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On our site you will find the best selection of poems for our mothers! Kind and sincere lines that will be a pleasant gift and a warm memory.


Touching poems that will not leave anyone indifferent.

Thanks Mom

The sun does not shine every day And a passerby does not always smile. Sometimes sadness brazenly climbs into the soul Or anger that even climb from the skin.

Every morning, the world is so different And all the people in it are so different. But there is one who is always happy for you Even if the day is not good!

In a difficult moment, in spite of everything. We need to remember her smile. It will immediately become easier for you. The violin also subsides.

In this life, whoever you are She loves, forgives and understands Just so, not for anything, of course, and in return does not expect anything.

But perhaps it will not be superfluous After all, for happiness, she needs so little. Just say “thank you” more often. Thank you for everything, mom!

Take care of your mothers …

Take care of your mothers, Respect, appreciate, cherish, Surround with your love, Sore with heart and soul. We are rich, while our mother is near, We come to her, when everything is fasting, She just needs to hug, Whisper: “I am with you, my dear!” happy to Do not forget that somewhere waiting for you. Come, call more often, Even a few modest minutes, Don’t spare in the shower. Take care of your mothers, Manage yourself while they are near, Treat as warmly as possible- Nothing else they need

You just do not hurt

At night mom bent over the crib And quietly whispers Tiny of her: “You just do not have pain, my Bunny is sweet, I beg you, you just do not hurt …” When the disease comes to the child, Sobs a mother’s soul. And mom does not fall asleep until morning, By pressing her baby’s palm to her cheek … When her eyes glitter not from merriment, When the son or daughter’s temperature is warming Without a break, she repeated: “Get away, illness, get away from your son!” And no medicine cures like that, Like mother’s care and warmth … Love – will provide a child with happiness, Drive away all ailments, misfortunes, evil … Everything is more important for mothers Health, happiness of their own children. And in the same way, children love their mother, Mature becoming, take care of her … Years have passed … In bed, the mother is sick, She has two adult sons whisper to her: “Just you are not ill, my dear, I ask you, you are just not ill …”

Mom smile more often

Sweetheart, dear with a warm look, And consoled and hugged and squeezed … Mom, be with me always near you, You are the only one who will tell and understand! I feel the warmth of your wonderful hands, Not enough and sometimes sad, You are not just a mother, but a reliable friend. Do not scold, but you regret silently! The children grew up and flew out of the nest, Someone took off, and someone fell, Only you hopefully expecting us, Mom, only with you comes rapture! I want God to always keep you, By the side of a distant drama. Every day so that only joy gave, Smile more often, my dear, our dear mother!

Holy office

Mothers have a holy position in the world – Pray for the children given. Both day and night in the invisible air. The prayers of our mothers are heard. One will be silent, echoed by another. Night will change the day, and night will come again. But mothers prayers do not stop For a dear son or daughter. The Lord listens to the prayers of mothers, He loves them more than we love. Mother never to pray will not get tired About children that are not yet saved. There is a time for everything, but as long as we are alive, We must pray, cry to God. In prayer hidden unearthly power, When their mother whispers with tears. How quiet. In the courtyard the birds fell silent, It has long been all gone to sleep. Before the window bowed down to pray My dear loving mother.

Mother’s heart

Mother’s heart is radiant, Kind, bright, pure Likes, regrets, forgives, Always helps out in troubles. May I not be a boy for a long time, But for you I am a little boy: You will say the cherished word, And you are ready to chide. Let the years be not imperious – You remain beautiful, In forces and good health, Worse be warmed by love.

Do not hurt mothers

Do not offend mothers, Do not be offended by mothers. Before parting at the door Gently say goodbye to them.

And you are not in a hurry to leave the turn, do not hurry, And she, standing at the gate, Wave as long as possible.

Mothers sigh in silence, In the silence of nights, in silence disturbing. For them, we are forever babies, And it is impossible to argue with that.

So be a little bit kinder, Watch them do not be annoyed, Do not offend mothers. Do not be offended by mothers.

They suffer from separation, And to us on the road infinite Without maternal good hands – As babies without a lullaby.

Write letters to them soon And do not hesitate to say high words, Do not offend mothers, Do not be offended by mothers.

Mother’s reward

You’re so close all the time, so close! What can I give for it? And you answer me: “The reward is when the daughter is to someone and the mother.” Ah, to give that debt to tears, But alas, I am submissive to fate. And I will go along this path, Giving it – not to you.

You are a mother. Is it a lot or a little? You are a mother. Is this happiness or the cross? And it is impossible to start all over again, Now you pray for what is: For weeping night, for milk, diapers, For the first step, for the first words. For all children. For each child. You are a mother! And so right! You are the whole world. You are a rebirth of life. And you would like to embrace the whole world. You are a mother. Mama! This pleasure No one can take away from you!

Loving mother

Breathed the cool evening, Hurry from the heat of the earth to rest. To you, this hour, with the love of a daughter I address, my mom. Thank you, dear mother For kindness, for affection and love. I was not obedient and stubborn, But you, with patience, forgave everything again. I, baby, shaking on my hands, You were full of dreams and dreams, I hardly thought then, my dear, That for me you shed so many tears. I want now for every tear that I dropped for me, And in my hair, for every bit of me Ask for forgiveness, mother. by you. Well, why did I understand so late, Something was not a whim, not a whim, And maternal love, holy, I was not allowed to roll down. So now I want to make up for infinitely Lost years. I thank the Lord heartily, What gave me a loving mother!

Funny and funny poems that will lift your mood with ease.

