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Now my chocolate can be ordered in Prague in such boxes.

I learned so much about the packaging for these weeks and not the most positive information. We overpay huge amounts for packaging. The packaging business is huge. We drag her home, and a little later we carry huge bags in the trash. And it’s good if sorted into plastic and paper, but often not. Sometimes the volume of purchases is less than the amount of packaging. I will try to minimize the amount of packaging and offer discounts to those who buy without it. I understand that for a gift looks beautiful in a box, but you can buy and eat at home in a minimalist package. I use eco carton and jute in my packages.

I opened a Facebook page.

Yesterday I updated the plum cake recipe. Fruit cakes are my favorite pastries. There is room for imagination and you can easily replace one ingredient with another. And I don’t want a new form, which I brought from France this year. It is only 18 cm in diameter and all pies with a standard for wider shapes are very tall and beautiful.

Already a week in my fridge lay these wonderful plums. I ate them, but they did not end. Continue reading Gluten Free Plum Cake 2 →

Suddenly it is summer. I did not even have time to remove the winter jackets, because every now and then I had to wear them. And after the showers, which flooded our mini garden and caused great damage to salads and eggplants, suddenly everything began to work, and everything began to mature.

I’ll show you what happened during the rains. This caused the growth of moss and fungi on the lawn.

And now some results of a novice gardener, in the form of me. Continue reading Garden update →

Everything is more or less the same with tomatoes and other radishes. I have a great passion for different tropical plants. And that’s what I landed this year. They are all new to me. I do not know how they will develop. Some of them will only be at home, some in the summer outside.

From today’s replenishment is not entirely tropical, but could not resist. There were mint of different tastes and this one won me over with its unusual smell of pineapple. Menthol in it is much smaller, such a soft herb tastes.

Just today acquired the grass with the smell of cola. This is not the plant from which cola is made, but I swear it smells like that. Michelle was delighted and ate him, although she had never drank Coke in her life. This herb can be dried or make a syrup based on it. Ours is not very big and we need to grow it for pruning.

I’ll show you here a photo of flowers from my garden. The crocuses are almost bloomed, only the yellow ones remain.

I bought the seeds of lily of the valley mutants on aliexpress. This tiger something has grown up, until it was dissolved. Who knows what it is?)))

Made raised bed from the sandbox. In it asparagus and radish and a little more lettuce, since I was desperate to get asparagus. From the seeds came up two plants as thin as grass. I bought one rhizome in the store and there were no more of them, and yesterday I accidentally saw asparagus already in pots rather large. It costs 4 euros as a bundle on the market. I hope that insects will not eat them before us.

On the wooden deck made one raised bed with salads. Otherwise, we are very wet and snail invasions are regular.

Got a macro lens. I love all these buds and the beginning of life. This is a sweet cherry.

This is a black currant.

That’s how along the balcony I have all these bushes grow. And a piece of dwarf cherry in a blue pot, a wooden three-story for something strawberry and a piece of raspberry bush.

And in the past post about breadmaking I forgot to show a banana cake and backstage for instagram =)

I save everything to write a detailed review about my breading, but now my choice is specific or go to my bath at last, because the children are asleep, or write at least something, because this post is accumulating and can become immense and you will never know the truth. and there is also a third option, two breads, which I put to ferment at night, and one of them is still lying on the table and it must be kneaded and removed. and in the yard night. So briefly.

It all started with the fact that Michelle came from school and says that according to science (science, that is), they do the project with leaven, as in the rank of Francisco. And everything happens for a reason. On my visit to the Federation Council, I could not taste this legendary starter and read a lot about it. but my celiac handicap decides everything for me. It seemed to me that the project was very interesting and I asked for it to come when they would bake bread.

Here are the logs of her notebook with sourdough observations. They so broke all possible rules and any baker would have fainted, but the point is not that.

10 days they followed 3 types of sourdoughs. More precisely, the ferment was one, but put on 3 types of flour. one of which was gluten free and in that group was my Michelle.

Here is the tip. Bread, they baked far from the one in San Francisco, but sweet hell-pie. He spread the leaven, but no one took it, and some who did not know it was thrown away (parents). Not everyone turns out children give out such details. Most parents received information that they baked a cake. It’s all.

We also took the leaven and manual, which immediately seemed suspicious to me. Sourdough is a mixture of yeast bacteria and lactobacilli that feed on the flour and waste of someone. As a result, there is an acidic environment in which nothing but them can live and which needs to be fed with flour and water 1 to 1 depending on the temperature of the environment and needs.

In the manual from the school, they fed her sugar and eggs, and it all costs 10 days at room temperature. And although the environment is really such that nothing goes out in it, and the only waste is alcohol, I did not believe it, and as it turned out correctly.

