Signs of Confiscation

Federal law from

The right to judicial protection is closely related to the right to enforce a court decision. The European Court of Human Rights has previously noted that the execution of a decision rendered by any court should be considered as an integral part "ships".

Signs of Confiscation

At the same time, despite the fact that the right to execute a court decision in a broad sense is part of the court proceedings, Russian legislation does not provide grounds for identifying the concepts of legal proceedings and enforcement proceedings. The execution of the court decision is carried out by the executive authority (bailiff service), although the resolution of a number of issues arising in the course of the enforcement proceedings is attributed by law to the competence of the court, whose main role at the execution stage is to control the enforcement process and resolve disputes between its participants .

Federal Law N 229-FZ "About enforcement proceedings" regulates, first of all, the procedure for the activities of the Federal Bailiff Service as an organ for the enforcement of court decisions.

Law N 229-FZ discloses a list of documents having the force of an executive document, contains provisions of the law on terms in enforcement proceedings, notices, the legal status of persons involved in enforcement proceedings, enforcement actions, the procedure for selling the debtor’s property, the procedure for appealing a court’s action (inaction) bailiff, as well as about the features of the enforcement of non-proprietary requirements contained in the executive documents.

In order to clarify the issues of application of certain provisions of the law No. 229-FZ arising in court practice, a Resolution of the Plenum of the Supreme Court

The original text of the Federal Law of

Signs of Confiscation

Below is the text of the document:

Federal Law N 229-FZ "About enforcement proceedings" with the latest changes submitted by federal law from

October 2, 2007




Adopted by the State Duma on September 14, 2007

Approved by the Federation Council on September 19, 2007

Chapter 1. Basic Provisions

Chapter 2. Executive Documents

Chapter 3. Terms in enforcement proceedings

Chapter 4. Notifications and challenges in enforcement proceedings

Chapter 5. Executive proceedings

Chapter 6. Persons involved in enforcement proceedings

Chapter 7. Executive actions. Enforcement measures

Chapter 8. Recovery of Debtor’s Property

Chapter 9. The sale of the debtor’s property at auction

Chapter 10. Features of foreclosure on the property of the debtor-organization

Chapter 11. Foreclosure of the salary and other income of the debtor-citizen

Chapter 12. Recovery of a fine imposed as a punishment for committing a crime. The order of execution of the executive document on the confiscation of property and the executive document on the payment of a judicial fine, appointed as a measure of criminal law


Chapter 13. Fulfillment of the non-proprietary requirements contained in the executive documents

Chapter 14. The distribution of recovered money and the priority of meeting the requirements of the claimants

Chapter 15. Performing fee. Responsibility for violation of the legislation of the Russian Federation on enforcement proceedings

Chapter 16. Expenses for committing executive actions

Chapter 17. Protection of the rights of the claimant, the debtor and other persons when performing enforcement actions

Chapter 18. Terms and procedure for appealing against decisions and actions (inaction) of officials of the bailiff service

Chapter 19. Final Provisions

Signs of Confiscation

President of Russian Federation

Moscow, Kremlin October 2, 2007 N 229-FZ

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