Salt bath epson

  • City: Charvak
  • District / Region: Tashkent region
  • A country: Uzbekistan
  • Check in: From 08:00
  • Check out: Prior to 08:00

Sanatorium "Chatkal" – located in

Sanatorium is based on the source of mineral water. The well was drilled to a depth of 1400m. This water can be recommended for external therapeutic use of diseases of the cardiovascular, nervous, urinary-genital systems, the musculoskeletal system and inwards for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Mineral water is a water group. "Tashkent" type and recommended as medical-table water."(Conclusion on mineral water AO "RSNPM Center for Therapy and MR")

The treatment is carried out mainly by natural and climatic factors in combination with physiotherapy, physical therapy, mineral water and medical nutrition.

The treatment complex includes physiotherapy, physiotherapy exercises, mineral water therapy, water therapy, therapeutic massage, a salt room, a wide range of medical procedures, and a balanced diet.

Indications for treatment: cardiosclerosis, chronic polyarthritis, rheumatism, diseases of the digestive system, diseases of the bone and muscular system, neurasthenia, chronic radiculitis, osteochondrosis, atherosclerosis, hypertensive disease 1 and 2 stages, chronic bronchitis, diseases of the peripheral nervous system.

The sanatorium occupies the territory of 10.15 hectares, is designed for 319 places and operates year-round. The territory is immersed in magnificent greenery, there are swimming pools with aquarium fish, a zoological garden inhabited by peacocks, ostriches, pheasants, peacocks and other species of birds.

Natural and climatic features of the area – dry clean mountain air with increased insolation, hydroaero-ionization created by the proximity of the Chirchik river, will create unique conditions for proper rest and successful treatment.

The program of recovery of people includes bus tour trips to the Charvak reservoir located near the sanatorium, the mountain gorge Beldersay, Chimgan, where in summer vacationers can swim and sunbathe and ski in winter. For physical therapy, there is a gym equipped with necessary sports equipment and exercise equipment, as well as winter and summer swimming pools. In the evenings for the holiday works disco.

The culinary art of the sanatorium’s cooks is not inferior to the level of the country’s best restaurants. In the bright, spacious and comfortable dining room they offer a wide range of national, European and dietary dishes. Fresh vegetables, fruits and dairy products are on the vitamin table all year round.

Vacationers are provided with comfortable accommodation in a well-equipped building and in cottages with all amenities.

The campus with the laboratory and the main treatment rooms such as: physiotherapy, dental, procedural, ultrasound diagnostics, ECG, baths, devices for cauterization of gastric and duodenal ulcers, intestinal lavage, duodenal sounding, underwater massage, four-chamber contrast bath, paraffin treatment , oil and soda inhalation, oxygen cocktail, therapeutic massage, sauna, underwater extension, dry extension.

The sanatorium is equipped with modern physiotherapy equipment, which makes it possible to conduct complex therapy at a high level. Conducted laboratory studies.

Salt bath epson

Medical procedures are available in the departments of hydrotherapy and physiotherapy.

The complex of hydroprocessing includes: circular shower, Charcot’s shower, various therapeutic baths, underwater shower-massage, sauna Finnish, swimming in the winter and summer pools.

Mineral water from a well on the territory of a sanatorium belongs to a group of waters without specific components and properties, is analogous to "Tashkent" mineral water, widely used for therapeutic purposes in physiotherapeutic and sanatorium-resort institutions

Underwater and dry spinal traction

Salt bath epson

Underwater spinal traction is performed in the bath with straps attached to the belts applied to the patient in the lower part of the chest and the pelvic region, and has an effective therapeutic effect for discogenic radiculitis.

Dry stretching of the spine creates conditions for unloading the affected disc, reduces the degree of protrusion and compression of the nerve and vascular formations.

Important! A sanatorium card is necessary for a trip to a sanatorium!

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