I have three of them …

I have three of them. I don’t have much. I eat in the kitchen, standing, So that no one touched. I do not iron clothes And the floors are not mine. And for dinner, even Serve the second. I can dress in a burning match; A cat, like a baby, Nursing by habit. I know how to build a tower and a car. I know how to arrange a birthday doll. I know how to do. For a hundred years, smarter Over three years has become. I read: “Ma-ma” Consoles … “Mamaaaaaaaa”! I answer: “Mom?” And shake: “Ma-a-ma.” We build our happiness In a small apartment. I have three of them. And I want – four …

Only mom will regret And squeezes her chest, It hurts with a rag, If she doesn’t go to school!

Scolds, since the bride Nechoroshuyu found. And put you in place, If a drunk in the house came!

Let the pope in childhood beat – Easier to live in youth! The one that life gave us, We will forever we love!

Stands on a rickety stool, Trembles like a small sheet, A youngster in front of the guests Reads mom’s congratulations:

“Today is this wonderful holiday. I wish my mother good, Even if her son is a rogue, So that she is not angry.

I wish to be always beautiful, There is always a fervent fervor in the blood! ”And the little one suddenly blushed red:“ And then I forgot the words. ”

The best beast in the world

To grow properly, I must start a mom, Mom is a very useful beast, It’s better not to find it right! If you want to eat – It is necessary only to shout, Mom comes running right there, Will offer sisyu. Sisyah milk is easy and easy. One has only to suck – Straight into the mouth flows like a river! If you have eaten a lot, But still you do not want to sleep – So that mom would not miss, You can shout again. Mom will take me in her arms, Mom will sing a little song, Mom will tell a tale, Dance, bring a ball! If you want to sleep nevertheless, It is better to lie down next to your mother – Let her sleep a little too, Mom should be protected. By the warm side press, Sweet – sweet pull, Before bedtime, that the mother is near, Be sure to make sure. If you open your eyes And you see – there is no mom, You, of course, will make a roar, You’ll be gone. She ran to the run, Waking up with milk. Mom is a very domesticated beast, Does not go far. You want to be the happiest one, So listen to my advice: Start a mom soon – Better mom doesn’t have a beast!

Moms love …

Moms love to eat jam, In the dark sitting in the kitchen, Singing, dancing on Sunday, If nobody sees them.

Moms love to measure puddles, Finding them in the hot summer, Forget the keys to the door, And then wander about somewhere.

Moms love to sleep on Saturday, And sculpt the elephants out of the snow, And skip the work, And in the winter without a hat to run.

The best cure for anxiety

Moms love to gnaw candy, And ride the tram, But they are silent about it … Why? Nobody knows…

I don’t marry dad

All mothers live so boring – they wash, iron, boil. And they are not called for Christmas trees, they are not given gifts. When I grow up big, I will be a mom too. But only my mother is single, and not a muzhiichny lady. I’ll buy a new coat Under the color of a crimson hat. And never and never will I marry dad.

Mother’s kindness

Who do we learn goodness from? In the blueberry smoky on the bush, In the starling flying with the worm, In the meadows, brushed by the breeze,

At the ears ripening in the fields, At the rain that came in the clouds, At the jester who gives people laughter And at the sun affectionate for everyone,

At the big elephants nodding to us And at my father’s song, that without words – At everything open to us around, But first – at my mother’s Good hands.

Mum and the Peanut

I will lick your mobile phone, I’ll spit saliva into your cup You won’t scold me Because you love so much!

Crawl closets open, Wash the floor with my tongue. There is no reason to scold me You’re my mom!

Three hours standing in bed And I do not want to sleep Well, and you swing me Quietly sing a song!

I’ll mix the buckwheat with the decoy And open the paint jar. Oh get me the same For landscapes on the wall!

The first laugh is my agu, Ladushki and the first tooth. You’ll never forget Because you love so much!

I do not speak yet, Only syllables will repeat Well, I’ll grow up to say! Mom I love you!

Mom through the rooms In a white briefcase Helllessly goes, Walks around the rooms, Busy with the business And, in between times, Sings.

Cups and saucers Washes, I smile He forgets And sings.

But here’s today The voice of an acquaintance As if not at all: Mom’s going to walk around the house, But she sings differently.

Familiar voice With a special force Vdpyg began to sound in silence. Good something In his heart he contributed … I would not worry.

What’s left of mom

What remains of my mother After the work week Towards the house of the native Moves barely – barely What remains of the mother Pulls pizza home Lips whisper obstinately: people have to work!

Small poems, so you can quickly and easily remember them.

Alone in the world

How many stars in a clear sky! How many spikelets in the fields! How many songs y birds! How many leaves are on the branches! Only the sun is one thing in the world. Only mother is one in the world.

Who came to me in the morning? – mommy. Who said: “It’s time to get up”? – mommy. Kashu who managed to cook? – mommy. Tea – pour me into a bowl? – mommy. Who braids plaited me? – mommy. Whole house one swept? – mommy. Who flowers in the garden narwhal? – mommy. Who kissed me? – mommy. Who’s a kid like to laugh? – mommy. Who is the best in the world? – mommy.

I’ll take pencils, I’ll draw lan-dy-shi. Then I put them in a vase And pour water into it … I will give my mom right away And the drawing and the flowers.

Mother’s hands

They say that mother’s hands are not easy, They say that mother’s hands are golden! I will look carefully, I will have a closer look, Mom ironing hands – I do not see gold Why do our factory people say they have golden hands? I will not argue, they can see better, After all, they work with my mother.

Multicolored handwriting

I have a multi-colored gift. I gave it to my mother. I tried, painted with four karabandas. But at first I turned to red Too hard to press, And then, behind a red light, violet broke, and then blue broke, and orange broke … It looks beautiful, because it is mom!

I help Mom

I help my mummy I clean the house myself: I will lose the dish, I will spill all the juice!

Many mothers in this world, Children love them with all their hearts. Only mother is one, She is more precious to me. Who is she? I will answer: This is my mommy!

