The best cough medicine

Glycerin, in most cases, is used for cosmetic purposes, and soap making cannot be done without this component. But the question of whether it is possible to drink glycerin often comes from the lips of people suffering from various ailments. It turns out that this substance, if properly applied, can relieve diseases, if you drink glycerin, according to certain recommendations.

The rationale for taking glycerol inside is its special properties, which help to solve some problems with well-being. Glycerin is hygroscopic, that is, it has the ability of water absorption, so it is recommended to drink it when swelling and stagnant fluid in the tissues. No wonder glycerin is used in the food industry as a stabilizer – it gives baking and other products the desired consistency, absorbing excess moisture. On a product label, this component is designated as E422. However, it is worth considering that you need to take glycerin, bought only in a pharmacy in a strict dosage, otherwise there may be serious consequences.

It has glycerin and antiseptic properties, since it contains alcohols that can destroy bacteria. This explains its wound healing property, especially its use externally with burns of tissues.

Most often, in medicine, glycerin is used externally, so the idea of ​​taking this composition inside can at first seem strange. Indeed, rectal suppositories help to cope with constipation, and compresses on the skin have a healing and nourishing effect. However, in a strict dosage, glycerin can have a healing effect, getting into the stomach, while it is not absorbed into the blood.

The most important is the use of glycerol inside for the treatment of cough. Drinking it is necessary, combining with lemon and honey – this allows you to enhance the healing properties of these folk remedies and speed up recovery. To prepare the healing composition, you need liquid food glycerin, lemon and honey. From the lemon you need to squeeze the juice, mix with honey and glycerin in an amount of 2 tablespoons of each component. The product must be infused at room temperature for several hours. Then the medicine is taken orally on 1 teaspoon 5-6 times a day. This mixture helps to get rid of the old cough, which does not give rest for several weeks. Depending on the complexity of the disease, they drink glycerin from 3 times a day (with a slight cough) and 7-8 times with a prolonged course of the disease. Such a curative composition can be treated and children’s cough, but only after the approval of the pediatrician.

The best cough medicine

For ingestion and preparation of such folk remedies, it is recommended to use glycerin, on the packaging of which it is indicated that it is suitable for domestic consumption. Glycerin, intended for cosmetic purposes, may contain impurities that are hazardous to health and adversely affect the liver.

Used glycerin and to normalize eye pressure. Unlike many other drugs for glaucoma and other ophthalmologic diseases, glycerin has the smallest list of possible side effects, and is quite effective.

The best cough medicine

Neurologists recommend drinking glycerin to prevent stroke. The fact is that glycerin is able to reduce swelling of the brain tissue, preventing the development of stroke. However, you should not take this tool as a panacea – it is used for these purposes quite rarely, as in modern medicine there are more effective drugs.

For medicinal purposes, glycerin is taken orally, diluted with water. The amount of food glycerin and water should be the same. The calculation of the amount of glycerin necessary for treatment should be made on the basis of body mass index For every kilogram of weight should be 1.5 ml of solution. It is important not to overdo it — an overdose or a course of taking too long is fraught with unpleasant consequences — for example, dehydration. There is a method of treatment and contraindications. So, it is not recommended to drink glycerin to people suffering from diabetes, liver failure, and kidney diseases.

The best cough medicine

It turns out that pharmacy glycerin can be taken not only externally and rectally, but also inside. It is important to observe the special recommendations for its use, in order to fully experience the healing properties and avoid side effects. Do not drink glycerin too often and for a long course – this can also have unpleasant consequences for health. The main thing is to stick to the recommended dosage and know the measure!

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