Strawberry Health Benefits

Buy seeds by mail in Ukraine is very simple! The online seed shop “Sempochta” specializes in sowing material and related products, offers customers a wide selection of seeds of plants of various crops and producers.

If you decide to buy seeds by mail, then contact the address. The online store of seeds “Sempochta” contains a well thought out, structured catalog of seeds and related products, which provides ease of navigation when browsing products in the respective categories. The shop delivers orders throughout Ukraine.

Buyers will be able to easily find the seeds of flowers, vegetables and other popular and exotic plants of interest. In order to make a purchase in the “Sempochta” seed shop, you need to select the product in the catalog, send it to the basket and place an order.

If you have any questions or difficulties, please contact our support team. Our specialists will be happy to help answer your questions, hold a consultation, assist in the selection of goods, help you place an order.

Reliable and proven supplier

Many people have summer cottages, save on shops and are confident that the cabbage or cucumber grown with his own hands without chemical fertilizers is environmentally friendly and healthy. There are farmers engaged in the cultivation of agricultural plants on an industrial scale, for them floriculture or vegetable growing is a profession. Everyone needs high-quality seeds, seedlings, seedlings. Naturally, it’s easier not to advertise. "will buy", and contact the seed shop specializing in the sale of products of this direction, such "Sumpost". Online store "Mailbox" (Seeds and saplings by mail) will satisfy the needs of any gardener, gardener or gardener, our store has a large assortment:

Strawberry Health Benefits

  • agricultural grids, plant protection products;
  • tulip bulbs,
  • seedlings,
  • fertilizers;
  • vegetable seeds.

Grids can be of different purposes: protecting trees, for aviary, for protection against birds, trellis grid. There are universal and specialized fertilizers for seedlings, flowers, berries. Saplings of rose, fruit and decorative crops are presented. Vegetable seeds in the online store "Mailbox" they are distinguished by a special variety, starting with the best sellers: tomatoes (tomatoes), ox-heart and dinar zucchini, to a huge selection of cabbage (white cabbage, savoy, Brussels sprouts), tubers and cucumbers. A novelty from the company is the mycelium of mushrooms that can really be cultivated. Butters or truffles are not amenable to artificial cultivation, but honey mushrooms, white steppe mushroom, King Oyster and Shiitake can be grown within the vegetable garden.

Varieties and hybrids

In the assortment of our online store "Mailbox" The products of well-known companies that supply seeds of elite varieties of vegetables, flowers, tree saplings are presented: Nasco, Gavrish, Elіtsortnasіnnya, Galassi sementi and others, both foreign and from Ukraine. The flowers are bulbous and seed, eustoma, gazania, salvia, pelargonium, a large selection of tulips, among which the Dutch varieties are valued (seeds of the Dutch selection are widely represented in the TM catalog "Mailbox"). Breeders produce new hybrids, the seeds of which are designated by the F1 index, such plants adopt the best qualities of the varieties used for their selection, they are more fertile and less demanding. Ukraine has more difficult climatic conditions than many other European countries, where seeds of vegetables and flowers are bought, products from Holland are very popular, as well as in our shop "Mailbox" You can find products imported from the USA, Japan, Germany, France, buy and receive by mail using the services of reliable carriers or courier delivery. And you can pick up the goods by self from the warehouse.

Selected species

Our company has a large selection of products. To facilitate the search and help with the selection, each section presents the best varieties of vegetables, flowers and other crops. Depending on the breeding variety, their properties and growing conditions, as well as storage methods, differ. For many garden crops need preservatives – salt and sugar for long-term storage in the winter. In the vegetables section there are exotic varieties, as well as a large number of varieties of the usual melons and watermelons, a large number of varieties of cabbage, spinach, beans and many others. Means for seedlings and fertilizers are also offered. Rose saplings are represented by popular varieties: Cordes, Floribunda, tea, climbing and miniature roses. Gardeners are encouraged to decorate the plots with ornamental crops: jasmine, honeysuckle, barberry, cornel. Aesthetics and benefits will come together with the right approach, flower gardens, vitamin-containing products, outdoor labor will bring invaluable health benefits.

Right choice

To buy seeds, the buyer does not need to go to Kiev, the sale is carried out online, you can order seedlings, Dutch flowers, or plant care equipment, TM without leaving your garden. "Mailbox" provides the ability to write out the seeds by mail, site directory

Terms of payment and delivery

You can pay for the order in a cashless form, by transfer to the company’s account or pay cash on delivery upon receipt of the parcel. Details are sent to the buyer immediately after the formation of the order, with 100% prepayment customers are served first. You can use the services of a courier or pick up the goods by self from the warehouse of the store "Mailbox" in Kiev, st. Vladimirskaya, 91, there is also a retail store, so you can not only buy seeds by mail, but choose and purchase them personally at the most affordable prices in Ukraine. When the value of the purchased goods exceeds 500 hryvnia for UkrPoshta or 1000 hryvnia for the company New Mail, in such cases the luggage is delivered to the buyer at the expense of the sender. You can use the courier delivery. The delivery of goods to those locations where there are branches of carriers. More information about the conditions of transportation, storage and delivery of goods can be found in the section of the site. "Delivery". Here are the carrier rates, storage periods, customers are explained what "black list". If you have additional questions, you can contact the staff of the company and clarify all the details. It is possible to use the feedback form, leave your data, including a zip code. In addition to formal issues of payment, delivery, you can also get expert advice from competent employees of our company, who has been working in the market for more than 10 years and has a solid reputation.

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