Mama! So love you Mom! So love you that I do not know right! I will give the big ship Dame the name “Mama”.

Simple word

In the world of Kind Words He lives a lot, But there are all kinder And more tender one Of the two syllables The simple word is “mother”, And there are no words, More dear than it!

Mother’s smile

There is nothing nicer Mother’s smile – As if the sun flashes the light, Darkness will dispel unsteady! Like a tail sparkle, Golden Fish Joy to the heart will bring Mom’s smile!

Big and wise poems that make you think.

I want to you

Mom … I want to cuddle up to you And kiss you, Stay on your chest And tell you about life.

How I live is not sweet, How sometimes hard, How I cry, so as not to see No one from my relatives.

I can not be measured, mom, Not the same one, not me … How difficult my mother is to me, It is very difficult without you.

You lived and I tried to be Strong, to help you … You are not there, and I broke down … It became very hard …

Your photo, which is in the album Silently, looks at me … Well, say, say at least a word, Have pity, please me …

You did not know me weak, Tears did not flow in front of you … I am very tired and mom And I want to see you.

Main man

When the snowflakes from the sky flew and the city has all been quiet for a long time, I want to talk about the main thing and write one spiritual verse.

You remember: childhood. Night. And you’re in the crib. Everything in the world is serenity and peace. And this voice is infinitely sweet, as if God is talking to you.

Magical bewitching sounds, as if angels are singing from the sky, and gentle mommy hands inspire peace, create comfort.

Let frost and blizzards outside the window be so good, cozy in the cradle … Then he grew up, learned to walk and fall without support, stuffed cones.

But mom closely watched, and you, of course, knew about it. Do you remember, having returned the rebellious years, when you grew up,

You were stormy, but it was possible for her to solve any question for you. Our world is cruel, and everybody knows it, danger guards here and there,

In everyday storms he throws over the waves, but, of course, everyone knows for sure – there is a place where they wait for you all the time. There you will come tired and hungry

Wounded, offended by the world, and mom will encourage and reassure, she is your main guide in life. In life we ​​are storming like in the ocean, our life is like a quick movie.

But if wine is splashing in a glass, we will ask only one thing from God: be healthy and happy yourself, infinitely beloved mother!

Let the years on you not be reflected, do not plow the wrinkles on the forehead, let my mother be endlessly twenty, as if youth is eternal on earth!

So you want to turn to the Universe and ask you to be happy forever (and let its life last longer) your most important person in the world!

Mom said

Mom said: “Everybody leaves, Yes, and you don’t stick a flower to the dew, Bees will fly away, and with them honey .. Who will take you without honey to yourself?”

Mom said: “Do not cry, all the salt. How gone, so come, barefoot. Do you want to come to the pies? “And she prayed,” God help,

Help my bloody tired girl, I have already passed, and unwinding her in a novelty Fingers uncleaning, howl in the womb, Letting go of those who do not forget .. “

Mom said .. And then quiet. On the celestial connection you, mom, hear: “Exactly and soullessly everyone leaves, And no longer pulls the flower to the dew,

And the prayer often enters my soul, The daughter said that she was like you .. “In the morning I cooked up the pies, O Lord, help her …

Empty without you

Before you, I bow my knees, My kind, dear mother. How I love you, unfortunately, I did not have time to tell you.

She didn’t have time, as often happens, Everything seemed to be ahead. Life so quickly sometimes fades away, You look – your hands are already on your chest …

And the soul flew away, does not hear, And hurry – do not rush, do not overtake. Only the wind gates to the gate And tries to say something.

Today I will cover the gate And with you I will sit in silence. I will reveal my secret to you: Empty to me without you on Earth.

Do not forget Mothers

Do not forget Mothers! They grieve in separation. And there is no worse for them flour – Silence of their own children. Do not forget Mothers! They are not to blame. As before their hearts are embraced with anxiety for their children. Write letters to mothers, call them by phone! They are so happy for you, Any your bow. Do not forget Mothers! After all, there is no reason for silence, And deeper wrinkles every day From the indifference of children. Amid the hustle and idle days Hear Lord and Ladies: Your Mom’s soul hurts! Do not forget Mothers! Write letters to the Mothers! Call them on the phone, They are so happy for you, Any bow of yours.

Everything that happens in life with us, We somehow strangely divide in half: If joy is celebrated with friends, And with trouble we come to mothers … Busy with work and work Day after day in the flow of fuss We do not often think about mom, Too rarely we give her flowers … And we carry our illnesses to mom, And we go to divide our offenses, And we draw our wrinkles, Forgetting to ask for forgiveness … We so seldom hug mom, We forgot how to kiss mom, Sometimes we forget to call, Never write a letter … Well, and mom anyway love us, To not happen – do not betray, Forgive everything, insults sun forget, Hand, heart, heart – all give! And when you leave mom, Having warmed up at her love, You whisper: “Forgive for everything, my dear, And please, wait a little longer!”.

M. Shmerko (Galapchuk)

Mother’s scars

The heart of every mother is a scar of scars … Every cry of a child is a tiny scar … Knocked knees, blood from a finger-wreaths … Without such marks, mothers do not have hearts …

Cough and sore throat, fever of daughter, son … Dots of chickenpox, nights, no sleep … Cabinet of the dentist, fear and tears again … Mom keeps in heart … Remembers everything in full …

The first offenses are small in appearance … Only the heart of the mother feels their pain … With each new scar, the heart of the mother is hotter … “Do not be afraid, baby, I’m always with you.”

