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If you are single, this love Tarot deal will answer questions where you can meet your love, how promising the whole acquaintance will be, what you can give to your partner with each other, which is important for the development of relationships.

Typically, this alignment lasts for 3-4 months – during this time events begin to develop, bringing the beginning of your romantic relationship and love to begin. However, before the beginning of fortune telling, you can determine your time limit (from 6 weeks to 8 months) during which the prediction of the Tarot cards will remain in force (for more information on the timing of the predictions of the future).

The scheme and meaning of the love cards of the Tarot “Two hearts”

Map 5 – Under what circumstances, in what situation will acquaintance Map 1 – What do you especially attract partner Map 2 – What partner will attract you Map 3 – What is important for the development of acquaintance from your side Map 4 – What is important for the development of acquaintance from the partner Map 6 – What can you give to a partner in future relationships Map 7 – What can a partner give you in future relationships Map 8 – The effect of unforeseen factors on relationships Map 9 – Prospects for the development of dating and relationships

So, focus and. see the alignment!

MAP 5 Under what circumstances, in what situation will the acquaintance take place?

In feelings, this card means impulsiveness, impatience, and sometimes even aggressiveness or intransigence. Events that start on your or someone else’s will may have beneficial or disastrous consequences, but now it does not matter. The main thing is that the card means a chance to clarify a difficult situation and win the dispute. Depending on the position in the Ace of Swords scenario, it can mean a strong pressure – a partner on you, you on a partner or pressure of circumstances on both of you.

MAP 1 Why do you especially attract a partner?

This lasso often indicates loneliness, isolation, restriction of communication with other people (voluntary or forced), separation from a partner or misunderstanding, as a result of which two people next to each other are still alone. The hermit calls to look into his own soul and admit to himself, what does she really want? What desires are suppressed, and what thoughts do you have to hide from yourself or your partner? Or, perhaps, on the contrary – you were hiding from the thoughts and desires of your partner, and imperceptibly hid from him completely and therefore were alone?

MAP 2 How will a partner attract you

This court card symbolizes directness, fearlessness, calculation and emotional detachment. Getting involved in a battle, the Knight of Swords sees no other choice but victory. In a relationship, a map often indicates a lack of warmth, attention, romance, noting a period of chilling, quarrels or quarrels. Even the reasons for jealousy can be rare, relationships are built mainly on the mind.

MAP 3 What is important for the development of your acquaintance

The King of Cups speaks of waiting for emotional reactions, anticipation of a step towards. It is also a wise, noble, understanding, patient, caring man, loving, not quite practical in monetary matters. Very modest, at the same time unusually talented person, charming, artistic, virtuoso in his business, professionally engaged in science, jurisprudence, art.

MAP 4 What is important for the development of dating from a partner

This card indicates the sudden destruction of familiar things, the collapse of illusions, insight, exposing things or events hidden from prying eyes. The tower indicates a difficult situation or stage in a relationship where communication becomes too emotional due to sudden dramatic events or uncovering important secrets. Relationships or conditions of existence will never be the same, and it is unlikely that they can be rebuilt on the ruins. This card advises to forget the past, which has become cramped, and to go towards the new.

MAP 6 What can you give to your partner in future relationships

The Queen of the Cups says that emotions have already originated, but the feeling has not yet reached concreteness. It also means a friendly, attractive, poetic woman, emotional and impulsive, often endowed with the gift of foresight, highly developed intuition. Reasonable and caring, seeking to create comfort, while dreamy and prone to mood swings.

MAP 7 What can a partner give you in a future relationship

Seven Cup speaks about the set of desires and opportunities, and the complexity to determine their choice. It is necessary to concentrate, since there is a great opportunity to resist the temptation and go on the dead-end path of fruitless illusions. You should decide what you and your partner expect from the relationship, to make sure that you are going in one direction.

MAP 8 Effect of unforeseen factors on relationships

Show love meditation

Six Pentakley says about the interdependence and interaction of all parties to the relationship. The map indicates the contribution of each to the current situation, to the inequality of the provisions, to the expectations placed on the “strong side” of the union. It can also mean a gift, a display of generosity, generosity, a sweeping gesture.

MAP 9 Prospects for the development of dating and relationships

Pentacle Five speaks of a difficult period in a relationship, dissatisfaction with the existing situation, a feeling of exile, rejection, the desire to give up everything, to go in search of something or someone else. Unsuccessful romance. You need to carefully consider your desires and aspirations, as the resolution of the problem, the card says, is closer than it seems.

Commentary on the layout

Of great importance for the development of relationships are maps in positions 1 and 2, indicating that you and your partner will especially attract each other – this is what will make the most vivid impression. If there are some contradictions between the cards in positions 1-3 and 2-4, use the recommendations of the cards in positions 6 and 7, which show what you can give to a friend in a relationship.

Show love meditation

The last, 9th alignment map indicates the prospects for the development of a new acquaintance. If it is not very favorable, pay special attention to the cards in positions 3 and 4 (which is important for the development of relations on the part of each of you) and use the interpretation of these arcana to turn the course of events in a better direction.

We wish you love and happiness!

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