Stomach ulcers

It is known that with diseases of the digestive system relapses are widespread. It is for this reason that, for the most part, synthetic drugs are often prescribed for the treatment of diseases, which, with their therapeutic advantages, have many side effects. The advantage of herbal medicines, of course, can be considered a wide spectrum of action and minimal side effect.

Talking about peptic ulcer disease should begin with the fact that in some cases of ulcer treatment patients should pay attention to the folk remedies for the treatment of gastric ulcers.

General information about gastric ulcer. Peptic ulcer is the most common pathology among diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. According to statistical data (according to information from various authors) – from three to eighteen people per thousand of the population suffer from a stomach ulcer.

Ulcerative lesions of the stomach can be qualified as follows:

1. Ulcers that appear in the disease due to disorders of hormonal mechanisms and the central nervous system. 2. Endocrine ulcers. 3. Circulatory-hypoxic ulcerative lesions. 4. Medicinal ulcerations. 5. Toxic and allergic lesions of the gastric mucosa. 6. Specific, appearing with syphilis, tuberculosis, acquired immunodeficiency syndrome.

Stomach ulcers

Predisposition to the disease of gastric ulcer can be largely attributed to the violation of the regulatory mechanisms of the nervous system. In addition, the appearance and worsening of ulcers can be affected by injuries, regular overwork and lack of sleep, malfunctions of the hormonal system, diseases of the pancreas, gastric trophism disorders and gastritis, congenital antitrypsin deficiency and other factors. In addition, there are a number of disposing factors that can lead to the development of the disease. The main ones are alcoholism and smoking.

The influence of Helicobacter pylori, a bacteria that is necessarily present in patients with gastric and duodenal ulcers, cannot be denied. Dr. Barry Marshall and Robin Warren discovered the bacterium, for which they were awarded the Nobel Prize in Medical Sciences in 2005. The bacterium is fixed on the wall of the stomach and can remain there until the end of the patient’s life. Multiplying, the bacterium destroys the walls of the stomach and creates conditions for the appearance of ulcerations.

Since the discovery of Helicobacter pylori was made not so long ago, it is too early to talk about its primary influence on the appearance of the disease, but it is already impossible to deny it.

Symptoms of stomach ulcers. For peptic ulcer disease is characterized by strong pain, vomiting, heartburn. During an exacerbation of the disease, hungry pains appear (they stop 30-60 minutes after eating). Quite frequent symptom is night pain.

When diagnosing before along with the symptoms, the data of fibrogastroscopic examination (fibrogastroscopy), x-ray are considered. For a complete picture requires an analysis of gastric juice, biopsy.

The course of the disease without treatment is long, characterized by autumn and spring exacerbations. I recommend to read the article "Symptoms of stomach diseases"In which the symptoms of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract are fully described. This material will help you understand whether you have an ulcer, or whether it is other gastric lesions.

Stomach ulcers

Treatment of stomach ulcers. During the exacerbation of patients hospitalized. Food patients during treatment is divided into three stages. During hospitalization, in the first week of treatment of the disease, diet No. 1a is prescribed, in the second week – diet No. 1b, in the last seven days of hospital treatment, diet No. 1 is prescribed (For more information on the recommended food for ulcers, see the article "Diet for stomach ulcers").

Before the discovery of helicobacter pylori, treatment was based on antacid preparations (almagel, magnesium oxide, etc.), astringent and enveloping preparations and antispasmodic (no-spa, papaverine hydrochloride). Currently, in the treatment of ulcers, a course of treatment with antibiotics and anti-ulcer drugs (omez and others).

Stomach ulcers

It is not possible to describe specific treatment regimens, since treatment may be non-standard and depend on many factors, such as the patient’s age, his general physical condition, the presence of concomitant diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (gastritis, duodenitis, and others). A gastric ulcer is a serious enough disease that can result in perforation and death of the patient, so I would not recommend you to self-medicate in any way. Be sure to pass the diagnosis, consult a doctor. And only then, depending on all laboratory and other data, it is possible to prescribe a course of therapy. I also recommend to read the article. "Folk remedies for ulcers"In which material is available on the most effective ways to treat a disease. Folk recipes are best used in conjunction with drug therapy prescribed by your doctor.

Complications of gastric ulcer. The disease is characterized by the appearance of a large number of complications. These are perforation, bleeding, stenosis, deformity, transformation of an ulcer into a malignant tumor, dyskinesia of the gallbladder, vegetative-vascular dystonia, cholecystitis, hepatosis, pancreatitis. Treatment of gastric ulcers at home Prevention of gastric ulcers. The main preventive measures are the observance of the daily routine, hygienic labor standards, the waiver of alcohol and smoking. It is very important to pay attention to the diet and quality of food. Patients with a stomach ulcer do not recommend food heated or cooked in microwaves. In the autumn and spring periods, patients, as necessary, should undergo prophylactic treatment courses.

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