The suns grow up, they quarrel, they get sick … They grasp the turns of adulthood … But mothers still collect scars … Pain prints … Sharp knives …

This connection, like a miracle, is kept everywhere … Mum will take half the pain … if she can, more, if only For a longer time Her strength would be enough … To know in advance …

If only it is necessary, mom will be near … It is necessary – it will nail down, it is necessary – it will shut up … The heart of every mother is a net of scars … But without these scars, the heart does not knock.

Sit in silence

Mom is sleeping, she is tired … Well, I didn’t play! I do not bring the top, I sat down and sat.

My toys do not make noise, Quietly in the room is empty, And on my mother’s pillow The beam sneaks golden.

And I said to the beam: “I want to move too.”

I would like a lot: read out loud and roll the ball. I would sing a song, I could laugh …

Yes, a little if I want something! But mom is sleeping, and I am silent.

The beam darted along the wall, And then it slid towards me. “Nothing,” he whispered, as if, “Sit in silence!”

Today is our mother

What morning was this day … All the same snow, but from the sky – blue, And this blue drew a shadow On the white trees and houses …

The best cure for anxiety

The birds were awakened by a sleepy dawn, And for you and this night – without sleep, The pain is getting stronger … The lights are on in the kitchen – My husband is crying and smoking by the window.

He still does not believe that – the end, Though melted to the fineness of the string, Though the father died in the same way, The newcomer, without a scratch, from the war.

What did you think without opening your eyes? What about when everything was decided? … What is the morning outside the window – for the last time … … What is more from life – is not given.

That the son will graduate from the institute, That, thank God, he has a family, And maybe the daughter Anna will be called, And they will never forget you.

About the fact that the husband is really tired, He is afraid to leave you alone … Just then I would not drink! If only I would find a wife …

You will not see from the doses administered, Deadly – and the hand did not tremble! As he enters with an armful of red roses … And he will drop … and his cheek will tremble …

As tomorrow I step through the threshold, And there – a piece on the edge of the table: You did not come … you were late, son … Today our mother …

Children are not children forever

Why are you awake and waiting for everything stubbornly? Do not. Forget your anxiety. I’m not sixteen, mom! Me more! And in this, perhaps, the essence.

I know, so it was in the world, And even I anticipate your answer, That children are always children to mother, Let them at least twenty, at least thirty years

And yet over the years, the old means Somehow should have changed. And the former supervision and control, as in childhood, is already offensive and not needed.

After all, there is, well, personal very something! When are they forced: say yes say! – This is often in addition to hunting You are forced to resort to a lie.

My dear, do not look tired! Our love is stronger now. Well, did you bring me up badly? Believe me, please believe very much!

And in fear, let your heart not beating, After all, I stupidly will not fall in love, I will not go out to meet anyone, I will not connect with a bad company.

And do not climb somewhere in the pit, Kohl will meet in the path of trouble, I will immediately come for advice, mother, I will immediately feel and come.

Sometime you have to be bolder, And if you do something wrong sometimes, well, then I’ll be smarter later, And a bruise is better than a glass cap.

Give your hands a kiss, The kindest in the whole world. Do not, mother, jealous of me, Children, they are not children forever!


Small poems for quick memorization, simple and sincere.

Mom is the best in the world, I devote these lines to her. Mom, I love you, I say thanks for everything!

Mommy beloved, you are unique. Let every day only for you It will always be the sun!

I love my mother very much, I will give her flowers. Kiss her on the cheek, So that she was proud of her daughter!

I wipe the glass and frame, Because in the frame – mom! I wipe my daughter’s frame: I really love my mom!

Only one thing I wish you – Eternal happiness in this earth. And only one thing you should know – You’re the coolest, best mother.

The melody of gentle congratulation sounds – Let your mood be beautiful. On Mother’s Day, I wish you To be a beautiful mother in a happy family!

I wish you the most dear person on earth, I wish you health and happiness, By the sky I ask for blessings, Joy, peace, love and luck.

Mother of our country, What are you all well done, I sincerely congratulate you on all, Tolerance and happiness I wish you!

I can’t do it without you, Every time I wait for your smile. You are with me, and I have you, You are my mother, that’s all a secret.

I wish that the happiness of motherhood in your life warmed with love, So that the joy that sparkles in your eyes For the fact that you, your mother, never died away!

Rhymes for kids and their parents, funny and kind.

Best mommy

Once I said to my friends: In the light of many good moms, But not to find, I’m fussing, Tak mum, like mine! She kypila for me Ha on wheels of a horse, Saber, paints and an album … Only the matter is? I love her already, Mom, my mommy!

With my mother in the city When I walk through the city With my mother I walk, By the hand of my mother I hold tight: Why should she Go and be afraid, What can she lose?

Apple ruddy

Little ruddy apple There is one I will not, Half an apple Dame beloved mom.

Gift mom

I am a multi-colored gift I decided to give mom a gift. I tried, drew four pencils. But first, I red pressed too hard, And then, after the red, violet broke right away, and then blue broke, and orange broke … Anyway, the portrait is beautiful, Because this is mother!

Mother’s hands

Hands of my mommy – A pair of white swans: So gentle and so beautiful, So much love in them! They fly all day, As if they are tired, they don’t know. In the house they will bring comfort, Dress will make a new one, Caress, warm – Mother’s hands are all able!

Mother’s work

Mother’s work, I am the shore, Helping than I can. Today’s mom for dinner Prepared a meatball And said: “Listen, help out, eat!” I ate a little, Is not it help?

Only mom knows

As it happened, I do not understand, So it turns out: It is not clear how this beast is called.

Someone will say “hippopotamus”, Someone, the cleverest one, Every time he calls only Hippopotamus.

This is not his concern, Hippo-tamo-mota. When asked, this beast Just answers: The name is the main thing My mother knows!

Mom on a business trip

As time stretches And long and sad, And in a house without a mother And quiet and empty.

