She’s a daffodil

They suffered from their connection with a female narcissus just as women suffer in their relations with a male narcissus.

Unfortunately, the women of daffodils have one thing. They often get away with crazy antics, especially when it comes to getting custody of children, because some officials unequivocally support the transfer of children to the custody of the mother. And also because these little creatures have their husbands or partners, coerced by her to keep quiet, to agree, to hide her madness from the outside world. Playing marked cards, she can also knock out a child allowance so as not to worry about earning money.

Do you think these women take care of their children? Not. But they prevent the children from communicating with their father and often slander him so that the children think that their father is a bad person … simply because he could not defend his rights and was forced to retreat. Because I understood: she is absolutely insane, and he no longer wants to be a pawn in her game.

Children for her are a means of settling accounts. What happens to children who become an apple of discord and hostages of villains is a separate story (very sad). Below, I will present three characteristic signs of the abuse, with respect to which, as a rule, greater tolerance is manifested towards female narcissus than with respect to male narcissus.

1. She is brainwashed not only in the bedroom. She understands the importance of sex in the lives of men. If a female narcissus can convince her male victim that he is an ideal, better than anyone who has ever had her, his admiration is practically in her pocket. However, the same method man-daffodil conquers and holds his victims too … so what’s the difference?

She's a daffodil

The difference is that a female narcissus prefers the role of a “girl in need”. In the male victim, she awakens the need to care, simulating vulnerability and the need to protect it. In exchange for his “defense,” she is ready to accept any guise of the ideal with which he represents his partner. Yes, the daffodil man succeeded in creating disguises and acting, but the female daffodils will take Oscar.

Is he looking for a good stepmother? Oh, she not only prepares dinners every night, but also offers to pick up children after school. (The partner is too little acquainted with her and does not realize that she hates children).

She's a daffodil

Did he have relationship problems with his mother? She, right there, puts his head on his lap and gently strokes his hair while he tells her about his insecurity and fears.

Does he want to buy a pig farm? Suddenly, she appears before you in a wreath, with pigtails, like Ellie May in The Beverly Hills Village (never mind that she used to be a vegetarian).

She's a daffodil

As you can see, a narcissus woman will stop at nothing when it comes to hypnotizing her victim.

2. A female narcissus or “frontier guard” often gives false testimony to the police, can report that she was pregnant, tell that she made mistakes, claim that her former partner is persecuting and

Narcissus-man, of course, is also distinguished by deceit, manipulativeness and the ability to engage others in immoral actions, but, again, narcissists-women often get away with it simply because they are women. They not only lie, manipulate and cheat … they also know that they can get away with it. Indeed, they feel even more right in their own right, understanding what kind of odds a female gender gives them. Such women use men who buy them cars, real estate, give money and other resources, get involved in relationships with them, enter into sexual Communication, regardless of whether they really need it and can get it from men at any time. They often justify their unwillingness to work with their fears (they had a terrible childhood, remember?)

Doesn’t it seem strange to you that she can get together for a big party with her friends and go for this … but at least abroad? Perhaps a seductive flash of her split will help you see that her side of things is not to mind that a policeman banging on your front door.

3. Whatever you do to make her happy, she remains mysterious. Just like a male narcissus, she is forever miserable. It’s like “constant changes to the rules of the game,” “never-ending ideas,” and totally “hopeless situations.”

They say that women are capricious … they are hormonally dependent, they have PMS, menopause and so on? She will convince you of this … she is naughty, lets down all the dogs on you so that her desires are satisfied immediately, because it is you who are to blame for her misfortunes. Do you know what else she expects? In fact, society teaches us to think that men should take care of their women, and at the same time in no case express discontent, even if they lose their temper. You must maintain composure and agree with inhuman things.

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