Sleeps badly

If the cat is lying all day, refuses water and food, does not want to play – it scares any normal owner. It is difficult to imagine that a pet has a bad mood, an attack of depression or laziness. What is the reason that the animal is sluggish and can you help him?

Why the cat is lethargic and does not eat what to do

The reason for lack of appetite and lethargy is sometimes stress. If, for example, the beloved owner went on a business trip or on vacation, leaving the cat in a cat hotel, or the family moved to a new home. Only patience and caress will help here.

Lack of appetite and lethargy can be a sign of illness. If the cat behaves strangely, measure his temperature (normal 38 degrees), examine his ears, fur, body.

A sluggish cat sleeps all the time, almost does not eat what it is and how to help.

Forcibly forcing the cat to eat is impossible. If the cat is sluggish for several days, take him to the vet. Pass the tests with the cat, pass the examination, and the doctor will prescribe the correct treatment. Giving self-medication for worms, when an animal doesn’t feel bad, it will only bring harm.

If the cat is sluggish and sleeps a lot and does not eat and the nose is dry with him

After sleeping, many cats have dry noses. But if the nose is dry all the time, and the cat is sluggish at the same time – this can be a sign of illness. Unfortunately, the cat can not say that he has a pain, the owner can only guess by indirect signs. Sometimes the cat licks a sore spot more thoroughly. How to treat is difficult to say without an accurate diagnosis.

Sleeps badly

Cats can have a great many diseases, and treatment for diabetes will be very different from treatment for oncology or liver disease.

Cat lethargic does not eat does not drink lies in the same position as you need treatment at home

Try to start to learn the diagnosis of the disease of your Murka in a veterinary clinic. Maybe she just does not like the new feed? Buy a tasty wet food that the cat loves, and it will return her appetite and strength. If not, hurry to the veterinarian.

Sleeps badly

Why is the kitten sluggish after deworming

It is very important to correctly calculate the dose of the drug during deworming. Many anthelmintic drugs are toxic and can be harmful if the recommended dose is exceeded. Give the kitten an attractive feed, enter vitamins and immunomodulators into the diet. Everything will come back to normal.

Why the cat is sluggish after castration, tablets for worms, injections, vaccinations, tick bite, antibiotics

Castration is a surgical operation, it is stressful for the animal, therefore the sluggish state in the first days is quite normal. If a cat refuses to eat for more than two days, it is necessary to take him to a veterinary clinic for examination.

Pills for worms, injections, vaccinations, antibiotics put a strain on the cat’s liver, violate the microflora in its intestines. After antibiotics, a course of vitamins with probiotics is needed. A tick bite can cause serious illness in a cat, one of which is piroplasmosis. If left untreated, death is possible in the first days.

Sluggish cat after sterilization and poor appetite what is the reason

Cats are all different, like humans. Some quickly move away from anesthesia, but most animals remain lethargic and refuse to eat on the first day after surgery. This is nothing wrong if in the coming days, the appetite will return. Remember that the cat must be fed at first liquid food, ground and low-fat (cottage cheese with kefir, lean broth without meat, moist industrial food, etc.)

The cat is lethargic and drooling all day

Excessive salivation can be a cat with chlamydia, rabies and some other diseases. Only a veterinarian can diagnose. A cat with rabies will behave aggressively. In chlamydia, serous fluid is released from the animal’s eyes. Sometimes the doctor can make a diagnosis only after tests in the clinic.

The cat is sluggish in the heat than to help

Even short-haired cats suffer from intense heat, what can we say about long-haired pets. Try combing the cat with a furminator. If you have never done this before, then you will be surprised at how much wool can be combed from one cat. Also, the cat in the heat should always be clean water in the water bowl, so that he can drink as much as he wants.

Sleeps badly

If a kitten is lethargic and trembles, inhibited is what it is and how to treat

A kitten may have: – a viral or bacterial infection; – concussion; – worms; – poisoning, etc.

Shivering is most likely a sign of high fever. How to treat, depends on what disease, it can only install a veterinarian. If the kitten does not eat or drink, you can give a saline injection to the withers about 60 ml twice (30 ml in the morning and 30 ml in the evening). You cannot give a remedy for worms to a weakened animal.

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