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Wal-Mart / SAM’S CLUB $ 4 Generic Prescription List

The United States of America and the United States.

What did you expect?

Wal-Mart launched a campaign to save working people money on health care. Critics says it was a bit different.

Oklahoma is NOT one of the 14 states.

From news release:

Wal-Mart / SAM’S CLUB $ 4 Generic Prescription Program

The following generic prescriptions are available under the Wal-Mart $ 4 generic prescription program, as of October 17, 2006. Change this list are subject to change at any time.

AllergyLoratadine 10MG TABLoratadine 5MG / 5ML SYP

Analgesics Antipy / Benzo Otic SOLBaclofen 10MG TABCyclobenzaprine 10MG TABCyclobenzaprine 5MG TABTramadol HCL 50MG TAB

Anti-anxietyBuspirone 5MGBuspirone 10MG

Anti-inflammatoryBetamethasone DIP

Antibiotic Cities 50MG / ML DROBacitracin Ophthalmic OINTCephalexin 250MG CAPCephalexin 500MG CAPCiprofloxacin 500MG TABDoxycycline HYC 100MG CAPDoxycycline HYC 100MG TABDoxycycline HYC 50MG CAPErythrocin 250MG TABErythromycin 2% SOLErythromycin Ophthalmic OINErythromycin 250MG EC CAP2 Wal-Mart $ 4 Generic Rx List – 10/17 / 06Gentamicin

AntidepressantAmitriptyline 100MG TABAmitriptyline 10MG TABAmitriptyline 25MG TABAmitriptyline 50MG TABAmitriptyline 75MG TABCitalopram 20MG TABCitalopram 40MG TABDoxepin HCL 100MG CAPDoxepin HCL 10MG CAPDoxepin HCL 25MG CAPDoxepin HCL 50MG CAPDoxepin HCL 75MG CAPFluoxetine 10MG CAPFluoxetine 20MG CAPFluoxetine 40MG CAPNortriptyline 10MG CAPNortriptyline 25MG CAPParoxetine 10MG TABParoxetine 20MG TABTrazodone 100MG TABTrazodone 150MG TABTrazodone 50MG TAB

Smz / tmp ds 800-160

AntifungalFluconazole 150MG TABNystatin / Triamcinolone CRE 15gmNystatin / Triamcinolone CRE 30gmNystatin / Triamcinolone OIN 15gmNystatin 100000U CRE 15gmNystatin 100000U CRE 30gmNystatin100AURIUAAIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA What’sA in your home in a home #e education site in your country.

AntipsychoticFluphenazine 1MG TABHaloperidol

AntiviralAcyclyovir 200MG CAP

AnxietyHydroxyzine HCL10MG / 5ML SYP

Asthma albuterol

Smz / tmp ds 800-160

CardiacAmiloride / HCTZ 5/50 TABAtenolol / CHLOR 50 / 25MGTABAtenolol / CHLOR100 / 25MGTABAtenolol 100MG TABAtenolol 25MG TABAtenolol 50MG TABBenazepril 10MG TABBenazepril 20MG TABBenazepril 40MG TABBenazepril 5MG TABBisoprolol / HCTZ 10 /

CholesterolLovastatin 10MG TAB

Cough and ColdAmibid DM 30600CR TABBenzonatate 100MG CAPDecchlorphn LIQDecchlorphn DM SYPGuaifenesin DM SYPPromethazine DM SYPTrivent DPC 6215/5 SYP

DiabetesGlyburide 5MG TAB GREENChlorpropamide 100MG TABGlimepiride 1MG TABGlipizide 10MG TABGlipizide 5MG TABGlyburide MCR 3MG TABGlyburide MCR 6MG TABGlyburide

GastrointestinalBelladonna ALK / PB TABCimetidine 800MG TABCytra2 SOLDicyclomine 10MG CAPFamotidine 20MG TABHyoscyamine

Glaucoma / EyeAtropine SUL 1% OP SOLPilocarpine 1% OP SOLPilocarpine 2% OP SOL


Miscellaneous Allopurinol 100MG TABAllopurinol 300MG TABChlorhexadrine GLU

Parkinson’sBenztropine 2MG TABTrihexyphenadyl 2MG TAB

SeizureCarbamazepine 200MG TAB

ThyroidLevothyroxine 100MCG TABLevothyroxine 125 MCC


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