Probably, and mother Sadly without us, Probably, and mother Can not sleep now

And mom thinks: “Well, how are they? Now I won’t leave you alone. ”

We also can not sleep: “Well, how is she? Now for no one will leave. “

What smells like mom

On Saturdays perfume Smells mother’s outfit, So they go to my mother – And perfume, and theater.

On Sunday – pancakes, Breakfast – here it is, ready! So it fits mom, This smell of pancakes.

On Monday – with affairs At once our house smelled, So it suits mother – This smell of papers.

But I’ll say, between us, I’ll tell you a secret: I’m my own mother’s mother!

What mom

When mom dresses outfit, In the closet under the case hanged, Dad is terribly happy: – You’re just a gorgeous woman!

If the mother is dressed in a bathrobe And something in the pan is stirring, Dad comes in and is glad again: – You are a very cozy woman!

When we are on the beach and mom walks along the sea with pebbles along the coast, Dad looks, mouth open: – You’re just a goddess – not a woman!

It seems to me: mom even in a jacket dress With some kind of paint odor, Dad will look every day And admire again!

Famous poets

Poems from famous Russian poets filled with wisdom and meaning.

Letter to mom

You are sitting on a bunker in the middle of Moscow. Head spinning from blind melancholy. At the window – a muzzle, the will – behind the wall, the thread broke between you and me. A soldier is treading behind an iron door … Forgive him, mother: he is not guilty, he doesn’t take sin for himself – he is not for himself, for he is for all the people.

The young investigator waves his fist. He is so accustomed to calling you an enemy. For his work, he is glad to sweat … Or he, too, in the cell to sit! In the head of a wretched one there is a three-story mate … Forgive him, mother: he is not guilty, he doesn’t take sin for himself – he is not for himself, for he is for all the people.

Just outside Krasnoyarsk – your logging. The guard on the front had never been before. He butt you, he kick you, so you do not think about anyone else. The sheepskin coat on him is hot, but cold eyes … Forgive him, mother: he is not guilty, he does not take sin against himself — he is not for himself, for he is for all the people.

The leader took refuge in the tower near the Moscow River. He has paralysis of his hands for fear. He does not trust anyone else, as if he had built a prison for himself. Everything is under his control, yes again he is not happy … Forgive him, mother: he is not guilty, he does not take sin against himself — he is not for himself, for he is for all the people.

It was quiet in the morning in the house, I wrote on the palm of my mother’s name. Not in a notebook, on a piece of paper, Not on a stone wall, I wrote my mother’s name on my hand. It was quiet in the morning in the house, It became noisy in the middle of the day. “What did you put in your palm?” – They began to ask me. I opened my hand, I kept my happiness.

Mothers are leaving

Our mothers are leaving us, quietly leaving, on tiptoes, and we sleep peacefully, eating full of food, not noticing this terrible hour.

Mothers leave us at once, no – it only seems to us that immediately. They leave slowly and strangely in small steps on the steps of years.

Suddenly, having come to their senses nervously in a certain year, they celebrate noisy birthdays, but this belated joy will not save them or our souls.

All they are deleted, all are deleted. We reach out to them, waking up from sleep, but our hands suddenly hit the air – a glass wall has grown in it!

We are late. It was a terrible hour. We are looking with secret tears, how our mothers leave us in quiet, stern columns …

I hurt my mom

I mummy offended, Now, never, never We leave the house together, Do not go with her nikida.

She doesn’t wave at the window, And I won’t wave at her, She won’t tell, And I won’t tell her …

I take the bag by the shoulders, I find the bread kysok, Naidy, I stumble over it, Let me go, go to the taiga!

I would walk on the wake, I would look for py And And through the biped-up Stroyit Bridges go!

And byy I am the chief, And bydy I am with a boroda, And bydy is always sad And so silent …

And now it will be a winter evening, And so it will take many years, And now a reactive Mom will take a ticket to the plane.

And on the day of my birth That plane will fly, And my mother will come out, And my mother will forgive me.

Take care of matarei

“Know, people, there is no more terrible grief, Than to part with your mother! It is difficult to live forever mother lost, There are no happier those whose mother is alive! In the name of my dead brothers Listen to me – I pray! – in my words! No matter how beckoning us, the running of events, No matter how attracted to your whirlpool, Take care of your mother’s eyes, From insults, from troubles. The pain for the sons is like chalk. The whitewash of her whiteness is white. Even if the heart is hardened, Give mom a drop of heat! If you have become the heart of you are harsh. Be children, be gentle with her, Take care of your mother from an evil word. Know, children hurt all the sick! If your mothers are tired, Good rest you should give them … Take care of them from black shawls! Mother will leave – and not to blot out the scar, Mother will die, and not to ease the pain … I implore: take care of your mother! Children of the world, take care of your mother! So that the mold does not penetrate into the soul, So that our life does not become dark, In order not to forget the beautiful songs, Those that we sang in our childhood!

Mothers are leaving us

Our mothers are leaving us, They are quietly, tiptoeing, And we sleep peacefully, eating full of food, Not noticing this terrible hour. Our mothers are not leaving us immediately, no, It only seems to us that immediately. They go away slowly and strangely, In small steps on the steps of years They are all removed, all are removed. They wake up from their sleep, But suddenly their hands hit the air – A glass wall has grown in it! We are late. It was a terrible hour. We look with constant tears, Like quiet harsh columns Our mothers leave us …

I remember a bedroom and a lamp, Toys, a warm cot And your sweet, gentle voice: “Guardian angel is over you!” You will cross, kiss, Remind me that he is with me, And you will fascinate you with belief in happiness … I remember, I remember your voice ! I remember the night, the warmth of the cot, the lamp in the dusk of the corner And the shadows from the chains of the lamps … Have you ever been an angel?

