Severe constipation

Coloproctology – This is a direction in medicine, which is studying the rules of prevention, methods of diagnosis and methods of treatment of diseases of the anus, rectum and colon.

Proctology is divided into two types:

  • surgical – involves surgical intervention in diseased organs;
  • therapeutic – includes mild therapy in the form of drugs and physiotherapeutic procedures.

Diseases that are treated by a proctologist in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk

At an early stage, almost all diseases are treatable. But, given the fact that the proctologist is not particularly popular with patients in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk (agree that it is more pleasant to visit a therapist or even a dentist than to go to a coloproctologist), patients start their condition nowhere else, as they say.

Intestinal pathologies, depending on genesis and neglect, are treated in two ways:

  • radical – elimination of the cause of the disease;
  • conservative – to alleviate the condition or maintain life at a stable level.

The first method is used for:

  • the release of blood from the anus;
  • hemorrhoidal bleeding;
  • cancer tumors;
  • rectal prolapse (prolapse);
  • perforated ulcer;
  • dying tissue of hemorrhoids;
  • polyps of the rectum;
  • the presence of foreign bodies in the intestinal cavity;
  • paraproctitis, accompanied by fistulous formations.

The second technology is used for:

  • hemorrhoids;
  • cracked anus;
  • painful bowel movement;
  • helminthic penetration into the human body;
  • infectious colitis;
  • malignant tumors that are not treatable.

What symptoms should alert and push for examination by a proctologist:

  • painful sensations in the perineal and anus zones, which are aggravated when walking or in a sitting position;
  • pain during and after stool;
  • discomfort in the anus;
  • itching and redness of the tissues near the anus;
  • purulent, mucous or bleeding, appearing in the composition of fecal mass;
  • persistent diarrhea or, conversely, constipation that lasts longer than two full days;
  • frequent urging to the toilet without passing stool;
  • uncontrolled release of feces and gases;
  • the presence of small bumps or puffiness around the anus.

Recently, however, treatment with folk remedies has become very popular in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. Many people seriously believe that a herbal bath made from elderberry or shabby raw potatoes will eradicate, for example, hemorrhoids is one of the most common proctological diseases. Medicine does not deny the effectiveness of such techniques, but they only facilitate the manifestation of symptoms, and do not eliminate the cause itself. In addition, during such a slow treatment, the disease continues to progress and does not subside at all. And sometimes seemingly harmless herbs can cause allergic reactions.

The most advanced patients understand that traditional medicine alone is not enough, so they buy medicines. On their own. Please remember: self-medication is prohibited in any case! The doctor will not necessarily tell you to go to the hospital. Most likely, he will prescribe home treatment, perhaps also a massage. You do not have to show the doctor every day, but the disease will go on and on with every second.

Inspection and diagnostic methods in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk

First of all, the proctologist will listen to the patient’s complaints and familiarize himself with his case history. Only after that he will proceed directly to the study itself by palpation or video surveillance. In the first case, an anesthetic gel is used. A man or a woman is lying on her side.

If necessary, additional surveys are conducted using modern equipment. These include:

  • anoscopy – in-depth examination of the entire anal passage;
  • sigmoidoscopy – a study of the rectum at a depth of 30 cm;
  • irrigoscopy – the study of the state of the body using x-rays with a contrast agent;
  • colonoscopy – sounding of the colon.

If there is a risk of developing a tumor, a biopsy should be taken.

How to prepare for reception at the proctologist in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk

Preparation usually does not take much time, but considerably simplifies the task of the doctor.

First of all, Do not eat anything in the evening, especially those products that can cause the formation of gas and flatulence:

  • carbonated drinks;
  • milk products;
  • bread;
  • cereals (allowed to eat rice);
  • mushrooms;
  • legumes – soybeans, peas, haricot;
  • cabbage;
  • apples, pears.

Secondly, empty your intestines with a cleansing enema. If you experience severe pain, then do not. In this case, it is better to use drugs, for example, a laxative called Microlax.

If we talk about the oral method of administration, the most popular drugs are:

  • drops guttalaks;
  • bisacodil tablets;
  • Senade tablets;
  • lactulose syrup;
  • syrup Duphalac.

Cost of services at the proctologist in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk

Specialist advice – 1 400 – 1 500 rubles.

Anoscopy – 1 150 – 1 250 rubles.

Colonoscopy – 3 100 – 3 200 rubles.

Ultrasound – 1 550 – 1 650 rubles.

Sigmoscopy – 1 500 – 1 600 rubles.

Preventive measures

  1. Setting a diet.

Balanced nutrition must necessarily include:

  • a large amount of fluid (normally about 2 liters);
  • vegetables;
  • fruits;
  • cereal products;
  • mineral water;
  • fermented milk products.

Do not abuse:

  • alcohol;
  • highly salty dishes;
  • spicy foods;
  • spicy food;
  • flour products.

Severe constipation

Such a diet will relieve the intestines, will contribute to the formation of the normal consistency of feces and its removal from the grass tract.

Normalization of the act of defecation:

  • do not sit in the toilet;
  • Do not rush to finish this process than quickly.

Many of us have a habit of reading in the restroom. Do not take a newspaper or magazine with you, and they will not distract you. It is advisable to carry out hygiene of the perianal area after a light wash or using wet wipes.

However, no need to hurry. Usually we push more when we want to finish faster. Such overloads adversely affect health.

1. Regular exercise.

Most people in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk work in “sedentary” positions. It is to such professionals that the most common diseases of the rectum are. If you do not have enough time for regular workouts, take at least ten-minute breaks after each hour of work.

Very often, one disease pulls the other. A diseased thyroid, non-treated poisoning or a problem with the pancreas can also cause intestinal pathologies.

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