The benefits of masturbation in women

15 sexual world records

Sex is not only pleasure, it is also an opportunity to demonstrate your unique abilities and unsurpassed talents to the whole world. Such records cause not only admiration, but also some envy. Orgasms, kisses, porn stars, museums, busts, prostitutes, children – everything is subject to comparison. .

How to become sexier in adulthood?

Many young ladies believe that with the approach of mature age, intimate life ends. When their age approaches 30 years, they are already thinking about the approaching old age. However, you need to get rid of such thoughts as soon as possible. Learn to receive joy from life. In general, sexologists say that when a woman reaches maturity.

Found a child during masturbation or masturbation? Keep calm!

Talk about masturbation or masturbation should be conducted with the onset of adolescence. Children who lack the love and attention of their parents begin to masturbate very, very early. They spend a lot of time alone and find fun with parts of their bodies: sort out hair, pull at an ear or nose, suck a finger, and finally, genitals. Such

What kind of women do men like?

What kind of women do men like? Quite an interesting question for the beautiful half of humanity. To understand this issue, a survey was conducted among the representatives of the stronger sex. According to the survey, a rating of women’s advantages and disadvantages was formed.

First of all, it turned out that men pay attention to women.

Does a woman enjoy cunnilingus

Kind of sex in the form of oral sex – when partners are fully disclosed to each other and seek in all ways to deliver the greatest pleasure to their partner. Cunnilingus is such a way to oral sex. So what is cunnilingus? And does a woman love him? And how long does it take.

Aphrodisiacs in our lives

Since the times of the ancient states, people have been aware of the existence of certain foods and drinks that positively influence sexual attraction. Such products are called aphrodisiacs. It is also known that the trace elements and vitamins contained in them can help in the short term to restore sexual opportunities, as well.

National features of members

According to the knowledgeable sexologists, the average penis length of a man in an erection is 12.5 and 17.5 cm, and in a calm state is about 9.5 cm. There are several thousand people with phallus lengths up to 30 cm throughout the world. But representatives of the strong part of humanity, in which the length of the penis reaches 18 centimeters, already.

What changes does the body undergo during sex?

Sex is an integral part of the life of adults. What changes in the body during sex? Why is the beautiful half of humanity falling in love, but the stronger sex is still required? What is the use? Studies in the United States help find answers to these questions.

The results of the study showed that before an orgasm in the brain.

How to bring a woman to orgasm

Sex is the best entertainment, invented and given to us for free use. Some men are proud of the number of “goals scored”, without thinking that only he got pleasure from the game. Women, in turn, appreciate those men who know and understand what and how to do in bed. Maybe they do not belong to the number.

Six types of female sexuality

Each person is unique in its own way and this is an indisputable fact, because it is impossible to meet two absolutely identical in type and character of a person. And a woman is a secret in general, which not everyone can solve, even if it seems that everything is simple. All women are different, but the French were able to divide all women into six main ones.

Several ways to surprise an experienced partner in bed

It would seem that you have already tried a lot with your partner in bed. But in an intimate life I want to make a little variety, to present a small intimate surprise. This article will help you find the most effective ways to surprise your partner in bed.

By nature, absolutely all men are hunters. The harder they get.

How does sex affect a woman’s health?

Intimacy for a woman is a good workout for muscles. During intercourse, all muscle tissue is strained, and after – deeply relaxed. The moment of closeness is a stimulant for the activity of the cardiovascular system. Relaxation after orgasm helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, getting rid of stress.

What women complain about during oral sex

For the weaker half of humanity, a poll about what they didn’t like during lovemaking caused a storm of negative emotions. The fact is that many men over 40 do not want to learn anything new, and are content with their primitive knowledge and experience. Only young people somehow show an interest in improvement. “I was so annoyed when.

Top 5 sex trades

Manchester scientists have compiled a list of specialties that negatively affect the basic male instinct. Many factors were taken into account. For example, stressfulness, professional habits and even the number of divorces experienced by the subjects. The results were not at all comforting: almost any specialty can have a detrimental effect on.

Sex married

The relationship of two loving people is constantly in motion, and there is nothing unchanging in them. Many of us think that once won happiness will be a constant companion of family life. But this is just an illusion inspired by romantic movies and books. In fact, marriage is a daily job, the quality of which depends on whether it will.

10 golden rules of striptease

Meeting your soul mate and falling in love is not easy, but even harder to maintain and build relationships in a couple. Relationships are like a child, which you need to constantly take care of, not only for one parent, but for both. After a couple of years of relationship, passion will no longer be so burning. But this is no reason to leave.


5 important rules about when you can have sex after childbirth

Almost all newly-minted parents ask themselves the question: “When can you have sex after giving birth?” It’s so desirable to quickly return to the former pace of life and re-experience the unforgettable pleasure derived from intimacy.

However, many couples are experiencing real stress due to the upcoming postpartum.

What prevents to get pleasure in sex?

Sometimes it is impossible to achieve great pleasure in sex, and there are absolutely real reasons for this. That is what we want to tell now.