Letter to mother

Are you still alive my old lady? I am alive too. Hello to you, hello! Let it stream over your hut That evening ineffable light They write to me that you, melting the alarm, Saddened me very hard, That you often go on the road In an old-fashioned old shushun. And to you in the evening blue gloom Often one sees the same thing. As if someone in a pub scuffle had saddled a Finnish knife to my heart. Nothing, dear, calm down. This is only a painful rage. Not so bitter I am a drunkard, To die without seeing you. I’m still the same gentle And I dream only that, Soon from rebellious melancholy Going back to our low house I’ll be back when they spread branches In the spring our white garden Only you already at dawn Do not wake me like eight years ago Not wake up of what was noted Do not worry about the fact that it did not come true Too early loss and weariness I experienced in life. And do not teach me to pray. Do not! By the old return is no longer You alone help me and You alone are ineffable light to me. So forget about your anxiety, Don’t be so sad about me. Do not go so often on the road In an old-fashioned old shushunov.

Conversation with my daughter

“I lack warmth,” she said to her daughter. Daughter was surprised: – You’re freezing And in the summer days?

– You do not understand, still small, – mother sighed wearily. And the daughter shouts: – I understood! – And pulls the blanket.

Poor boy! All on fire Everything is awkward for him! Legs on my shoulder to me, – Lean your head!

With you I look like … Make a blow, my boy, If you want, I will say a fairy tale: Once upon a time there was a little boy with a finger …

Not? Do not want. Fairy tales – nonsense The song will be better … Dark cheese rustled, Fox starts to wake up;

In a damp dark thief … Hush! falls asleep … Like a nestling, everything in the heat of the Sponge opens …

“In the raw forest” Mother sings and walks, walks … Quietly, the night is long … Night is too lazy to take.

Mother sings … her hand is numb, tired, And more than once a tear from the eyes Poor, dropped …

And as soon as a child, in the heat, With a start, she would start a stir “In a dark, damp forest” – will break again,

Deflect blow, go away, Death with your scythe! Mother child with her breast Do not give up without a fight!

Mothers Day

Special selection for Mother’s Day, the best poems for the holiday.

On Mother’s Day with my heart, I wish Good luck and joy to you, Let me congratulate you with poems, Let happiness come true in destiny.

I wish all life bliss You to feel this day, You – the world of all perfection, You can only love.

Let the children surround you with their care and warmth, let them caress the soul with the words and make the people good.

Today is a special holiday, Mother’s Day is on the calendar, I will congratulate you with a kind word, After all, on this vast land,

No dearer you and more expensive, Only you, my mother, only you, May God save you in life, All come true in the life of a dream!

I will give you these lines On Mother’s Day – a holiday of good! I bow for everything in life lessons, What once gave me as a child!

Taught in business – excellence, Showed how to live And how can only mothers heart Believe in you, love and appreciate!

Favorite most, tender, I hurry to congratulate on the Day of all mothers! Let the series of years serene, Nothing does not break his sorrow!

And age will not be a hindrance, To the joy of all – day after day by young! And more often, please us as before, And we will love you more and more!

Beloved mother, today is your holiday – Mother’s Day knocked at your door, And a lot of sincere words and beautiful Like a bright bouquet, he gave you.

Your eyes look calm and gentle, And the softness of a smile is like silks. Let happiness stretch out to the boundless sea, Follow the reliable success tracks!

I congratulate Mama, I wish her health. I love her very much, I will read verses on Mom’s holiday.

Mom better not find, Earth can be circumvented. And so, you, alone – I love you very much.

I love you tightly, There is no better mother on earth, Health, happiness, I wish On the Day of Mom, my mom!

Always shine and smile, Be joyful and cheerful, Also beautiful and beautiful, You are the best, I love you!

Mom, my mommy, I congratulate you. Be healthy and beautiful, Be loved and happy.

Then the sun from the window Jumps on your palms, You will hug me tenderly – I will be happy, of course.

And I will give a gift. Mom I love you!

Today is a holiday – my mother’s day, And you are blooming cherry! Congratulations to you, not too lazy, My dear sunshine!

Let it be forever spring, With a heart dance in your heart, And life is good and not vain, And laughter is not translated!

And for me, I beg you, Do not worry – After all, if you honestly live loving, Then everything will work out in life!

When I wasn’t even a year old, Only my mother saved me from everything, In winter in cold weather I wore warmer clothes.

My schoolbag was picking my school bag, At the graduation party I gave flowers, I wiped away a tear, When I spoke at the wedding.

Dear, dear mom, You raised me, loving. On autumn day, I want to congratulate: “Happy Mother’s Day, mamul, you.”

Poems to congratulate our mothers on the spring holiday.

You’re the best in the world, And you’ll always need me. I heartily congratulate you on March 8, my dear.

You always understand me and give me your care. My dear, kind mother, With all my heart I love you very much!

And I wish you today, So that your dreams come to life, So that you just shine with happiness, So that all your days are good!

March 8. Women’s Day. Birds chirp around. Let in life, Mom, your Only the best will happen.

You, like the sun in the spring, You warm us, With a gentle hand caressing all the troubles you drive away.

Beautiful such always You stay, mom. Be healthy. Let your life be happy itself.

I congratulate my mother. Her, my dear, I firmly hug, You are the most beautiful, my mommy, You are the most beloved in my world!

My mummy dear, I love you without an edge! Congratulations on March 8, I wish you happiness.

A lot of light, kindness, Fulfillment of dreams, Joy for many years. You are no better in the world!

My mother is the best. She has a funny laugh. And the eyes of love summer – A lot of heat and light in them.

Hands of tenderness are full, verses for March 8 to mother All her words are important. Mom – best friend, Even if there is a blizzard.

