Spiritual bath for love

Temptation and romance, atmosphere and atmosphere, a favorable mood for close relationships – all this is necessary for making love.

The ideal way to prepare yourself for plunging into a sea of ​​romance and love is to learn to cultivate the best feelings in yourself. This is facilitated by the use of aphrodisiacs and the creation of an atmosphere that helps to relax.

To create an atmosphere of romance and love, you need to make your love nest harmonious and pleasant for the perception of organ feelings.

To do this, there are lights, beautiful objects, aromatic substances (oils, incense) and everything else that can contribute to a romantic mood.

Erotic sights, smells and sounds stimulate the brain, especially the hypothalamus, occipital and frontal parts.

Aromatic substances reduce activity in both parts of the brain – the right side, which is responsible for emotions, and the left part, which is responsible for logical thinking. Due to this, internal stress is removed, emotional blocks disappear, a person stops thinking and thinking about everyday problems. In a relaxed state, he is able to experience sexual arousal.

And on the contrary, when a person is in a state of stress, is frightened by something and cannot escape from a problem, it is difficult for him to get rid of internal stress. In this state, his body produces a large amount of adrenaline, which does not allow to include the brain areas that are responsible for sexual arousal. Instead, the temporal part of the brain is activated, which is responsible for the function of physical salvation (the need to “carry off the legs”). As a result, an obstacle to sexual desire arises.

Spiritual bath for love

Therefore, the first thing to do to make love, relieve stress, anger, fear, forget about problems and relax. Aromatherapy, erotic massage, colors, candles and music will help.

Aromatherapy for lovers

There is a long history of the use of aromatic substances (oils, incense) in order to increase sexual desire. Aromatic oils and incense are aphrodisiacs (substances that cause sexual arousal), they stimulate the limbic system of the brain, responsible for relaxation, spiritual transformation and sexuality.

Some of these essences and aromatic oils are obtained from herbaceous plants, roots and bark, and others from fruits, flowers and seeds.

For centuries, these substances have been used for meditative practices in order to calm down and relax.

Aromatic oils are added to aroma lamps (a few drops of oil in warm water). They are also added to the bath or used for massage, including erotic, mixing with the base (base oil).

Base oil is used as the basis of massage oil, which helps to apply the necessary ingredients to the skin. Almond oil, grapeseed oil and jojoba oil are penetrating, light, and quickly absorbed oils, and these properties make them ideal for dissolving strong essences in them.

Do not use mineral and baby oils, because they are too heavy and thick. Use the recipes below or create your own proportions.

Note. Never use for application to the skin aromatic oils in its pure form, without diluting them in the base oil. And, of course, every time you conduct a test on the skin, including the skin of your partner, to make sure that there will be no burns or allergic reactions.

Aromatic oils are divided into two groups: oils that carry Yang energy, which stimulates, and oils that carry Yin energy, which relaxes.

Yang oil – the oil of the Emperor helps to gain power, to achieve success in monetary matters, to stimulate the qualities inherent in such a phenomenon as fatherhood, to achieve success in mastering some skill, to stimulate puberty.

You can use any oil of the Emperor (of your choice) in order to stimulate sexual activity (especially the male brain).

Yin-oil – the oil of the Empress contribute to the awakening of feelings, romantic mood, romantic love, cause bliss, stimulate female intuition and qualities inherent in such a phenomenon as motherhood.

By making the right choice, you can achieve a harmonious state of mind, body and soul, relax, become more receptive and eliminate blocks in the way of sexual pleasures and a full orgasm, avoiding the effects of an organism’s defensive response such as “save yourself who can.”

By Yang-oils – oils of the Emperor include:

– black pepper (sharpens sensations, has a spicy aroma, improves the quality of the corresponding masculinity);

– cedar oil (has to meditate, contributes to the harmony of mind, soul and body);

– cinnamon oil has an internal warming effect; spicy and sweet, it has all the properties of an aphrodisiac;

Spiritual bath for love

– wormwood oil (has an internal warming effect; it is light, can cause a slight feeling of euphoria, has protective properties);

– clove oil (it has an internal warming effect; it has a sharp, spicy and sweet aroma);

– eucalyptus oil (has healing, astringent properties, helps clear the mind);

– Ginger oil has a special aroma, stimulates, is a reliable aphrodisiac;

– musk oil (has a balsamic and erotic effect of a hard type);

– Myrrh oil (has a balsamic property, a spicy aroma, has a warming and soothing effect);

– patchouli oil (has a stimulating erotic effect, it is a male scent);

– Sandalwood oil (has a warming effect, has a delicate aroma, awakens tender feelings in a person).

