Sleeps well on the floor

Speaking simply about the position in the lower part of the space, then certainly – it is more useful to sleep low than it is high. Closer to the floor, the humidity of the air and its oxygen content are higher, which makes sleep more useful, in particular, for brain functions. At the level of a standard bed or a sofa, sleeping is not at all harmful – only not under the ceiling on the second tier.

Is it good to sleep on the floor like on a hard and level surface? In order not to be like some suppliers of mattresses, you can not dissuade the well-known benefits of sleep on a flat and hard surface, which is supported by scientific research, historical many years of practice and the experience of many contemporaries.

In any case, the demand for good mattresses will remain, since it is really harmful to sleep badly, and not everyone will decide to sleep on the floor or on the board. Here it is not only about overcoming oneself, because at first it is very uncomfortable and painful to sleep, if not on the “bare” surface, but on a flat and yet solid surface. People are often inclined, even to the detriment of their health, to indulge themselves: to eat deliciously, to soak in bed, after visiting a convenient online store of blankets, mattresses and pillows, and having provided their bed with everything necessary for comfort. Not everyone eats and sleeps only to live, treating these processes solely as a necessity.

Sleeps well on the floor

To sleep on the floor (blackboard), using natural mat and good bedding, white coarse calico or other high-quality cotton fabric is well suited for this – after two weeks of practice it becomes more comfortable than on a soft feather bed. The body is rebuilt under these conditions and it can be just as painful to return to the mattress.

For sleeping on a flat and firm, only one position is suitable – on the back. Many who wonder whether it is possible to sleep on the floor, cast doubt on the benefit of sleeping in a position on the back due to the bends of the spine, which remain without support. If we are talking about which mattress to choose, then for a healthy healthy sleep – of course, orthopedic, which evenly supports all the bends of the spine, is better than soft and poor quality, which leads to displacement of the vertebrae, clamping of the vessels, discomfort and curvature of the spine.

However, we are talking about therapeutic and prophylactic sleep without a mattress. When a person lies on his back, on a hard, flat surface, the mechanism of uniform distribution of body weight also works, which contributes to the maximum relaxation of all muscles. The release of constricted nerve endings and blood vessels by straightening the spine and increasing the spaces between the vertebrae promotes oxygenation of the internal organs. As a result of this sleep, all the slags accumulated during the day burn out, the body is cleansed. But the cervical vertebrae need the support of a special cushion-shaped pillow, the sleep thanks to which will become even better.

What awaits those who sleep on the floor

Sleep on a hard, flat surface will not turn into anything bad; on the contrary, it is extremely useful:

Sleeps well on the floor

  1. There is a stimulation of the regenerative activity of the skin cells, which makes it younger.
  2. Prevents the process of omission of the internal organs of the pelvis.
  3. The function of the venous vessels is activated, which accelerates the general blood circulation. Thus, during sleep, there is a maximum recovery of the body, there is a surge of energy, excellent well-being and mental stability.

Sleeps well on the floor

  • Blood is purified.
  • Organs function better due to their improved blood supply.
  • Good posture is formed.
  • There is no feeling of pain and discomfort in the back.
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