She reads books to me, Composes tales at night, Smiles, caresses, She covers me with a blanket.

I love her any – All my and all my own. I kiss a hundred times – From the heart, not show off.

Congratulations on March 8, I hug you tightly And I give a pot with a flower, And with him this congratulations.

Mom, I carry flowers In the main holiday for her! I did not buy a live pot, make it all up.

Cut them out of paper, verses for March 8, my mother Designed and painted, To make my mummy look Brighter than the sun shone.

I am a child, I am not an adult! I try as I can, I will collect the stars from the sky And I will bring everything to my mother.

Dad mom gives roses. I’ll give you daisies! Daddy’s roses will wither, And mine – like in a meadow.

Miracle – white daisies, Will not fade ever! I just did them with a soul, But I’m a master wherever.

From the warmth and caress of mother Let the flower bloom. I give her a wonderful holiday Sincere my congratulations.

Congratulations, Mom, on Women’s Day, Spring is coming to you knocking Bells drops outside the window, Singing the beautiful bird itself!

Let this day bring joy, So that you never be sad, Lilacs will soon bloom, After all, spring has already entered the right,

Let her bring happiness year, Fulfillment of all your desires, For your dreams come your turn, To make it all come true from expectations!

On the 8th of March, my dear mother, On the spring I congratulate you in a hurry! Today you are especially beautiful, You inspire yourself with spring!

8th of March with new hopes Already broke in, mother, in your life, May there be happy and tender days, Keep your fate from gray days!

Mom, you were given as a child A bunch of painted flowers, To a joyful holiday song I gave them to you under the tenderness of words!

Today is the most beautiful day, probably March 8 – spring has come again! And I wish you frankly, so that you always have a happy life!

May you be the most beautiful of all in the world, So that you don’t be sad for trifles, Let spring today, a fresh wind Carry you to the cherished shores!

Dad Mom brought the cake, Grandma – candy And toys a whole cart For Sis Sveta. It was so insulting to me, Little brother, Why is there no boy in the calendar?

Mental poems dedicated to the mother from the face of the daughter, filled with feelings and experiences.

I do not envy the orphanage girls, Who have learned the pain of a heavy deception, Like the little dogs abandoned at the entrance, Girls that they have forgotten the word mom.

They forgot about family, comfort, About the caress of maternal and love. They are trying to find her in a shelter, – But no, they are not strong enough to find her here.

And who should give them this caress, surround them with love, instill honor in them? I know it and I will answer – MOTHER, And such mothers, I know there!

Such that I am not afraid to say, And they are ready to fold their heads, They are ready to give their lives for us, For us children, so that we can live in the world!

Such a mother will accept everything – pain and grief, And she will bear the cross to the grave, She will draw out the sea with her palm, To let the children pass through her grave.

So take care of these mothers, Those who hold the Earth! And look at your mother – MY – SUCH! I know for sure!

Poems mom from an adult daughter

There is a woman in the world better than anyone, My good angel, the best consolation. I adore my mothers unfeigned laughter, Our conversation is open – for me the reward. She always tells and understands, She is wise, always sincere. Only mother will find the right words, Only with my mother my friendship is durable. Any question can I solve with her I can share the most intimate, Only a mother in life can forgive everything And remain kind, unchanged. I know that there is no safer friend in the world, Only with her I am open, honest, Therefore, I wish my mother many years and remain mommy charming.

Female vocation

We did not always get along, but always put up. There were hurt feelings and silence. Only now, having become a mother, I discovered for myself, What is a female vocation. The children who have matured for you are only children, Though for a long time the parents themselves. Anyway, with questions about everything in the world Turn first to my mother. After listening carefully, without interrupting, Give me your wise sincere advice. “Is it difficult to be a mother, – I ask, – dear?” “This is happiness!” – you will say in response.

Beloved Mom

When I feel bad or sick, You save me from longing, When I am happy with the whole world, You know my joy. You gave me this world, You gave me everything – example and help, Like the sun, it warmed and shone, You have joy, tenderness, strength! And even if I am far away, And I forgot to call you, I know how the wave of the surf, Your love hid me. And let the days of sorrow come, And let the drama happen in life, These days have already happened, You will save me again, mother!

Ladies and Moms

Life is rolling, to repeat again: Girls are growing up, inheriting all the moms, From the daughters of the little ones they want to turn into The girly shy in respectable, strict ladies. They dream to be happier mothers, Build their cozy, quiet house, Sometimes ladies are looking for joy in their work, But they return to their old mother’s house. They come to become a child again, To feel care and warmth, To make the carefree call as in childhood, It became simple and bright for these adult ladies. They are for a while again to plunge into childhood, To become close to my mother and forget the severity of the ladies. Ladies and others in life will be moved back, Inheriting their generous, kind mothers.

Your pradznik

On your holiday, mummy dear, I wish you health. I want to wish a happy birthday, and wish you patience.

So that the difficulties are easily solved, So that all your dreams come true, To hope remained, And goals quickly achieved.

Accept congratulations from my daughter: I wish you happiness, moods, So that you won’t be sad for a minute, Comfort and comfort in your home!

Happy Birthday Mommy

Happy Birthday Mommy. No you are kinder! Don’t hurt, please. Don’t be older anymore. You smile a joyful Every day, meet. In vain, dear, do not worry. Know, always hope. You can have a daughter. Nearby I am always with you And I can help.

Congratulations from the daughter

I want with all my heart, my mommy, So that you were the happiest of all in the world, Always slept calmly at night, So that your gaze was radiant and very luminous.

I did not know that neither grief, nor sorrow, There were no tears in your eyes. And everything about what you would dream, Like in a fairy tale, so that it will come true immediately.

It was so loved by all, And next were true friends. I wish to visit those countries of the world That your sweetheart wishes.

