake turned out to be a lump, in 2012 we booked an apartment through one young lady, and on arrival it was not at all the way it was told. This year, already taught by bitter experience, we approached the issue of booking more scrupulously. I do not remember where and how, but I stumbled upon this site and, along with others, left an application for the housing I liked. After answering our inquiry, we had a lot of questions. To which employee Pavel answered very clearly and fully. So after about a week of correspondence, discussions and deliberation, we booked accommodation. Upon arrival, everything was as clear as in correspondence – at the exit from the car, as promised, Pavel waited for us, helped bring the bags to the car, took them to a place of rest, also helped with bags when checking in, introduced the hostess and wished them a pleasant stay. customers. Accommodation was exactly as we wanted and booked. This time, we fully felt the beauty of pre-ordering housing, because literally an hour after our arrival we were on the beach. As for Theodosia itself, it is very well suited for a family vacation, there are no crazy crowds of people, a lot of space, lots of greenery and of course great beaches. We can say that in Feodosia you feel at home only the sea is there. At the end of the rest, Pavel also took us to the station and wishing for a good journey again, quickly escaped back home. Thank you very much to Paul for the conscientious attitude towards customers, everything was at its best. Now we will only book your accommodation with your help.

In Feodosia, we rested as a family in September. At first glance, the usual small unremarkable town, but the sea of ​​amazing beauty, the water is warm and clear. We rented an apartment in the area of ​​Dynamo with all the comforts, repairs, a TV and a refrigerator for only 160 hryvnia. We swam mainly on the azure beach, sometimes we went to the Golden Beach, although we didn’t quite like the fact that we descended huge stones into the water, which was not very pleasant and it was possible to slip. The beach is beautiful with sand and a small shell, though there are a lot of people in the velvet season and in order to take a decent place you need to come earlier. But this did not bother us, we were early birds and always came to the beach around 9 o’clock in the morning. In the evening, they usually walked along the embankment, where you can choose a cafe for every taste, but ate in the dining room on Fedko Street. There and the food is tasty and inexpensive, lunch for two people cost about 250 rubles. Sometimes they went to eat in a cafe on the embankment, not far from the night club “Arcadia”. Of the attractions impressed museum them. Aivazovsky and the Genoese fortress, which is located just 2 km from the embankment. Visited a very beautiful old Iveron church. In the city of entertainment is not very much, the rides are mainly designed for small children, and there are very few parks. I liked the boat trip to the mountains of Kara-Dag, but we didn’t transfer it very well, it didn’t feel good. Rest in Feodosia has its advantages and disadvantages, but on the whole I liked the rest!

Hello to all. We want to share our impressions after a holiday in Feodosia in August 2013. We rested in the near

Hello to all. We want to share our impressions after a holiday in Feodosia in August 2013. We rested in the near

Rested in early August, the family in Feodosia. All liked it. The organizer Pavel met at the car, helped bring the bags to the car, brought to our accommodation at the address. Bulk, d. 10, housing liked, very beautiful courtyard, playground, kitchen, comfortable room with all amenities. Within a kilometer radius there is everything you need: beaches, a park, shops, a market. The beaches are all from pebbles to sand. 20 minutes by bus is Koktebel, there is a very good new water park.

Vera Grigorievna Luperenko, acting as an intermediary, gives unfair advertising and information on the Internet about apartments in the private sector along Starshinova Boulevard (houses 8-10, etc.) rented to people coming to Feodosia for summer holidays. He does not report that the apartments turn off the water every day for many hours, and sometimes almost all day, that the apartments are not prepared, the doors are jammed, the windows are drained from the basements, so that it is impossible to breathe and from all this you can catch an infection (our a child of five is really sick), bed linen does not change as it should be, and towels are not issued at all. It is silent that the area is outdated, dusty, with chipped pavements and pavements, the park leading to the beach is also dusty and dirty, and the beach itself is cramped, polluted and overcrowded and everything does not correspond at all to the advertising that Luperenko gives on the Internet

Rested in early August, the family in Feodosia. All liked it. The organizer Pavel met at the car, helped bring the bags to the car, brought to our accommodation at the address. Bulk, d. 10, housing liked, very beautiful courtyard, playground, kitchen, comfortable room with all amenities. Within a kilometer radius there is everything you need: beaches, a park, shops, a market. The beaches are all from pebbles to sand. 20 minutes by bus is Koktebel, there is a very good new water park.