The benefits of masturbation in women

1. Refusal of spontaneous sex without foreplay. It happens that a woman will just start cooking dinner or take a look at plans for tomorrow, as the man is already beginning active actions.

Sex with different types of men

When Shakespeare said that the whole world is a theater, he did not even suspect that ungrateful descendants would make an amendment: “Not a theater, but a circus!”. The funny thing is that in bed, most men behave like in the arena. Having sex with them is a trick that no one will ever want to repeat for an encore. Men to note, read this article and maybe you.

First sex – how to avoid failures?

First sexual experience. Someone is waiting for him with impatience, and someone, on the contrary, with fear. Some rush things in anticipation of the coveted moment, others can not decide.

One way or another, sooner or later, but first sex happens to everyone (we will not consider exceptions) and how it will be depends only on you.

Erotic toys – how are they useful?

More than five and a half years ago, stores selling products appeared in the major cities of the post-Soviet space, their form resembling male or female intimate organs. Also on the windows of such shops were wigs, whips, handcuffs. Today, these places look like timid, shy and lonely people.

7 basic recommendations for choosing erotic lingerie

How to choose erotic lingerie? These questions were asked not by one girl and the answer to it is presented as 7 main recommendations.

1. Choosing an online store. The best option is a proven online store, the services of which were used by your friends and acquaintances. And if there are none, then the rating is positive.

How to find out how much sex you need?

First of all, you need to determine what your sexual temperament. Those men who have a high sexual temperament, usually of short stature, dense build, often stocky, have increased vegetation throughout the body. Women have wide hips, mouthwatering shapes and short stature.

Men of low sex.

Sex after childbirth

Features of the physiology of the woman’s body in the postpartum period In the intimate life of a woman in the postpartum period, there are changes associated with the psychological, physiological states of the newly born woman, and with the change in the usual family pattern. This is especially true of families where the baby, recently born, is.

Anal sex. Myths and speculations

Anal sex exists and has been practiced for several millennia, and during this time this topic has acquired many myths and conjectures. Consider the most popular ones.

Myth 1. Anal games – it is very painful.

This is the most common misconception on this topic. In fact, if to anal caresses correctly.

Natural contraception as it is

The meaning of natural contraception is to refuse sex in "dangerous" days, slyly calculated by the woman. The methods of natural contraception also traditionally include interrupted sexual intercourse. The main advantages of these methods are that such contraception is absolutely free, the disadvantages include the fact that: the use of natural.

Point G – heavenly delight

As you know, any girl has just a huge number of erogenous places on her body, however, the greatest number of points of pleasure, oddly enough, are located near the genitals.

The most sensitive point in women is the G point, which is called differently by the people, but each of its names justifies everything.

To men about SEX. We are looking for an approach to the female breast

Breast is the main female dignity, it is in her first draws the attention of any man. Every girl wants her breasts in the eyes of a man to look big and beautiful. Therefore, in every way admire its shape and size. Thus, you excite your partner and add to her confidence and relaxedness.

Find your happiness

You have constant problems with your personal life – and you suffer, respectively. You are tired of walking through fortunetellers, and reading these articles, too, because they still do not help! But … My article will help you! Do you know why? No, there is not a bit about pro, how to seduce, or how to fall in love with a man or a woman, but here is what you need.

Features of intimate goods – phalluses, vibrators

What can not be found in modern stores – and oriental sweets, and stylish costumes, and elite watches, and prestigious communicators. A few years ago, another type of store appeared – silhouette copies of the female and male genital organs made of latex, hygienic rubber, and polyvinyl chloride were offered to the attention of buyers.

3 ways to increase your stamina in bed

Ask any 10 men – would they like them to last longer in bed. At least 7 of them will raise their hand. Wouldn’t it be great if premature ejaculation could be cured forever? Wouldn’t it increase your self-confidence if you could stay in the game for as long as you like.

There is nothing wrong with masturbation.

Girls, blush. Grandpa – go straight to the jokes. Grandmothers, you have there, something has burned … The article is not an easy article, on a topic that for the bigot is like an ax on the head. Today we will talk about masturbation. As they say, this is the business of one and all, therefore we begin immediately.

Virgin guy

From time immemorial, the virginity of a girl has been valued and exalted. In some countries, it is still a custom to marry a virgin. Now the society looks with distrust on the man’s virgin. It implicitly seems that something is wrong with him. In fact, there is no age limit for deprivation of virginity, both for women and for.

How to become more sexual?

Any woman wants to be sexy, attract male attention, receive compliments, flirt and love. It should be immediately noted that sexuality comes from within, and to some it is given by nature, and some have to develop it. But it is quite achievable.

Thinking about how to become more sexual, first learn to love.

What to do if you were caught during sex?

Small-sized apartments, someone else’s tactlessness, good audibility – all this is most often the reason that it’s not so easy to be alone with your loved one and enjoy intimacy. What to do if you were caught during sex?

1. If you were caught by a child. This is very serious, because the spied bed scene can be for a long time.

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