I wish you strong health without measure, To surround a friendly family. In the work of success and great career I wish, my dear daughter is yours!

The serenity of children’s days

Oh, how I want to return to the serenity of the children’s days And trustingly press against my good mom! Tell my worries, I know: Mom will understand everything. Reassuredly to hear: “Do not worry, everything will pass!”

Our childhood flew away, it will never return. We grow up and grow old, only it does not matter. Through the years, I feel the distance again and again As mother love protects me.

I myself have long been a mom. Years of descent do not give. Children all their worries trust me bear. Calm as I can. But I will not hide the secret: I know: I love my children with my mother’s love.

How nice when there is a mom

How nice when there is a mother, Her smile is so wonderful, When she is always with us. Friends, it’s so charming!

She, like a ray of light bright, Gave us everything, and the world opened. About how many of her gifts, We just did not appreciate.

She only taught the good, And so calmly, quietly, gently. Oh, how she loved us all, Since no one, and so without a trace!

I love you, my dear, How nice when you’re there. With me be you dear, And nothing else is needed!

Sincere and bright lines to sons to express their feelings.

I love you, Mom

I love you, dear mother, No more dear than you. Only here I understood, my dear, What do you mean now for me. You gave me warmth, your affection, Hiding your hands in your wet handkerchief. And, accompanying me to the road, You said: “Good luck, son.” There were difficult days, even years, You could survive it all. She brought up a person in me, taught me how to live correctly. Maybe I was wrong once, Maybe something wrong I said. If you can, forgive me, Mom, This is all I now realized.

Mom’s son

Forgive me for the sleepless nights, For the insults that previously brought. I beg you mommy very Spend these years without tears. Spend without anxiety for your son,

Try your soul not to hurt. I want you to bypass the Party any disease. And yet, you do not think, What will happen to me. I will pass through these years. I’ll be back! And then in our house It will be fun as never before!

Where did i come from

Tell me where did I come from? I asked everyone a question. And the grandfather answered me: – The stork brought you to us.

And my grandmother told me: – They found you in the cabbage. And my uncle was joking: – From the train station They brought you to a basket.

I know it’s not true, Mom bore me, I just do not know the answer, Where mom took me.

My sister grumbled at me: “You turned everyone’s head.” And I started first: – Where did I live before my mother?

No one is a secret from adults I could not explain like that. Only my mother answered simply: – You lived in my heart, son

I would not lose time I would not lose time! I wouldn’t jump on the street, I would wash the shirts, I would wash the floor in the kitchen,

I would sweep in the room, I would wash the cups, spoons, I would clean the potatoes myself, All my toys myself

I would put in places! Why am I not a girl? I would help my mother so much! Mom would immediately say: “Well done you, son!”

Of course, being a mother of girls is not the same: There are dolls, a dish, a hospital, a lotto, There are magnificent dresses and braids for a child … Well, you were given the fate of a kid.

Your house is not decorated with vases of roses, A cyborg killer that your son brought, Having found him in a puddle near his home, He cleaned, washed and now he is like new.

No, this is not trash, and do not dare to clean! Do you want to break the military base? Do you want to tear down an airplane hangar? Think again, woman! Well this is a nightmare!

You will lead into battle tin soldiers, Be bold and bold, not a step back! You will learn with him all the brands of cars, And it will be more – all kinds of tires.

Without him you could not find out Why do I need a jigsaw? Can it be a kiss? Vice for us why? Can squeeze someone? Bearing – what is it? With spikes of something?

So many things that could pass by! But here it is happiness – to be a mom of a son!

Mom’s birthday

What happened in our house? Why bother? Why did I eat all the porridge in the morning and drank the juice?

Why did I get up early – even my father did not hear, And I collected my toys, combed my tiger?

Why did I get two marks at school today? Why poem without hesitation memorized?

Why did I brush my teeth and wash my face eight times, And in my favorite book I read a great story?

Why today dad vacuumed all day? And he wash the dishes a hill kiss – not laziness!

We secretly entered the market with dad at five o’clock, and bought a huge cake and a large bouquet of flowers!

For some, it may be a secret, but I will tell you, not melting: My mommy will meet my birthday today!

Therefore, today with dad – we behave well, Mom again – eighteen! Congratulations on this day!

Mom, we wish you to be beautiful always! Let you get around further and adversity and trouble!

May joy and warmth be with you! We kiss you a hundred times, you and me are always light!

Our mom is at work, At work is an older brother. – How much care do you have? – Neighbors tell me. I decided to get down to business. If mom is long gone, Should someone try Cook us lunch. Let her not have a hard time – I will bring more firewood, And I will cook dinner no worse than Real cooks. I put water into the barrel and grind the dishes. All notebooks and toys I will remove the place. Mom and brother will say: “We know, Not a kid – just a treasure. There is a master in this house, Though it is a little too tall ”

Before you, my dear, All our lives we are in unpaid debt, And do not tell you about it Now I, mom, can not: Your love we can not measure, Do not ever weigh the good, Do not count all the words of good, Which you always find. Not enough of all the riches in the world, So that we paid off with you, In total, children cannot return – In exchange for your great love …

My mother gave me life

My mother gave me life, She taught me to be a man, You are the only one in the world, You are the best, and that is the strength! May happiness be infinite, And your life will last forever. Love sons for you, My dear mommy! Support, I promise joy, And happy birthday congratulations!

Your son is a good person

There is no loving soul of your peace, There is no sleep for eyes and rest of hands. Let’s hug and sit quietly: “Everything will be fine with me, mom! You gave me the best education. Believe me, your son is a good man. With me was all your attention, And this I can not forget forever! I congratulate you happy birthday! Be happy, healthy, cheerful. Do not know melancholy, bad mood. Let everything in life argue things!

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