Summer rayne oakes

If you’re in the tropics, you’ll have to do it.

Ode to Garden Flowers

I have strong memories of

Is “Gardener” a Dirty Word?

It was because of the fact that it wasn’t But now is a third-generation landscape designer running his grandfather’s business, he couldn’t be a prouder.

Summer rayne oakes

Landscaping the Sky: Green Roofs in the City

Landscaping with green roofs? If you ever have seen one!

Making a woodland terrarium for the home.

There is a lot of plants. In a way, you-the planter-become a cross between god and a Lilliputian landscape architect, carefully creating and devising a miniature ecosystem, that when planned out well, can pretty much take care of itself.

How I keep my fruits fresh

There are some ways to increase your shelf life of your fruits and veggies.

Kabocha and butternut squash soup

This soup takes some time to create, but I believe — it’s well worth the taste!

Recycled wine box

There is no extra wooden wine boxes on hand. They serve as a perfect, upcycled DIY seed box.

Wood ear, wakame and cannellini bean soup

The combination of seaweed woodear mushrooms and wakame gives you a unique taste and texture.

Summer rayne oakes

Houseplant Masterclass launches on Kickstarter

I’ve just kicked it off. How to Make a Plant Love You: Houseplant Masterclass and I’d love your support!

Turn a vintage sled into a DIY plant shelf

If you are able to make sure that you are affixed, it will be your choice.

3 plant podcasts I’m listening to

It can sometimes be challenging.

6 ways to increase the humidity for houseplants

There are more humid environments when indoors. Here are some tips for your houseplants.

How to grow a Vicks plant at home

Vicks plant is a fuzzy succulent reminiscent to Vick’s Vap-O-Rub. In the warmer climates, it’s perfect for growing outdoors, but for those in colder climates, you’ll want to pot it up indoors.

Gotham Greens: Hydroponic Rooftop Farm

White Roots Soup with parsley root, celeriac, parsnip, and sunchokes

The white roots (parsley root, celeriac, parsnips and sunchokes) don’t get much culinary acclaim. Perhaps it’s their drab colors; They are more garish and brightly colored veggie brethren, but they offer up a range of delightful, sometimes, subtle flavors. Try this White Roots Soup, as an example.

Make a DIY mason jar succulent garden for a gift this holiday

A mason jar of a succulent garden gift for the most delightful (and affordable) gift for a friend. Plus, you can find some beautiful touches.

15 plants that bloom indoors in winter

It can get you to get a little bit more fun.

Caring for succulents in the home

If it comes to succulents, then you’ll probably get it!

Dormancy in succulents

Most of us would be surprised "season" “They mean they want to grow in the winter”. Here you can navigate succulent dormancy.

How to care for a bromeliad after it blooms

Flower bloom.

How to read a plant

Your plant needs help.

How to care for air plants in the home

For the novice keeper of plants, you may think that "air plant" but it’s not true. Here it is.

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