By Yin-oils – oils of the Empress are:

– Angelica Root Oil (Angelica) – reliable aphrodisiac;

– chamomile oil (has a therapeutic effect, calms, has a spicy flavor);

– gardenia oil (light, has a floral aroma, soothes, relaxes, helps to find inner harmony);

– jasmine oil (a good aphrodisiac, like honey, is an antidepressant);

– lavender oil (has a sweet aroma, relaxes, adjusts to kindness);

– lemon oil (has a fresh aroma, light, uplifting);

– lotus flower oil (has a delicate delicate aroma, is used for meditative practices, contributes to the enlightenment of the spirit, divine illumination);

– narcissus oil (has a sweet floral scent, has an erotic effect);

– Neroli oil, obtained from orange flowers, has a sweet and at the same time spicy spicy aroma of orange flowers; it sets up a romantic mood, plunges into a state of bliss;

– rose oil (has a sweet and delicate aroma, helps to tune in to the romantic mood, makes you forget about your experiences);

– evening primrose oil (relaxes, stimulates sexual arousal);

– Ylang-ylang oil has a persistent sweet aroma, stimulates erogenous zones.

A warm bath will make the night of love truly unforgettable. During this water treatment, blood circulation in the genital and erogenous zones increases.

Make a bath for two by candlelight (for yourself and your romantic lover).

An aromatic bath with the addition of sandalwood oil, cypress oil, vanilla oil (in an amount not exceeding 15-16 drops) is a great prelude to sexual pleasures.

To make this procedure special, add some honey or cream to the water.

Try to put a few drops of oil on the shower head and enjoy the great effect!

Bath recipes with aromatic oils

In each case, different combinations of aromatic oils are used:

– 5 drops of patchouli, 2 drops of sandalwood oil, 2 drops of rose oil.

– 4 drops of musk oil and 3 drops of balsamic oil.

– 5 drops of sandalwood oil, I a drop of jasmine oil, 3 drops of cedar oil.

– 4 drops of jasmine oil, 2 drops of orange bergamot, 1 drop of vanilla oil.

– 5 drops of lavender oil, 3 drops of ylang-ylang, 2 drops of chamomile oil.

– 5 drops of lavender oil and 2 drops of premium.

– 4 drops of ylang-ylang, 2 drops of neroli.

– 5 drops of vanilla oil, 2 drops of angelica (angelica), 1 drop of chamomile.

For spiritual cleansing

Traditional Taoist bath for two, filled with warm water with the addition of 1 cup (150 ml) of apple cider vinegar and I tablespoon of salt. Immerse yourself in such a bath and meditate while you lie in it. Try to concentrate on relieving stress and getting rid of bad thoughts, getting rid of negative energy. After a bath, wipe with a cotton towel and let your body dry in the air. Keep meditating for as long as you like.

Use of color and candles

Color affects the senses and the brain. Consciousness and subconsciousness react to colors through synapses of the brain. Colors are the light of the first elements of the spiritual world. Each of the colors of the rainbow connects us with some divine aspect.

Light not only contributes to the enjoyment, not only makes the abode of love more comfortable, but also stimulates the energy of the primary element of fire, which is responsible for passion, sexual arousal and determination.

Each color of the quartz (crystal) prism has its own qualities that affect the erogenous zones. Choose the candle colors that best suit your mood and type of romantic relationship.

The colors symbolize the following:

– Dark red color – romantic mood, power, sexual passion.

– Dark blue color or indigo – harmony, communication with a partner on a spiritual level.

– The color of the green forest – duration, healing, fertility.

– The golden color is a spiritual affiliation.

– Orange color – alertness and increased level of vital energy.

