Tamsulosin hcl 0.4 mg capsule

AT “Zentіva”, Cheska Respublika

Code: G04CA02



international and chemical name: tamsulosin; (R) -5- [2 – [[2- (2-etoxyphenoxy) ethyl] amino] propyl] -2-methoxybenzene-sulfonamide, monohydrochloride C20H28O5N2S. HCl;

fundamentals fiziko-hіmіchni powerliness: dark blue, black chorus hard gelatinov capsules, in yaky to mistyat bіlі abo mayge bіlі granules (pelet);

warehouse: 1 capsule mix tamsulosin hydrochloride chloride 0.4 mg;

Tamsulosin hcl 0.4 mg capsule

additional recovini: copolymer methacrylate acid (ethyl acrylate (1: 1), dispersions 30%), cellulose microcrystalline, dibutyl sebacate, polysorbate 80, silica dioxide colohydrate, talc, asbestos, distillation

Form vpusku. Capsules are solid with modified vivillus.

Tamsulosin hcl 0.4 mg capsule

Pharmacotherapeutic group. Zasobi, scho zasosovuyus when dobroyakіsnіy gіpertrofії peredmіhurovoi zalozi. ATC code G04CA02.

Pharmacology power. Pharmacodynamic. Tamsulosin is the tone of the smooth skin of the prostate and the urethra, the lower part of the obstruc- tion, and it is necessary to reduce it to symptom relief in the sevasive myocardium. Tamsulosin also relieves symptoms in case of accumulation of sech, for development of a significant amount of instability in sech mehora. Childhood on the symptom of the wilderness of that vivnilnnya of the Sich of mystical mihur zalisha be drawn with a dove of trivial lіkuvannya. Through qiu, Diyu means significantly at the hour of the need of a harked lichvannya abo catheterization.

Tamsulosin hcl 0.4 mg capsule

α1-blocker can cause a reduced blood pressure through reduced peripheral resistance. After reaching the tamsulosin, they didn’t spoil a badly significant, significant bloody vice.

Pharmacokinetics. Tamsulosin can be found in the slum and intestinal tract, and it is easy to get 100%. In the wake of the tamsulosin pіdvischuєtsâ, like yogos zasosovuvati nezbar bar pіslya іdi.

Kinetics of tamsulosin є linіynoyu.

Pslya zasosuvannya odinichno д dosy tamsulozinu, yakscho patsієnt tsity, maximum concentration (Cmax) in the plasma reach within approximately 5 months. With the stability of the stanna, yaky reach through the fifth day with no-fuss priyom_ rechovini, Cmax is approximately two times more, not less than one day. Tak psdvischennya sposterіgali have patsієntv pohivogo іку; Protect the same you can ochikuvati і in young paitsіntniv.

In humans, approximately 99% of tamsulosin is associated with plasma proteins that are low (about 0.2 L / kg).

Tamsulosin metabolizes povіlno, and the effect of the first passage for speech is insignificant. Most of the tamsulosin is present in plasmas in unspecified forms. Tamsulosin metabolized in pechenіtsі.

Tamsulosin and my metabolism are especially actively seen from the baton; Approximately 9% of confused dozdіvіlyatsya from nezmіnenіy forms.

After taking a single dose of tamsulozin in city patients, the period of the napiav vivedennya rechovini become approximately 10 years. When a stable plasmatic rіvnі rehovini period napiv vivedennya become approximately 13 years old.

Shown for zasosuvannya. Lykuvannya funktsionalnyh rozlad_v with good-natured hyperplasia before the milestone vozlozy.

The drug of values ​​is included for cholov_k.

Sposіb zasosuvannya dozi. 1 capsule to doba pіslya snіdanku abo pіslya prshy priymo їzhі.

Capsule slіd kovtaty tsiloyu, not rozhovuyuchi, іnakshe tse mozhe vpininuti on kontrolovane vivіlnennya dіyuchі rechini.

Victory Day From the side of the slum-gut tract can nudot, blyuvannya, dyarey, constipation.

From the side of the sertsevo system – the heartbeat.

From the side of the ship system is orthostatic hypotension.

From the side of the central nervous system, there can be golovny bіl, zapamorochennya, vtrata sv_domost_, drowsiness / sleeplessness.

From the side of the reproductive system, one can rozladi ejakulyatsі, prіapіzm.

Alergish reactions: shkіrnі visipannya, sverbіzh, kropiv’yanka, angioedema.

Іnshi: rinіt, asthenia, bіl y spinі, diareya, nudota.

Prototype Sensitiveness to tamsulosin, abo to іnshoї rechovini drug.

Orthostatic hypotension in history.

The pechinka chi / ta nirkova shortage.

Overdosing It wasn’t enough to say about the go-to-dressings of the stately overdosing. Theoretically, we can expand the state of the hypothesis, just need to enter into, which is the function of the heart-sudno system.

It is possible to talk, say, for internal sudinny ob’єm, that, for the need, sudorozshiryuvalnal preparati. Slide zasosuvaty zagalnu ad’yuvantnu therapies that conduct a monitoring of the functions of nirok. Dіalіz, ymovіrno, do not give to the bazhanoy efektu, because tamsulozin should be connected with proteins by blood plasma of great kіlkostі.

With the help of primochennya vsmoktuvannya drug slіd sprovakuvati blyuvannya In the case of overdosing of a great kolkost rekhovini slіd zrobiti promivannya shlunka, dati pattsіntu asset vugіllya and osmotically active transports.

Especially zasosuvannya. Fokin zasosovuyut z oberezhnіstyu with Vikonanni Robіt, just to demand the pіdvishcheno ї Shvidkosti psychic і fіzichnih rektsіy (Kerwannnya transport platforms, mechanisms, a robot on the visastoy).

Yak і ‡ ‡ li н ших ших н α α α α блок,, when lіkuvannі tamsulozin in okremih vipadkah you can be reduced the bloody vise, і on this basis, want to see, intercepted vtrat sv_domost і. When the first signs of orthostatically г hypotension зап (zamamorochenennya, weakness) appeared, the patient is guilty to sit or lie down for a while.

Until the cob of the illusion of zamosuvannyam tamsulozinu patsіnta slіd pozhestitit vylyuchenya nіshih zahvoryuvani symptom can be spіvpadati іz symptoms with a good gopperlazi prostate. Prior to the cob of lіkuvannya і sweat through the singing promіzhki an hour later, conduct a rectal digital check, and also, for consumption, control of the vati r_ven of the prostate-specific antigen.

The preparation for obesity is to suck patients with serious problems with niroc (klirens creatine)

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