Side Effects of Acyclovir

Chickenpox (chicken pox) is a viral infectious disease, the main symptom of which is a peculiar herpes-like rash on the skin and mucous membranes. A solution of brilliant green is often used to get rid of the rash. However, modern pharmaceuticals offer a wide selection of colorless means of chickenpox. They are easy to use and eliminate unpleasant symptoms.

Why use dyes for chickenpox

The rash brings discomfort to the patient, accompanied by fever and unbearable itching. To get rid of the infection, it is not necessary to use drugs. It is enough to observe hygiene, change bed linen daily, do not comb the bubbles that form, and the chicken pox will pass by itself.

But often the disease occurs in childhood, causing discomfort to small patients. There is a high probability that without treatment with medicinal ointments and creams, the child will comb the sites of the rash. It is also necessary to protect the wounds from re-infection. At the same time it is necessary to eliminate the accompanying symptoms.

If you regularly use green for the treatment, you can track the moment when new spots stop forming and the healing process begins. The same applies to the use of “Fukortsina” – bright crimson lotion, which leaves pink spots on the skin. It is often used instead of green in the treatment of chicken pox. And the children prefer the pink color of the medicine instead of the dark green one.

When using a colorless remedy for chickenpox, it is difficult to understand when recovery begins and the rash stops spreading.

The role of colorless remedies in the treatment of varicella

When treating chicken pox, it is important to eliminate unpleasant manifestations: relieve itching, which leads to scratching of spots, dry crusts, to speed up the process of tissue repair.

Modern colorless means of chickenpox have anti-inflammatory effects, do not stain, do not stain clothes. Having an antiviral effect, they greatly alleviate the condition and treat, not inferior in its characteristics to ordinary brilliant green.

List of colorless products for the treatment of rash

Replace the greens with chickenpox can colorless preparations, presented on the Russian market in large quantities. They act purposefully, providing a complex effect on the wounds and eliminating unpleasant symptoms when first applied.

Side Effects of Acyclovir

Liquid Products

Drugs in the form of a colorless liquid are applied using a cotton pad or swab. Rash treated with drugs such as:

  1. “Castelani-Hefe” – a solution used externally and related to antiseptics. Dotted spot on 3-4 times a day. It is necessary to avoid using liquid on large areas of the skin, as the solution is toxic and can cause a negative reaction. It is strictly contraindicated for its use in the treatment of children under 12 years. It is used with caution in allergic diseases.
  2. Salicylic acid solution – treatment with a mixture of salicylic acid and ethyl alcohol in a certain proportion (1%) contributes to the rapid healing of wounds, dries and soothes irritated areas. Do not apply the solution to healthy skin, as there is a high probability of getting burns. Rashes are treated locally a couple of times a day with cotton buds.
  3. “Calamine” – cosmetic lotion relieves itchy scratching of the rash, cools and dries the bubbles, protecting them from infection. Drying leaves white on the skin.
  4. Tea tree oil is a plant substance that has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial effect on chickenpox. By selecting the desired concentration of oil, you can stop the inflammatory process, reduce the appearance of itching.
  5. The solution of potassium permanganate is a pale pink liquid, which is treated with bubbles. This powdery substance is on hand at almost every housewife and is inexpensive.

Ointments and creams

Drugs produced in the form of ointments, creams, gels are very popular in the treatment of chicken pox. They are easy to use, quickly absorbed into the skin, have an instant cooling effect.

Colorless drugs that have a gel structure, have a number of useful functions and have a calming effect on the skin. When choosing a colorless cure for red spots, pay attention to the following drugs:

  1. “Fenistil” – gel means without color and smell. It is well absorbed and applied with a thin layer on red spots several times a day. The first application reduces itching, cools the skin pleasantly, relieving pain caused by scratching.
  2. “Viferon” – a drug in the form of an opaque grayish gel with a pronounced antiviral effect. Apply dotted areas of skin 4-5 times a day. On the skin, a protective film is formed that protects against infection. Interferon as part of the gel soothes irritated skin, accelerates the healing process of tissues.
  3. “PoxCline” – white hydrogel, when applied does not leave traces. It is used several times a day to relieve symptoms. Herbal extracts are designed to relieve the itch of chickenpox, reduce inflammation and remove swelling.
  4. “Psilo-balm” – the gel is effective in the fight against itching, when you need to urgently remove inflammation. Fights against edema, relieves pain, cools the skin, restores its normal condition.

Analogous to the colorless “greens” in chickenpox are drugs produced in the form of creams and ointments:

  1. Zinc ointment (paste) is a white rash ointment that treats various skin diseases. Scope: dermatological diseases, eczema, burns, chicken pox. Covering the affected areas with a thin layer, the ointment forms a film that protects the damaged areas from irritation. Zinc ointment from chickenpox dries bubbles, reduces inflammation, disinfects. It is effective, easy to use and affordable.
  2. “Tsindol” – if the drug is used as an ointment, it is applied a couple of times a day. Its properties do not differ from conventional zinc ointment and act immediately upon its first application, providing a complex effect.

Zinc ointment and Zindol

Helps with chickenpox antiherpetic drugs:

  1. “Acyclovir” – a well-known drug for the treatment of herpes manifestations well helps with chickenpox rashes. It can even be used by young children at the first sign of illness. The cream should be applied directly on the specks, without affecting healthy skin. The dosage is prescribed individually depending on the weight of the child and the degree of damage. The cream is usually applied for 5 days every 4 hours. At night, you need to give the skin a “rest” and refuse to apply the product.
  2. Zovirax is a creamy antiviral agent based on acyclovir. Penetrating the skin, the substance removes the cause of the formation of bubbles. Smear chicken pox colorless cream should be 4-5 times a day for a week.

Acyclovir and Zovirax

Side Effects of Acyclovir

Many parents, choosing a method of dealing with rashes, prefer colorless ointments for chickenpox – safe for children, with no serious side effects, helping at any stage of the disease.

If the disease first occurs in a person in adulthood, it proceeds with serious complications. Additional treatments may be needed to eliminate the dangerous symptoms. It is necessary to avoid contact with the sick, when the body does not have protection against the virus.

If the inflammatory process progresses, and pus is already released from the wounds, colorless ointments from chickenpox, which include an antibiotic (“Baneocin”), will help. Antipyretic drugs are effective at high temperatures. Severe itching can be alleviated with allergy pills (Suprastin, Diazolin). They are prescribed by a doctor and used as an additional therapy.

The rash affects not only the skin, but also often affects the mucous membranes (mouth, eyes, genitals). The affected areas are treated with chamomile decoction, “Miramistin”, furatsilina solution, tinctures from herbal ingredients, “Calgel”, “Kamistad”. These drugs have a sparing effect on the tissues of the mucous membrane, at the same time healing wounds and eliminating the cause of their formation.

Chickenpox is a disease that requires attention and immediate reaction to the symptoms. When the primary signs of a rash, you should consult a doctor for the appointment of adequate treatment. Colorless drugs for chickenpox can not only cure the disease, but also harm if used improperly. Many medicines have contraindications and side effects, so self-prescribing is unacceptable.

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