My relatives lived first in the Crimean village and went to Feodosia on the sea. Something attracts them to this ancient citadel of Athens. Maybe the opportunity to rent a simple low-cost housing. Or maybe I liked the convenient Black Sea coast, located inside the city. Therefore, when I come to the Crimea to my relatives, I invariably fall into Feodosia. Now, and because they finally moved to the sea town. I did not have to go to Theodosia health centers, but I heard that they were the resting place of the Soviet elite. But I lived in a tent on the beach, and in a removable house. At night, some unseen insects climbed into the tent – they did not eat anyone, but it’s better not to save money. Moreover, inside the house, even on the hottest day, coolness reigned. I do not know how much such housing is now, bungalows, for example, in 2011 could be removed for 250 hryvnia. I am a Siberian and everything is unusual for me: the blue mountains, the sea, the influx of jellyfish, catamarans, antique towers and arcades from the time of the Turkish seizure, the gallery of Aivazovsky, photographers with monkeys and pythons. And in September 2012, I came for a week to my relatives and came to the wine festival, where scenes were played, and wine flowed like water, in short, a mass of enthusiasm and impressions.

Rested this year in August. What to say, it’s not for me. The children didn’t like the Aivazovskaya station. In the private sector, everywhere, ripping off everything promised very dearly 7 minutes before the sea turned out to be necessary to cross a bridge that staggers. The prices are crazy, even for Moscow, this is twice as much. No longer eat in Feodosia. Yes, even a mini-boarding house with one price to one another, you already decide, and then people do not understand how much a room costs.

Theodosia is another pearl of the Crimea, it is always warm and cozy here. Although the town is small, but there are a lot of entertainment and sights here, so you can stay here for a week and not go anywhere. At the station, locals meet and offer a variety of housing. The choice is big – from economy offers to expensive apartments, but the main thing is not to be mistaken with the terrain, although all roads eventually lead to the sea. We decided to settle with one married couple, the day per person turned out 160 hryvnia. First of all, upon arrival in the resort town, everyone rushes to the beach, I will hasten to please you, here it is free. The only thing you have to pay for is comfort, namely renting a sunbed. Our apartment was located in the center of the city, so only 10 minutes to the sea remained. Near the waterfront there are many cafeterias and canteens, where you can eat and not worry about recuperation. Our favorite dining room was called “Dining Room” and was right on the way to the beach. Lunch with us cost around 50 hryvnia – this is the first, second course, where there was always something meat and compote. I really liked to order pizza at Arkady’s bistro, which was also located on the waterfront. As for entertainment, there is no less than the southern coast of Crimea. First, you should definitely visit the Green House Museum, he will leave only the warmest and best memories. And secondly, go on a tour of the city, where you will tell its history and show all the temples, mosques, monuments, as well as parks and historical sites. We ordered such an excursion from women who sit on the street with large banners, it is difficult to pass by such. For this walk you will definitely need a camera. Here you can find a lot of oriental sweets and try dishes from different nations living in Feodosia. Another highlight is skiing on a boat, where you can see the sunset. We were promised dolphins, but for a long time looking into the sea, we did not see anything. In the evening, you can go to the nightclub “Water World”, there is the best incendiary music, pj and every time a new program. The only thing that scared this year was more jellyfish, however, they didn’t come close to the shore, the bathing area was clean and the water was clear, so you could see the bottom. It is better to take places on the beach in advance, otherwise you will not squeeze through, my friend and I left litter for lunch.

Good day. I am writing briefly and to the point. Rest in the Crimea is like, we go with our family, in this 2013 three of us rested – I am a wife and a daughter for 5 years in June. The sea in Feodosia is very warm and clean, the beach is sandy with


lived on

As promised, I continue my feedback on the work of this company and its employee, as well as the rest of my children. Everything was exactly as Paul had promised. The kids met right at the station, on arrival of the train. Showed options for apartments. According to the situation and the price, everything was fine, even more so, considering that the students were driving. Paul turned out to be very understanding and not afraid to repeat an attentive and responsible person. After selecting a home, it was from HIS room that the happy daughter called me and said that everything was in order, and despite the long journey on the train and the evening – they were in the shower and walking. They did not waste their energy in search of an apartment, time was saved, so everything is fine. The rest has begun. Once again I want to thank Paul for his professionalism and goodwill! If my husband and I are going on vacation this year, there will be no doubt, of course, Theodosius and of course with the help of Paul.