Then I went to learn how to make bread in a craft way. It has long begun to seem to me that even though I am gluten free, I eat some kind of nastiness. The compositions of these loaves are such that they are hardly healthier than usual. Ordinary bread is now unequal to bread 70 years ago. Then he was really helpful. I will not go into details, there is a lot of information on this topic in English, and those specialists and nutritionists who take my notes for their seminars do not bother themselves with checks and I don’t want to be at least part of this.

It is short that with the advent of fast yeast, baking has progressed greatly, but progress is not always good. for a manufacturer, this is paradise; for the consumer, a decline in quality indicators is dozens of times.

Since then, gluten allergy has progressed exponentially%)

Gluten is added in addition to the flour, so that the bread is not stale.

The old way of fermentation is from 7 to 14 hours, when these wild yeasts eat gluten, or rather a part of its protein, which is so difficult to digest by humans. The composition of bread on wild yeast and the amount of gluten in it varies greatly from industrial. there was a small study on this subject, not enough to take it for the truth, but many with gluten intolerance can consume fermented bread, as they consider.

Also, the quality of flour has changed a lot and the information is complete in all languages. Its essence is reduced to the processing of grain at first, up to herbicides, in order to harvest quickly and at the same time, pesticides, and then flour for bleaching and storage. All this also provokes allergies and we do not even know where it comes from.

A simple example. My wild yeast does not eat gluten free mix. But bio rice flour adore.

The cheapest white is not very good, but rzhonuy bio with a bang. The simplest organisms by the way. they see the difference.

I bought all sorts of devices and a book and set to work.

The first couple of weeks things went wrong. I, although I studied the topic of yeast cultivation, but I spread them a bucket and all the time I lived on a top dressing. You need as much flour as you can once a day. I had 500 ml and I felt sorry for half a kilo of flour. As a result, they did not increase, but produced alcohol and poorly raised bread. I threw away most and spread them in a small jar. And here we are healed. they began to grow, as expected, twice in the first 6 hours. bread began to rise.

I decided to bake everything from my book and something from the Internet. Since gluten-free flour has completely different properties and a lot of things simply cannot work on it, I have expanded the range to ordinary flour. In addition, it is very beneficial for me that I am forbidden to eat it =) Continue reading Sourdough and gluten-free bread →

As some people know, we love Thai and, in general, Asian cuisine, the dishes of which appear at home quite often. Not so long ago, I sat and looked for ideas for the garden. I came across ideas to make a garden with herbs, mostly many varieties of basil, which we accidentally tried in a Korean diner and fell in love.

I began to look for seeds, and together with basil I bought kafir lime seeds. Its leaves are sold here, but not everywhere and expensive.

Kaffir (kafir) -laim, also known as Kaffir lime, or limequat, is a plant of the citrus family. Its leaves are one of the main Thai spices, which are added to a wide variety of dishes.

Although kaffir-lime and a relative of orange with mandarin, its flesh is not eaten: too sour and saturated with burning essential oils. But green lime zest is added to all curry pastes, and leathery leaves are used as an independent seasoning.

Kaffir-lime leaflets containing fragrant essential oil is one of the three components of the Thai classic “bouquet” of spices. In addition to lime, it includes lemongrass and galangal. Lemongrass I also landed in the pot and bouquet scrap.

The first planted lime batch rotted under the weight of mold. I preliminarily soaked the second one in the water for a day or two and it rose all. Now I have 4 shoots of a kafir tree. I even made a small photo report about his growth. Today I transplanted two of them into big pots. For the purpose of the experiment, one of them placed under the fitolamp, the other – to the window.

Lately, everything pulls me into a Belgian restaurant for mussels. I miss France or something else, I do not know. But they cook there rather medium. We decided to make an evening of mussels at home, just like in France. Only mussels took Belgian, big, as I like. Still, the French small fry is not for my taste. Continue reading Mussel in Thai and growing kafir lime from seeds. →

Michelle was today at a birthday party. I ask: “Did you eat the cake?” – No – Why? Bad? – I did not try, I ate pizza before the cake and was not hungry. This is where you need to take an example. Inspired by some recipes and search queries on the topic “diet cake without flour”, where the place of flour nuts. Bgggg Or a cake “almost without flour” and they are looking for anything like that.

Once, we were at a birthday party and one friend, the same age as us, brought the Esterhazy cake as a gift with the words, this cake is very useful and you will not recover from it, because it is without flour. Not everyone ate Esterhazy, so I’ll tell you, this is a cake with nuts and it’s just what kind of sweetness there is, there’s sugar instead of flour.

And I write on the topic without flour = gluten free, so we replace flour with ground almonds, for example. And people are looking without flour to lose weight and then eat healthy cakes.

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