– Pink color – softness, tenderness, love, loyalty.

– Purple or purple is a spiritual awakening, enlightenment.

– Sky blue or blue color – safety, protection, relaxation.

– White color – renewal, beginning, purity, mercy.

– Yellow color – concentration, balance, communication.

Erotic sensual massage

For centuries, such a massage has been used to heal, improve mood, to create feelings of happiness and bliss. This is the surest way to set your partner in a romantic mood.

However, in this case, massage techniques do not play a special role, because you and your partner are simply trying to please each other.

In women, it is best to stimulate the erogenous yin-zones, which include: lips, tongue, nipples, outer lips of the vagina.

In men, these are erogenous yang zones, which include earlobes, the back of the neck, the base of the spine and the area adjacent to it, and the upper thigh of the legs, especially at the joints of the extremities with the torso.

In the Taoist erotic ritual, erogenous hons are made to kiss, bite, stroke, rub with aromatic oils until the partner comes to a state of ecstasy.

Erotic stimulation should begin with the Yang-zones, and then proceed to the Yin-zones.

Aphrodisiac blends for erotic massage

Choose the oils that you like best and mix with 170 g of peanut oil, grape seed oil or jojoba oil, and you will get an amazing aromatic blend for erotic massage.

Take, for example, several time-tested recipes of such mixtures to create your own unique combination:

– 4 drops of sandalwood oil, 2 drops of jasmine oil, 1 drop of rose oil.

– 3 drops of ylang-ylang oil, 3 drops of sandalwood oil, 2 drops of patchouli.

– 4 drops of lavender oil, 2 drops of ylang-ylang oil, 2 drops of chamomile oil.

In Chinese sexual traditions, music making was associated with sex. Music excited, set the tone and rhythm of the movements of lovers.

Musical instruments were also associated with the organs of the male or female body. String instruments, especially lute, were associated with the female genitalia. In ancient Chinese images, you can often see a woman playing the lute at a time when her lover is carrying her Jade Stem through the “strings” of her vagina.

One great musician said: “Music has the ability to lure the listener into the world of the master (composer) who created it, and it literally disarms the listener, absorbing all his attention.”

For good or bad, our hearing organs are very susceptible. While unwanted noise irritates and gets on your nerves, quickly becoming unbearable, melodic music can immerse you in a world of harmony and help you relax.

Harmonious music has a positive effect on our mind, whether it is a classical and touching aria from Rossini’s opera Madame Butterfly, Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata or the refined cello solo Yo-Yo Ma.

Use your favorite tune that will set you and your lover in the right way.

If you prefer modern music, then try to listen to “White Atlas Nights” in the style of blues, erotic Enigma, and the sexy and heartfelt music of Chris Isaac from The Cruel Game.

Lovers of the new millennium will enjoy the music of such composers as Enya, Loira McKenet, Deva Primul.

You can listen to Chinese folk ballads Cindy Mao or the beautiful music of North American Indians, such as the melodies for K. Carlos Nakai’s flute, which have an incredible and amazing effect on consciousness, setting up unforgettable nights of love.

Prepare a room for making love. This should be a room where objects have a pleasant texture, soft fabrics (such as silk, satin, velvet, soft cotton). The rich colors of emerald green, blue, indigo, fuchsia – all of them can turn even the most dreary room into a luxurious boudoir.

Start by choosing golden silk sheets, cover them with a satin coverlet embroidered with outlandish oriental patterns, reminiscent of jewelery and precious stones.

Bring bright, monochromatic, tightly stuffed velvet pillows to the overall picture.

To give the room even more sophisticated look, arrange a canopy above the bed, drape it with your favorite material. Choose one of the easiest draping techniques.

Innocent white cotton and lace fabrics are very sexy, and a bed draped with a white mosquito net will look very romantic.

Whatever style of drapery you choose, be sure to decorate the room with fresh white lilies, daisies, freesias, tulips, wildflowers.

In addition, sticking sweets for lovers somewhere in the room, for example, chocolate, fresh strawberries with cream, a bottle of champagne (if you wish).

The only condition for entering the room of love is the rule: leave all your problems and anxieties beyond its threshold. Enjoy!

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