Single woman over 30 years old

January 8, the birthday of Galina Ulanova,

Single woman over 30 years old

She did not like too much attention to her own person and compliments, did not give interviews and had almost no close friends. Too closed in privacy Galina Ulanova was the exact opposite on the stage, where she gave herself without a trace to the audience. At her performances it was impossible to get tickets, the whole world admired the talent of the ballerina, even when her career began to come to an end. In 1960, when she left the stage of the Bolshoi Theater, deafening applause in the life of Ulanova gave way to complete silence and solitude, which Galina Sergeyevna, despite her strong character, endured with difficulty.

Ballet and tears

When parents decided to give little Galya to a ballet school, she sobbed with grief. Her father Sergey Nikolaevich He was an actor and director of the ballet troupe of the Mariinsky Theater, mother Maria Feodorovna as a soloist of ballet, and later as a teacher of classical dance, so the girl from childhood had an idea of ​​what price the audience love and the leading parts cost.

Single woman over 30 years old

On May 16, 1928, Ulanova was accepted into the troupe of the Leningrad State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater named after S. Kirov (now the Mariinsky Theater). Her debut as a professional dancer took place in October of the same year, she sang the part of Florina in Sleeping Beauty. At first, the beginning artist was difficult to go on stage, she was terribly afraid of the audience, but gradually the fear receded. Ulanova was always extremely dissatisfied with her performances, especially at the beginning of her career, and this served as a stimulus for many hours of rehearsal, after which the dancer’s clothes could be wrung out, so much soaked in sweat. At the age of 19, Galina Sergeevna got her first leading game – Odette-Odile in Swan Lake.

Her Shakespeare’s Juliet became an event not only on the stage of the Mariinsky Theater, but also far beyond its borders. Ballet was staged in 1940 to music. Prokofiev, which Ulanova did not understand at all, after the premiere of the performance, she even allowed herself a joking toast on this subject: “There is no sadder story in the world than Prokofiev’s music in ballet”. However, despite this, Galina Sergeyevna danced fantastic. When in 1956 the prim London audience saw the production, after the performance the audience literally lifted the car with Ulanova in her arms. Misty Albion went crazy with Ulanov Juliet, although by that time the ballerina was much older than the Shakespearean heroine Galina Sergeyevna was 46 years old.

All life Galina Ulanova can be safely divided into two stages: Leningrad and Moscow. Even when she lived in the northern capital, not a single government concert was complete without her participation. Ulanova was obliged to attend official Kremlin receptions, so when Stalin ordered to transfer the actress to Moscow, Galina Sergeyevna had no choice but to submit to the captain’s next whim. From 1944 to 1960, she was the leading ballerina of the Bolshoi Theater, but despite the move, the great dancer always remained in her soul a Leningrad native, who did not like the capital.

Happy and unhappy

The personal life of the great ballerina has always been in second or even third place in the hierarchy of her values. For the first time, she married at the age of 17 for a balding, low music teacher. Isaac Melikowski, but a year later, the official marriage changed civil – with conductor Yevgeny Dubovsky.

With famous theater actor and director Lenk Ivan Nikolaevich Bersenev Ballerina met in Kislovodsk. He was married to Sofya Hyacintova, However, the 35-year-old marriage began to crack at the seams when Bersenyev met with the great dancer. His affair with Ulanova did not lead to a divorce from his wife. Their relationship lasted only two years, in 1951, the actor died, leaving behind two widows: the official spouse and lover.

Galina Sergeyevna’s last love was chief artist of the Bolshoi Theater – Vadim Ryndin. He loved Ulanova, but over the years one weakness mastered him more and more – Vadim Fedorovich drank, the great ballerina could not come to terms with this ailment and drove him out, left alone.

Last dance

The final performance of Ulanova before entering the professional stage was “Chopiniana”. By coincidence, the same ballet was the final ballet career. In the farewell production, she appeared before the audience at the age of 50. Of course, Galina Sergeevna prepared for her retirement from the profession gradually, reducing the repertoire more and more. But despite this, it was psychologically difficult for her to accept a new life.

Since 1960, Ulanova worked at the Bolshoi Theater as a choreographer-tutor. We must pay tribute to the discipline of this woman: every morning she started with a special charge, and although public performances for her were forever in the past, Galina Sergeyevna did not cease to follow herself and went on her heels until the end of her days.

Galina experienced her loneliness very badly, but did not give up. In the last years of the life of the legend of the Russian ballet, there was a catastrophic lack of money, although she never giggled and easily treated all material wealth. But even this difficult period Ulanova preferred to live without the views of sympathy, so almost always refused any help. In 1992, she had a stroke for the first time. On March 21, 1998, her heart again reminded herself, taking the life of the great ballerina, and at the same time putting an end to an entire era of Russian ballet.

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