Well, about Paul will not speak. He is a man

Today contacted the site with Paul. I send my children to rest. The first impression is simply amazing. Attentive, understanding and friendly employee! Guys are leaving

In 2012, rested with my husband in Feodosia. Chose number 803 Profsoyuzny 2. Very cozy, clean! Lena, the hostess of the mini-hotel and her husband are very friendly young people! The hotel is located in a quiet area of ​​Feodosia, has its own kitchen, where it is always clean. The numbers in the photo coincide with reality. if you stay for a vacation they will not regret!

We want to thank our guide Pavel, who took us from Simferopol to Feodosia. We got not only with comfort (in a big, roomy car with air conditioning), but also a good informative conversation about the Crimea. After a long and cold winter, the May week in Feodosiya seemed like a paradise to us. The gentle sun with a ray of heat so much so that we all burned down, the water (they say the locals) was 16 degrees, but we swam. Feodosia is a clean, green city with leading reconstruction. Anyone who is just going to rest – we have rested almost all over the Crimea and have not yet seen such gorgeous beaches, for every taste. Greetings from Murmansk.

Guys, Hi! We like to drive you. Your kind attitude, like houses. Wait for this summer! Good luck in business and VERY, VERY GOOD WEATHER in your home! Igor, Marina (already regular visitors 2011,2012)

Hello everyone, I want to share with you my impressions of such an interesting city as Theodosius. I booked accommodation yesterday and was flooded with anticipation of a good holiday. So, let’s begin. I discovered Feodosia for myself three years ago when my husband and I went on a honeymoon trip. We rested in the city center and all the clubs were ours. Happy beach, evening nightlife. In general, they drew off in full. The next season had to be missed due to pregnancy))). Last year we already went with our daughter. We had a rest on “Dinamo”. The rest was wonderful, calm, the beach was sandy and another Feodosia was discovered – the family one. And this year we will go with the whole family to rest in

We decided last summer with the family to rest in Feodosia, as our resorts are pretty fed up. And the fact that they made such a choice did not even upset us! They chose a hotel on an interesting place – on the one hand a well-groomed, “urban” beach, and on the other hand “wild”. Pleasantly surprised prices in entertainment, if you translate the hryvnia into rubles – it turns out almost two times cheaper than in the central region of Russia. It was also interesting to visit places such as holy springs, with amazing clean and tasty water, lie down on the “Golden” beach – there is no sand under your feet, but a scattering of small, but not sharp shells. Pleased with the kitchen in Feodosia. For 120 – 200 UAH you can order a salad in the cafe, the first, second and tea with cake or a piece of cake. The portions are large, you can hardly eat it all. Theodosius is remarkable for the fact that there is a very soft sun. If in Russia, after lying on the beach for 3-4 hours, you can easily get burnt (even in the evening and morning time) in Feodosia you can lie almost the whole day – the skin gets a “delicious” chocolate shade and does not burn. Also, the tan in Feodosia is much smoother. In general, everyone has positive emotions after a rest for a whole year. Already decided that next summer we will go again to Feodosia!

I have long wanted to go to the sea, with a vacation at work I was detaining, it turned out that I went to it only in September. Having decided not to bother with permits, searching for an apartment in advance, my friend and I went by train to Feodosia. The city itself was chosen before, so that no pomp, just a small and quiet resort town. The railway station is located in the city itself. Coming out of the train, taking the bags at the ready, we started searching for housing. We were looking for a short time, a grandmother came up to my girlfriend and soon we were stomping to the shelter. Normal small house, we had a separate entrance. Nothing more is needed, I didn’t want a hectic entertainment. They decided to eat partly themselves, partly in cafes or canteens. In the city they have enough, the prices are normal, even for such economy-tourists. First of all we rushed to the sea, the closest was a beach “pebbles” from a mixture of small pebble and sand, a sandy bottom, a shallow shore. Over time, they embraced and visited many beaches, including a trip to the “golden” (sand there, in fact, the color of gold). We saw lots of live dolphins in dolphins, very cute, I don’t want to talk about fish at all. We walked on foot to the fortress, not more than 2 km from us. In Feodosia, it is more destroyed than in Sudak, but it blows such antiquity. The city has several ancient Orthodox churches, the Aivazovsky Gallery, the Green Museum (the famous “Scarlet Sails”). I realized my cherished dream, went on a horse ride. 10 km through the forest, then to the very top of the mountain, the view there is wonderful. In ten days, of course, we did not have much time, but we had a quiet and inexpensive rest. I learned that in Feodosia you can get a good spa treatment, there is a children’s sanatorium dealing with allergies. The following year, they decided to combine rest with treatment.

Rest in Feodosia was wonderful from beginning to end, I did not want to leave! In March, we booked a hotel room at Paul

I thank the coordinator Pavel for the mobility, for the fact that in a few minutes I managed to find the right accommodation. Best regards, Alain.

Feodosia is a wonderful resort town of the Crimean peninsula on the shores of the beautiful Black Sea. Everywhere there are disadvantages and if you look for them, you will definitely find them. So, as we were looking only for a positive rest, then we had a great rest! My children and I constantly visited the Children’s Beach, there are a lot of people on the shore, but I was pleased with the entrance to the sea – without stones! Lovers of foot massage, it is better to visit the central beach Kamushki. The sea itself is warm and clean everywhere, but still we decided not to swim on the pebbles, according to rumors, local businesses pour waste there. We lived in the center and near was a good market where there was a large variety of fresh fruits and vegetables at a low price. Quite a few were small parks with attractions – the perfect place for an evening walk with children! A diverse number of excursions and boat trips on a boat did not let us get bored. Just like us, you can take a sightseeing tour of the city and visit the Genoese fortress, the Iversk church, the Kazan Cathedral, the old mosques and

Wonderful hotel number 882 in a quiet place of Feodosia! Clean, new, with an incredibly good aura, great owners! The area is calm and quiet, passing a very pleasant park, you find yourself on the waterfront. My wife and I had a great rest and gained strength. We highly recommend to everyone who appreciates peace and comfort. Thank you so much Paul for placing in such a small paradise in the beautiful city of Feodosia! :)


Rest in Feodosia liked. I ordered accommodation on the Internet, through Paul. Upon arrival, meeting at the station. Sending to the station upon departure. Accommodation in the area k / t "Ukraine" very comfortable. Near the sandy beach, next to the city! _skim. Many places to eat for every taste. Compared to other places, Theodosius is not so crowded. Less super-intrusive service. Living conditions are good. Pre-order via the Internet allows you to choose a convenient option, in absentia to get acquainted with the living conditions (photo). Thank you for a good rest.

Rested in Koktebel, there was one negative: the village is dirty, the park does not clean up at all, it stinks of sewage and flows along the street. School, there are almost no shops. There is not a single wooden walkway on the beach. Robbed the owner. (although he told us to close, Dolny 7a). For 10 days an economy class gave for a super luxury!

In 2011, rested in Feodosia for the first time. We wanted to book accommodation on the Internet

Alexander can not agree with you. In 2009, the family rested in Koktebel, on the very first day of rest, the child went into the water and cut his foot on the rocks. As it turned out later, we are not alone in the market, even selling children’s rubber shoes for these purposes (they are similar to galoshes), but what a swim in the shoes. If Koktebel is suitable for young people, it is not quite for family holidays.

Rested with friends this year in Koktebel, in comparison with Theodosia – another world. In Koktebel, you can feel the summer rest, a lot of entertainment on the embankment, and the sight at dawn when the rocks turn red in the rays of the sun, millet is a delight. Wine there is a different local tried, brandy "Koktebel" took with them. The only drawback is the more expensive housing.

Rested in July, in Feodosia! The first impression of the city, an old and cozy town by the sea. We lived not far from the railway station, the apartment was ordinary, they only spent the night there, but we drove over the warm sea, the sun and positive emotions, and not just hang around the whole day in the apartment. Almost all the time spent on the waterfront, sunbathed during the day, and all night fun. There are a lot of good clubs, foam parties are very memorable. One night we rode on the open sea on a boat, an incredible feeling, the night sea mysteriously beautiful, I advise everyone, and Theodosius glows beautifully. A couple of times were on the beach in the golden sands, the beach is good, clean. Ride to see the famous Koktebel, about 20 minutes by bus. There nature is beautiful, bathed on the beach overlooking the mountains. I love the mountain Crimea. And the main purpose of my trip was the Aivazovsky Museum, precisely because of his work, I fell in love with the sea before I saw it. And the museum did not disappoint me, it is worth the attention, the paintings are fascinating and do not leave indifferent. You can say, Theodosius realized my little dream! Walking around the city, we found many beautiful buildings, I liked the wall of the A. Green Museum with the ship’s stucco molding, unfortunately they didn’t get inside. Another walking found the Genoese fortress. The spirit of antiquity hovers around it and reminds of the old times described in the history books. In general, the impressions were positive, I did not look for the negative, I liked everything very much, there is something to see and where to relax!

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